Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1390: Fragmentary Souls Reunite

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“Gave them?!” Mo Heng was so shocked that he couldn’t help but perceive the five evil gods’ flesh auras with his soul awareness, which was as thin as gossamer, before saying, “Different. They’re different from the Netherspirits indeed!”

“Woo-hoo!” Thousands of miles away, a few figures lurked in a sea of numerous evil spirits.

If Nie Tian were there, he could recognize at a single glance that they were none other than the few Netherspirits who had kowtowed to the five evil gods.

The only difference was that they were in fleshly form, and wearing fine cyan armor.

Nie Tian didn’t know that they were the Netherspirits’ true selves.

As for the Netherspirits who had driven the thousands of evil spirits to surround Mo Heng, they were only their sub-souls.

Now, the Netherspirits with fleshly bodies looked at each other, and saw astonishment in each other’s faces.

One of them shouted, “Those five lords are, are...”

“Hurry and report this to the higher-ups, and lead the five lords back into the clan!”

“Our sub-souls aren’t mistaken, are they? Didn’t the bodies of the five lords explode and their souls perish and scatter across two worlds long ago? Why have they shown up again after so many years?”

“We can’t be mistaken! It’s their auras!”

After secretly communicating for a while, the several Netherspirits cast a soul magic to send out messages.

In front of the portal, their sub-souls then respectfully made requests to the five evil gods who had flown out of the Spirit Pearl in the language of the Netherspirits.

“Your Majesties, please return to our holy land with us!”

“Welcome back, lords!”

“Please come home with us!”


Suddenly, a cluster of miraculous ghostly light that only souls could perceive merged into the five evil gods’ bodies.

The five evil gods, who had developed fleshly bodies, floated high in the air. Their eyes stared blankly forward, as if they were quietly absorbing something. They didn’t leave even though the Netherspirits invited them to.

“Nie Tian,” Mo Heng waved his hand, and Luo Wanxiang’s All Manifestations Star Banner instantly flew into the sea of evil spirits, as if it were swept away by strong wind.

“What?” Nie Tian asked in astonishment.

“The five Netherspirits that you gave fleshly bodies to are gathering fragments of their memories and souls that are scattered in this world,” Mo Heng said with a grave face. “They are called evil gods by their own kind, so it’s actually right for you to call them five evil gods.

“They were killed in a battle, and their exploded fragmentary souls were scattered across two worlds.

“It was Grand Monarch Nether Soul who painstakingly collected fragments of their souls from outsider and Ancientspirit worlds with the three Spirit Pearls.

“Because Grand Monarch Nether Soul already had a vague understanding of their secret back then, and was afraid that their soul fragments would merge and then successfully wake up, he made three Spirit Pearls. This way, he could borrow their strength without needing to worry that their souls would reform, allowing them to regain consciousness.

“You got all three Spirit Pearls, which means you’ve got all their scattered fragmentary souls and memories that were scattered in the outsider and Ancientspirit worlds.

“It’s just that they’re still incomplete.”

Mo Heng took a deep breath and continued, as if he knew the whole story. “They still have fragmentary souls and memories scattered in this world.

“Because they’ve returned to this world now, the fragmentary souls and memories that can sense their presence are all returning.

“There is a great possibility that these five evil gods who used to be matchlessly strong Netherspirits will be truly resurrected in this world when their fragmentary souls and memories that are scattered in this world merge into their souls!

“Besides, you’ve helped them reforge their bodies, bodies that may be even stronger and more special than their original ones!

“Nie Tian, think about whether you want to leave them alone and allow them to gather the rest of their fragmentary souls and memories carefully!

“You’d better be sure that you can control them, and that they’ll do whatever you want them to do!”

Mo Heng explained the secret to Nie Tian in a serious tone, but didn’t force him to directly put the five evil gods back into the Spirit Pearl.

After he finished speaking, the sub-souls of the few Netherspirits glared at him.

Apparently, they hated him for exposing their secret in detail. They were afraid that because of Mo Heng’s words, the five lords would be unable to gather their souls in this world and come back to life!

“The origins of the five evil gods are… actually so unusual?” Nie Tian found this unimaginable, “After death, their souls were scattered across two worlds, instead of being completely annihilated. The three Spirit Pearls that Grand Monarch Nether Soul made were used to collect the fragmentary souls scattered in outsider and Ancientspirit worlds?”

“Nie Tian, why don’t… we get out of here first?” Pei Qiqi suggested.

The Spirit Pearl’s soul also tried hard to get Nie Tian to focus all his soul consciousness, and forcibly seal the five evil gods in the Spirit Pearl again as soon as possible.

According to the soul of the Spirit Pearl, the bond between it and the five evil gods was becoming weaker and weaker.

It silently and clearly perceived that the five evil spirits that had broken free of the Spirit Pearl and shown up in this world were reforming their souls and restoring their memories through clusters of ghostly light that flew into them.

They would retrieve all their lost souls and memories over time.

When the time came, they might abandon the Spirit Pearl and their master Nie Tian, and descend upon this world in their original form!

Or perhaps, at a certain moment on a certain day, they would suddenly present themselves in the human world or the Nether Realm, which was the Phantasms’ ancestral land, in an invincible form.

After hesitating for a while, Nie Tian asked, probing, “Since you know the five evil gods’ origins, grand elder, do you know how their fighting strength was in their heyday? Will they be a threat to us if they return?”

Mo Heng sighed. “In their heyday, each of them was comparable to a late God domain expert, or Grand Monarch Primal Demon.”

Nie Tian and Pei Qiqi were completely dumbfounded.

Luo Wanxiang had swallowed many evil spirits to strengthen his soul, and was ready to attack again with his All Manifestations Star Banner. However, he stood aghast upon hearing this. “The five of them are comparable to late God domain experts, experts like Grand Monarch Primal Demon? How is that possible?”

“Didn’t the Netherspirit who beguiled you and made you abandon your own kind to open the portal in the Seven-star Blue Sea tell you?” Mo Heng said in disgust, “As the vice sectmaster of our sect, you colluded with the Netherspirits in this world for your own selfish desires. You’re a disgrace to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!

“Do you even know why our sectmaster disappeared, and where he is now?”

Luo Wanxiang was a little ashamed, and silently lowered his head.

Mo Heng snorted coldly. “The person trapping our sectmaster is the Netherspirit who you communicated with through the evil sacrificial ceremony recorded in the Book of Spirits. He has figured out the secrets of all of our sect’s star incantations through his soul communication with you, using the soul arts he gave to you as bait.”

Mo Heng continued to rebuke him. “Our sectmaster gained the upper hand at the beginning of his battle against him, but later, he was gradually trapped. Luo Wanxiang, your behavior is unforgivable!”

Lowering his head and saying nothing, Luo Wanxiang quietly retreated into the sea of countless evil spirits.

Just then, the several Netherspirits came roaring in their true form in order to ensure that the five evil gods would be successfully resurrected.