Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1397: “Seal” Is the Seal

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Wreathed in endless hatred, the evil god let out a sinister laugh. “Why don’t you just run for your life?”

His command of the humans’ common tongue seemed to be improving rapidly.

As it continued to gather fragments of its lost memories and soul, it gradually recovered its intelligence, power, and control over souls.

As one of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s five most powerful subordinates, it naturally had a awe-inspiring and dominant quality in this world, where it had been born.

Like other parts of the starry river, this area was also dim and filled with a vast variety of energies and auras. However, the Nether Qi here was extremely pure and rich, far richer and purer than in any other part of the starry river.


As the evil god of hatred fluttered its feathered wings, casting a bloodline magic, it started attracting and devouring the immense Nether Qi in its surroundings like a black hole.

Nie Tian observed with rapt attention. To his surprise, he saw wisps of misty cyan Nether Qi condensing into sparkling and crystal-clear cyan wisps of lightning before fusing into it.


In just about ten seconds, the evil god of hatred was covered in slithering cyan wisps of lightning.

It strode forward and said, with Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi’s reflections in its glittering cyan pupils, “I’m one of Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s loyal followers.

“The grand monarch’s awareness has morphed into the Nether River that runs through the three worlds! The prismatic crystal in the brow of every Phantasm serves as an eye of his!

“As long as the Nether River doesn’t run dry, the grand monarch will live forever. He’ll watch over the three worlds with his soul awareness and decide the fate of all that live in them.”


With these words, bolts of cyan lightning flew out of the evil god of hatred.

Nie Tian was flabbergasted. “The prismatic crystals between the Phantasms’ eyebrows are Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit’s eyes? Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit will live forever as long as the Nether River doesn’t run dry? If that’s true, doesn’t it mean every Phantasm has been serving him without even knowing it?”

Every Phantasm he had met had a prismatic crystal embedded in their forehead between their eyebrows.

Like a third eye, it was what Phantasms relied on to cast all sorts of soul magics.

If what the evil god of hatred had said was true, and Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit could actually see through those crystals on Phantasms’ foreheads, wouldn’t it mean every single Phantasm was his informant?

Would Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit be able to bend them to his will in the future?

“Soul Magic: Sea of Hatred!”

At this moment, the spread feathered wings of the evil god of hatred suddenly stretched out to his left and right, and a raging sea that could only be detected by souls rushed out.

This sea of endless hatred seemed to actually exist in this world, and it was now being summoned and put back together by the evil god of hatred.

The moment the sea of huge, heaven-reaching waves of hatred appeared, deafening rumbles echoed in Nie Tian’s mind.

Soul strands that were either gray or cyan rapidly infiltrated his sea of awareness. Each and every one of them carried the hatred that resided in the discarnate souls of the dead.

It was a strong grudge against heaven and earth!


Inside Nie Tian’s sea of awareness, star souls burst forth with dazzling light as his true soul cast an exquisite soul spell to form multiple protective soul shields, doing everything within its power to resist the soul attack.

At the same time, he established a connection with the Spirit Pearl’s soul, embedding the wondrous pearl in his brow like his third eye.

Through the Spirit Pearl, he could see with great clarity that the evil god of hatred was gathering memories and soul fragments at an even higher speed in the vast sea of hatred, as if it were a fish that had returned to water.

The evil god continued to grow stronger.


Nie Tian muttered inwardly as he did his utmost to hold on to his sanity. With his star souls and true soul, he formed heavy defenses, lest his mind be engulfed in the surging waves of hatred released by the evil god.

In the meantime, he suddenly activated his life bloodline, igniting his Blood Essence!

As his Blood Essence burned, he established Life Blend with the Star Behemoth bone. His flesh aura then soared as his body expanded at a shocking rate.

An aura that was even more ancient and overwhelming than those in this world burst out to wreath Nie Tian.

It was the aura of a Star Behemoth!

It didn’t matter whether it was the evil god of hatred or the two Netherspirits in the distance. They all gasped with fear the moment they sensed the aura wreathing Nie Tian.

Their fear towards Star Behemoths had been branded in the deepest part of their bloodlines.

During the Primal Era, Star Behemoths had been the unchallenged overlords of the entire starry river.

When they had ruled the starry river, not only had the Netherspirits, Bonedrudes, and Devils never dared to enter the other world, but they had even had to be vigilant all the time in case the Star Behemoths reached their murderous claws into their world.

Their fear towards the Star Behemoth was deep-rooted.


In his enlarged form, Nie Tian was wreathed in raging flesh power as he locked his ferocious eyes on the evil god of hatred and released the various types of power within him.

“Illusory Ancient Talisman!”

Star, flame, wood, soul, and flesh power all merged together, morphing into an uncanny talisman with an unknown origin that was vested with the profound mysteries of the character “Seal.”

It seemed to carry the most fundamental truths of the character “Seal.”

It was because of this wondrous talisman that Gupi had been bent on getting rid of Nie Tian as soon as possible.

At first sight, the Illusory Ancient Talisman looked like a sphere that was filled with currents of star, wood, flame, soul, and flesh auras.

It seemed to have all the mysteries an actual realm would have as floated ethereally towards the evil god of hatred.

The most surprising thing was that even the sea of hatred the evil god of hatred had somehow summoned had its might greatly reduced after the Illusory Ancient Talisman in the shape of the character “Seal” came to form.


The Illusory Ancient Talisman flew towards the evil god like an actual realm.

The evil god’s cyan eyes widened as it struggled to leave the area to avoid being captured by the peculiar talisman. However, that was when its expression flickered drastically.

It shrewdly sensed an unusual beating of its heart.

It was as if its heart was catering to a special power released by the Illusory Ancient Talisman: Nie Tian’s bloodline power.

At this moment, it suddenly remembered that the irrigation of Nie Tian’s Blood Essence was the reason why it had been able to reforge its fleshly body, which was tougher and more resilient than those of regular Netherspirits.

It still had Nie Tian’s flesh aura running inside of it!

While Nie Tian’s flesh aura within the evil god’s body was affected by Nie Tian’s flesh aura in the Illusory Ancient Talisman, Nie Tian’s soul aura, which he had fused into the evil god, was bound by Nie Tian’s soul aura in the Illusory Ancient Talisman.

The evil god of hatred instantly felt great difficulty in moving its arms and legs, as if both its fleshly body and soul were becoming stiff.


With a mad howl, it jerked its head towards the Netherspirits, signaling them to come to its aid and attack Nie Tian.

However, it was already too late.

The Illusory Ancient Talisman had already crossed the sea of hatred. Like a sparkling crystal-clear sphere, it seized the evil god that was continuously gathering pieces of its lost memories and soul.


Nie Tian tossed out the Spirit Pearl, which flew to the Illusory Ancient Talisman and pulled it into the misty cyan world inside of the pearl.

More surprisingly, even after the evil god of hatred was pulled into the Spirit Pearl, Nie Tian could still sense wisps of strange power flowing and disappearing into the pearl.

All of a sudden, the sea of hatred, which was about to engulf Nie Tian, ebbed like the tide.

Nie Tian, who was drawing a large amount of soul power to deal with the negative emotions released by the evil god, instantly felt relieved

He observed with rapt attention, and discovered that the so-called sea of hatred seemed to have vanished completely in the blink of an eye, along with all of the negative emotions in the air.

“It seems that five seas of negative emotions float in this world just like the fragments of the five evil gods’ lost memories and souls,” Nie Tian thought to himself. “As the evil gods gradually awaken, they can summon their negative emotions to reform the five seas of negative emotions!

At this moment, the Spirit Pearl’s soul hastily said, “And the evil god of hatred is still gathering its memory and soul fragments that are scattered in this world. It seems to have cast a secret soul spell, which allows it to call upon every fragment of its soul that’s scattered across this world. When that soul magic is activated, an irresistible power seems to come to form that’ll enable the unity of its soul.”

Nie Tian’s eyes lit up. “You’re saying that even though the Illusory Ancient Talisman can be used to seal the evil gods, that won’t stop them from gathering their lost soul fragments to make their souls complete again?”

“That’s right,” The Spirit Pearl’s soul said. “And we have four to go!”

“Great!” Nie Tian grabbed the Spirit Pearl with a swift motion, and shifted to Pei Qiqi’s side in a split second. “Next one. Ignore those Netherspirits. They’re not our main focus now.”


The two Netherspirits beat their chests and howled as they watched the evil god be captured by a peculiar talisman Nie Tian released in his enlarged form and pulled into the Spirit Pearl.

Since this was completely beyond their expectations, they didn’t even have a chance to do anything.

“Let’s go!” Pei Qiqi said as she spun the Space Boundaries Crystal and took Nie Tian to the area where the second evil god was.

Served by a number of Netherspirits, the evil god of fear was standing on a huge stone altar, where it threw its head back and roared.