Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1395: Voidspirits

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“Voidspirits can travel freely among the three worlds,” Mo Heng said, reverence appearing in his eyes. “There are trails of their activities in this world, the Ancientspirit world, and the human world.

“I suppose the Void Palace Sect you referred to, which is from the Realm of Split Void in the Domain of the Falling Stars, was founded by a Voidspirit.

“The experts from the Void Spirit Society aren’t the most skilled at spatial power in this starry river. Voidspirits are.

“Also, according to what I recently learned, the first sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society probably received profound knowledge about spatial power from Voidspirits. That’s how he was introduced to spatial power, and gradually grew into a master of spatial manipulation magics.

“It seems that he even named his sect ‘The Void Spirit Society’ in order to pay tribute to them.

“Of course, the fact that the Void Spirit Society developed bit by bit and eventually became one of the four great human sects is thanks to the unremitting effort of their generations of sectmasters. Through tireless cultivation and study, they derived all sorts of wonders and profound truths of spatial power.

“I suppose the Voidspirits only inspired the first sectmaster of your sect. Your sect couldn’t have achieved their current prosperity without their generations of brilliant sectmasters.

“However, I do believe that your sect’s most ancient secret magics and incantations have a lot to do with Voidspirits. When you were first taken back to the Void Spirit Sect, did you find the secret spatial magics Qu Yi taught you very easy to learn? In fact, you barely needed to learn them, right?”

With these words, Mo Heng looked at Pei Qiqi.

A strange light flashed across Pei Qiqi’s bright eyes as she said, “That’s right.”

She distinctively remembered the time when she had been taken back to the Void Spirit Society to learn all sorts of profound knowledge about spatial power and arcane incantations that weren’t passed on to just any disciple of the sect, and the astonishment and ecstasy on Qu Yi’s face when she was able to master the essence and cast the spells within a short time.

Mo Heng nodded. “That sounds about right. Qu Yi probably views you as a priceless treasure because he knows that you carry the Voidspirits’ bloodline. It’s just that I doubt that he knows the Void Spirit Society only exists because the first sectmaster was inspired by the Voidspirits. I only learned about these secrets and came to such a conclusion after coming to this world recently.”

After a moment of pondering, he added, “Even the fact that you were able to find the Space Boundaries Crystal in the Shatter Battlefield was thanks to your unique bloodline. It was attracted to you because your Voidspirit bloodline is a perfect match for spatial treasures like the Space Boundaries Crystal that have developed their own awareness.”

“Perhaps,” Pei Qiqi said, nodding. “Then where should I go if I want to find the Voidspirits?”

After a moment of pondering, Mo Heng added, “You can find them in this world, the zone between this world and ours, and the deepest part of the space disruption zone. Those people seem to have a good relationship with the Voidspirits, since many Voidspirits live in the zone that separates this world from ours...”

“What people?” Pei Qiqi asked, looking confused.

“The forces we call crooked and evil,” Mo Heng answered.

Nie Tian’s mind exploded with questions as the two of them talked.

The information Mo Heng provided was simply too much. He needed time to wrap his head around it.

The three worlds, the Netherspirits, Devils, and Bonedrudes, the Voidspirits, the portal that Stone Golems could enter and exit freely...

Pieces of information flashed across his sea of awareness like lightning bolts.

After taking a while to sort them through, he asked, “Grand Elder, were those evil gods the most powerful Netherspirits when they were alive? You said that the five of them were the generals of a mighty Netherspirit leader. If they were at the same level as late God domain cultivators and late tenth grade outsider grand monarchs in their prime, how powerful would it make that leader they followed?”

Mo Heng took a deep breath and said, “Powerful enough to form the Nether River that flows through three worlds. As the most powerful chief in Netherspirit history, he’s referred to as Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit. After his demise, his sea of awareness, which achieved eternal indestructibility, morphed into the Nether River that runs through three worlds.”

Even though he was talking about a foe, his heart was filled with respect.

“Grand Monarch Heavenly Spirit!” Nie Tian couldn’t help but exclaim.

Mo Heng nodded heavily. “He’s the legendary expert who went beyond the limits of the tenth grade.”


Both Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi shouted involuntarily upon hearing these words.

It didn’t matter if it was Ancientspirits or outsiders like Phantasms, Demons, Bonebrutes, and Fiends. The limit of their bloodlines was the late tenth grade.

The two of them had never heard any Ancientspirit or outsider exceeding the late tenth grade, or any human exceeding the late God domain, as these were their absolute limits.

At this moment, another person quietly arrived through the portal behind them. “If he exceeded the late tenth grade, doesn’t it mean that he was invincible across the three worlds? It’s hard to believe that a being exceeding the late tenth grade actually existed in this world. And it’s even more incredible that after he perished, his eternally indestructible sea of awareness morphed into the Nether River that runs through the three worlds!”

“Jiang Yuanchi.” Nie Tian’s expression grew grim. “I can’t believe you found the portal too!”

Without paying any attention to Nie Tian or Pei Qiqi, Jiang Yuanchi nodded towards Mo Heng and said, “I’ve long since learned of the existence of this portal from Xuan Guangyu. Who would have thought that we’d meet again in this world after so many years? Brother Mo, congratulations on entering the middle God domain. You showed our strength to the outsiders by defeating Grand Monarch Bloodlust and surviving your duel against Grand Monarch Primal Demon.”

Looking confused, Mo Heng asked, “Why are you here?”

With an icy expression, Nie Tian joined the conversation. “What’s the situation on the other side of the portal, Jiang Yuanchi? Considering that you managed to come down here, something must have happened over at the Seven-star Blue Sea.”

“You...” Mo Heng frowned, switching his gaze back and forth between Nie Tian and Jiang Yuanchi. “Nie Tian, is there some kind of misunderstanding between you and him?”

“Grand Elder, you’ve been away from the human world for too long,” Nie Tian said, feeling somewhat uneasy, as he was worried that great changes had happened over at the Seven-star Blue Sea. “As the sectmaster of the Shadow Society, Jiang Yuanchi colluded with the Fiend abomination, Gupi, and plagued numerous human realms. He also practices light and shadow power at the same time...”

He went on and briefly explained everything.

As he spoke, Mo Heng’s brow gradually furrowed. “Brother Jiang, back in the day, you single-handedly sealed Gupi, saving humanity from its claws. I really didn’t expect you to come to an agreement with it and massacre your own kind after going through so much.”

Instead of answering, Jiang Yuanchi asked, “Where’s Vice Sectmaster Luo Wanxiang of your sect?”

A corner of Mo Heng’s mouth twitched as he said disdainfully, “Him? After seeing me here, he found an opportunity and left. I doubt that he’ll be able to make waves in this world. But you, on the other hand...”

Mo Heng clearly attached more importance to Jiang Yuanchi. “Why are you here? Don’t tell me that you were also bewitched by the Netherspirits and made some kind of deal with them?”

“No.” Jiang Yuanchi denied it. “The purpose of my trip to this world is the same as that of the generations of late God domain experts before us.”

Pupils shrinking, Mo Heng said grimly, “You came a bit too early, didn’t you?”

With a derisive laugh, Jiang Yuanchi said, “Are you suggesting that I haven’t reached the late God domain yet?

“You and I share the same cultivation base. Aren’t you here? And from the look of it, someone asked you to guard this portal. I suppose the Netherspirits have sent strong forces to come deal with you, but you seem to be doing fine, right?

“If Ji Cang and the others can come here, and you can come here, why can’t I?”