Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1396: Evil Gods Awakening

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A mirror of two blending colors shot through the portal.

You Qimiao from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect reached out and grabbed the Yin Yang Chaos Mirror. Then, in a confident manner, he said, “Things are under control over at the Seven Stars Realm Sea.”

Duan Hongwen, Shangguan Zhi, and Song Chequan, three early God domain experts, remained at the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

Since they shared the same cultivation base as Mo Qianfan, Yu Suying, and Ji Yuanquan, it would be difficult for them to reach the bottom of the Seven Stars Realm Sea.

But at the same time, their cultivation base made Mo Qianfan, Yu Suying, and Ji Yuanquan hesitate about going to battle against them.

That was why You Qimiao had felt confident about the situation.

Besides, the appeal of a brand new world was simply too great for him to obey Jiang Yuanchi’s instruction for him to stay put.

With a warm smile, Jiang Yuanchi nodded. “So you came. Might as well.”

“Mo Heng!” You Qimiao said with a concerned tone.

He suddenly realized why Jiang Yuanchi seemed okay with him disobeying him. Mo Heng being here was the reason!

He, Luo Wanxiang, Jiang Yuanchi, and Mo Heng were all at the middle God domain.

However, as far as You Qimiao saw it, Luo Wanxiang was nothing to be feared. Jiang Yuanchi and Mo Heng were the truly strong ones, probably stronger than any other cultivators at their level.

“Here comes another,” Nie Tian said in a low voice.

Since the portal gate had been pushed open by the five evil gods, three middle God domain experts had gone through it, aside from Pei Qiqi and him.

At this moment, Luo Wanxiang and the Netherspirits had already disappeared.

The five evil gods had been led away in different directions to gather fragments of their lost memories and souls. It was only a matter of time before they came to their senses as mighty Netherspirit generals.

Originally, Nie Tian had planned to go after them and seal them back in the Spirit Pearl one by one with the help of Pei Qiqi’s Space Boundaries Crystal.

But now...

Mo Heng frowned deeply. “The two of you are so keen about coming to this world. What is that you’re after?”

Jiang Yuanchi waved his hand casually. “Relax, Brother Mo. We’ve long since learned about this world. However, since we’ve never been here, we’re understandably curious about it. And we didn’t come here to let the beings in this world into our world so they could devastate our people. We’re only here to find some things.”

“What things?” Mo Heng asked.

“Sorry, I can’t tell you about that,” Jiang Yuanchi said, smiling.

Then, he turned around to take a look at the portal behind him. A hint of hesitation appeared in his eyes as he said, “You plan to close the portal, don’t you?”

“That’s right,” Pei Qiqi said.

“Other than through this portal, how else can we return to the human world?” You Qimiao asked.

“The distance between the two worlds... is far too great to cover without teleportation.” Mo Heng said.

After serious consideration, Jiang Yuanchi said, “If that’s the case, how about we make a deal? Don’t close the portal yet. We only need a bit of time to find a few things in this world. And if we encounter native beings that want to come attack you and open the portal, we’ll try to stop them.”

With these words, he looked at Mo Heng.

Mo Heng weighed his offer.

“Unlike Luo Wanxiang, we don’t have any secret agreement with the beings in this world,” Jiang Yuanchi continued. “We just want to find a few things that we don’t have in our world. And hopefully, we’ll be able to survive our breakthroughs into the late God domain with the help of those things.

“Besides, I can also order our people at the Seven Stars Realm Sea to keep the peace with Nie Tian’s subordinates, so no one gets hurt.”

His words plunged Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi into thought.

“Girl, take Nie Tian to find the evil gods he released,” Mo Heng suddenly said.

Jiang Yuanchi and You Qimiao’s expressions flickered slightly upon hearing this.

Before Nie Tian could say anything, Pei Qiqi grabbed Nie Tian’s shoulder and stimulated the Space Boundaries Crystal, its profound spatial power bursting forth in circular ripples.


Taking Nie Tian with her, she went up and down in the circular ripples, as if they were traveling between different spaces.

The portal, Jiang Yuanchi, You Qimiao, and Mo Heng grew more and more vague in Nie Tian’s senses until they completely disappeared.

In the next moment, Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi arrived at a place where one of the evil gods was recovering.

The evil god had a set of feathered wings growing out of its back and the head of a bird. Its whole body was wreathed in endless hatred.

At this moment, it was standing on a small meteor that floated silently in the starry river. With its mouth open, it seemed to be actively channeling the fragments of its memories and soul that were scattered in this world into itself, so it could recover its memories and reforge its soul.

From thousands of meters away, two Netherspirits were looking at it in the midst of numerous evil spirits and vicious souls, reverence filling their eyes.


Upon sensing Nie Tian’s arrival, the evil god fixed its glaring eyes on him, its master, and released endless hatred.

Shocked by the unfavorable turn of events, Nie Tian cried inwardly and took out the Spirit Pearl, focusing all of his attention to face the soul attack.

He hadn’t expected that the evil god had only gathered soul and memory fragments for a while, yet it was already so eager to break away from his control... and even to kill him.

“Human! Our lords will never be your slaves!” One of the Netherspirits in the distance shouted in the human language, which they had just mastered thanks to Luo Wanxiang. “We know that your entire race were slaves in ancient times. Even nowadays, that one of you had to sacrifice countless souls of your people to establish communication with us!”

Another Netherspirit chimed in, an icy look filling his eyes. “Such a low race.”

To them, humans, as large as their population was, were nothing but sources of the evil spirits and vicious souls they needed. They were no different from livestock.

Ignoring the two Netherspirits’ taunts, Nie Tian held the Spirit Pearl up high facing the evil god, and cried, “Soul Imprisonment!”

The soul within the pearl immediately went to work!

Numerous discarnate souls within the cyan world inside the pearl, along with mixed soul power, were mobilized by the soul. With the help of the pearl’s restrictive power and Nie Tian’s power, a gravitational force that only targeted the evil god quickly came to form.

It intended to pull the evil god into the Spirit Pearl to regain control of it with the power within the pearl.

Surprisingly, the evil god that was exuding endless hatred let out a low chuckle and said in broken human language, “I... will only serve Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit... ever! There are countless realms in the three worlds... He’s the only being who can command me!

“You, puny human brat, can’t!”

As the evil god let out ferocious howls, muscles bulked up all over its sinister-looking body, numerous mysterious patterns manifesting on its skin like tattoos.

All of the power Nie Tian and the Spirit Pearl unleashed on it was rapidly drowned by its endless hatred.

As its master, Nie Tian stood aghast. “I can’t believe you can even speak the human language now... Before, you could only vaguely communicate with me by relying on our soul connection. It seems that as you continue to gather memory and soul fragments, you’re awakening and becoming a real, powerful Netherspirit expert.”

“It’s good that you can see that for yourself.”

The arrogant evil god spread and fluttered its enormous feathered wings.


The meteors floating around it suddenly exploded. Its soaring power sent the pieces dashing in every direction.

Violent and peculiar flesh power madly surged in the surrounding area of the starry river, making Nie Tian both amazed and uneasy.

Pei Qiqi took a deep breath and said with a complicated look in her eyes, “This aura can even match that of an early tenth grade outsider grand monarch! Nie Tian, if you can regain control of all five evil gods, it’ll be like you have five outsider grand monarchs at your command. Also, as their bloodlines awaken, and they recover their strength, they’ll become even stronger.

“It’s just that...”

With these words, she hesitated. “Perhaps you’d better give up if you’re not completely confident. I’ll close the portal after we return to our heaven and earth. Then, after your bloodline enters the tenth grade and your cultivation base advances to the God domain, we can come back to this world to take them back into your hands. That’ll work too, right?”

She was worried that Nie Tian would refuse to acknowledge his inferior strength, and end up suffering from his forced attempt to regain control of this evil god.