Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1391: Betray Their Master?

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The sub-souls that the several Netherspirits had released merged into their bodies immediately after they arrived.

Afterwards, they kowtowed to the five evil gods with ancient graceful etiquettes and fanatical looks in their eyes.

Mo Heng snorted.

He had faced these Netherspirits who had released sub-souls to control evil spirits many times. They knew each other very well.

Not only did their arrival not upset him, but it actually excited him.

He was well-aware that he could not kill them no matter how hard he tried, if they only appeared as sub-souls.

A sub-soul was only part of their soul.

Each Netherspirit could create a number of sub-souls. Killing a sub-soul could hurt them, but couldn’t kill them.

If he destroyed a Netherspirit’s true form, however, even though that might not kill them either, it would cause them much greater damage.

A Netherspirit could have more than one sub-soul, but only one body.

“Nie Tian, think about it carefully,” Mo Heng said as he withdrew his divine dharma idol, returning to his normal form.

Standing in front of the Netherspirits, he held his hands in front of his chest, with his palms facing each other.

Pure spiritual Qi of heaven and earth swirled out of his palms and twisted together, like dragons or snakes.

Like rune lines, the ‘dragons and snakes’ manifested the great Dao and truths that ancient Qi warriors had derived while exploring the heavens and earth in the small space between his palms.

“Even if the five evil gods gather their fragmentary souls and memories one by one, and completely come back to life, their fighting strength cannot return to the peak in a short time,” Mo Heng continued, “If I were in charge of the Spirit Pearl, I would have had the power to make them obediently follow my orders, because they could still be killed by me in a short time after restoring their lost memories and completing their souls.

“But your cultivation base isn’t high enough, so I’m afraid...”

He was afraid that Nie Tian didn’t have the power to control the five evil gods, and would end up being drowned by tides of their negative emotions, becoming their puppet.

“Nie Tian!” Pei Qiqi shouted.

“Why don’t you return to the human world first?” the Spirit Pearl\'s soul also anxiously advised him again and again. “You can come back to this world after your cultivation base and bloodline advance to a higher level. When you do, those evil gods will still be able to gather their fragmentary souls and memories scattered in this world.”

Nie Tian took a deep breath, a determined look appearing in his eyes. “No!”

Looking coldly at the five evil gods, he said, “I’d like to see if they can actually break free of my control after they retrieve their memories, regain completely independent consciousnesses, and find their true selves!”

Mo Heng seemed to be impressed by these words, with an unusual light in his eyes. “This is not wise, but… your courage is admirable.”

Pei Qiqi instantly calmed down and said, “Alright then.”

Since their sub-souls had had secret communications with Luo Wanxiang, the Netherspirits who came from far away seemed to have learned the language of the humans, and could understand the conversation between Nie Tian and Mo Heng.

As soon as they heard that Nie Tian would leave the five evil gods alone and allow them to gather their fragmentary souls and memories, they became more excited.

They no longer felt the need to attack Mo Heng and Nie Tian right away.


Clusters of ghostly light, which were from the extremely far starry river in this world, broke their restrictions, quietly flew over, and merged into the five evil gods’ bodies like curious imprints.

The five evil gods shrieked as their tremendous auras roared upwards one after another, like smoke beacons.

Their five negative emotions of hatred, fear, despair, rage, and bloodlust became stronger and stronger. It seemed like they had been materialized, and could beguile creatures and make them completely lost in an instant.

“Hmm?!” Through the five evil gods, Nie Tian perceived somehow that there were five regions in this world that seemed to establish mysterious connections with them.

The five regions were situated in different directions of the world, like five deep seas that were filled with hatred, fear, despair, rage, and bloodlust!

As the five evil gods gathered their fragmentary souls and memories, the five deep seas started flying toward them, as if they had been summoned.

The Spirit Pearl\'s soul panicked and yelled, “Master, the power of hatred, fear, despair, rage, and bloodlust in the five deep seas seems to be a hundred times stronger than that of in the five regions of the cyan netherworld within the pearl! I don’t even think the five deep seas are illusory seas, but rather some sort of evil tool!”


At this moment, the five evil gods, whose bodies Nie Tian had forged with drops of his Blood Essence and countless evil spirits and discarnate souls, suddenly struggled violently!

They growled and tore at their fleshly bodies.


Under their skin, blood-colored light blossomed within their meridians, bones, and internal organs.

Through their bloodline connection, Nie Tian, who was their master, perceived that with the recovery of their memories and souls, the five evil gods seemed to want to shatter the shackles and imprints related to him in their bodies, and free themselves from his slavery.

They wanted to regain freedom!

“Freedom?” Nie Tian smiled coldly. “Without me, the three Spirit Pearls wouldn’t have become one, and the five of you wouldn’t have evolved from evil spirits to evil gods, or remade your fleshly bodies! Now that you’re back in your ancestral land, and found more of your fragmentary souls and memories, you want to get rid of me?

“You’ve got all the benefits, but now you don’t want me as your master anymore? There’s nothing like that in the world!”

The five evil gods suddenly glared at him.

Mo Heng frowned. “Ungrateful things!”

The Star Behemoth bone was quietly summoned by Nie Tian, who shrank it so he could hold it in his hand.

He stood solemnly and held fast to his mind to prevent the five evil gods from attacking him with their soul awareness.

Squinting slightly, he looked deeply at them. He discovered that no matter how they tore at their bodies, their flesh and meridians still retained his unique flesh aura.

Strands of flesh auras from his Blood Essence were like ropes and bonds, connecting him with the five evil gods.

“Wonderful!” Nie Tian chuckled. “It seems that as long as it’s a body that is remade with my Blood Essence, it will always be branded with my unique imprints!”

With that, he concentrated his soul awareness, and issued an order to the five evil gods by relying on his flesh aura connection with them. “Clear the obstacles ahead!”

As soon as his soul awareness was released, many rays of mysterious crystalline bloodline light shot out toward their bodies, flickering.

A bloodline constraint formed upon Nie Tian’s soul command. Even the evil gods’ souls struck a spiritual chord with him with strange rhythms.

Gathered near the evil gods, the Netherspirits suddenly felt a strong fear.

Then, with vicious screeches, the five evil gods actually stretched out their uncanny hands in an attempt to kill them, heedless of the bonds between clansmen.