Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1389: Worship

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Mo Heng closed two fingers together to form a sword.


Dazzling light that was formed by extremely condensed spiritual Qi of heaven and earth, and was filled with a continuous, billowy sword intent, rushed at Luo Wanxiang like a waterfall.

In an instant, clusters of evil spirits were slashed and shattered by Mo Heng’s overwhelming sword intent.

Even the tall Netherspirits looked a little fearful as they avoidedit .


Luo Wanxiang’s All Manifestations Star Banner floated out, filled with glittering stars, as if it had a small starry river inside of it.

The stars shone dazzlingly at first, but rapidly faded in succession.

Just like that, Mo Heng’s seemingly-infinite sword intent and the bright stars of Luo Wanxiang’s All Manifestations Star Banner collided head-on.

Nie Tian’s eyes lit up, and he shouted lightly, “I didn’t expect the grand elder to be proficient with sword incantations.”

The world considered the Heaven Span Pavilion to have the best sword incantations. They were followed by other sword sects like the Streamcloud Sword Sect.

No swordsmanship prodigies had ever appeared in the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. In other words, no one had broken through and reached the God domain by relying solely on their profound swordsmanship.

This causal slash from Mo Heng, who was at the middle God domain, contained amazing sword intent, which continuously extinguished the bright stars within the All Manifestations Star Banner one after another.

It was obvious who was stronger.

Mo Heng did nothing more than close his two fingers and wield them as a sword, yet Luo Wanxiang’s All Manifestations Star Banner, which was an immortal grade divine tool, went dim.

This was enough to prove that in terms of true fighting strength, Mo Heng, who had just reached the Middle God domain, had left Luo Wanxiang far behind, even though both of them shared the same cultivation base.

“Senior Mo is, in the end, a great talent who defeated Grand Monarch Bloodlust and survived a duel against Grand Monarch Primal Demon immediately after entering the middle God domain,” Pei Qiqi marveled. “He and Luo Wanxiang are both from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, but your vice sectmaster is much weaker.”

Nie Tian shared her opinion.

Not long ago, he had witnessed how cruel and heartless Grand Monarch Bloodlust of the Demons was.

The more formidable Grand Monarch Bloodlust had seemed to him, the more it proved how powerful the grand elder in front of him was.

Nie Tian thought and muttered softly, “He only cultivates pure spiritual Qi of heaven and earth and uses nothing but it to create thousands of techniques. Legend has it that Qi warriors in ancient times didn’t cultivate power of any attributes, only the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth.”

“The grand elder has the demeanor of an ancient Qi warrior, reaching the summit with a single kind of Dao!”

The stars of the All Manifestations Star Banner went out one by one.

It seemed like Luo Wanxiang’s divine dharma idol had a river of stars under his feet and a brilliant starry sky over his head. As his hands moved, a river of glittering stars extended towards Mo Heng.

The river of stars was combined with pure star power, and seemed to be able to connect different worlds.

Mo Heng stood unwavering. His divine dharma idol abruptly turned into a ball of blinding white light.


The white light suddenly morphed into a divine sword that slashed at Luo Wanxiang’s divine dharma idol and All Manifestations Star Banner.

It gouged out holes in both of them, like a white rainbow penetrating the sun.

Luo Wanxiang groaned as his Divine dharma idol broke up and morphed into thousands of soul shadows.

Glittering with starlight, the soul shadows whooshed about to devour evil spirits to enhance their own soul power.

Several Netherspirits turned a blind eye to it. By doing that, they seemed to be giving him their approval.

Nie Tian’s expression changed slightly as he said in a low voice, “It seems that he has learned a lot of mysterious soul spells from the Book of Spirits. He extracts a bit of pure soul power from evil spirits and merges it into his own soul to strengthen his cultivation base, which is similar to the effect that the Spirit Pearl can achieve.”

“You!” A Netherspirit suddenly exclaimed, staring at Nie Tian. “You have our clansmen’s aura in you! You are clearly from another world. Why do you carry the aura of our clansmen?”

The other Netherspirits also fixed their eyes on him.

Pei Qiqi rotated the Space Boundaries Crystal before her chest, calmly speaking, “Don’t worry. I can take you into the portal at any time. I can probably seal it off at the bottom of the Seven-star Blue Sea as well, but I wonder if I should take the grand elder with us.”

As Mo Heng fought Luo Wanxiang, she had obtained some knowledge from the unusual spatial power that she had absorbed when passing through the portal.

She already knew the way to open and close it.

She was very confident that with her Space Boundaries Crystal and her bloodline and space powers, she would be able to close the portal once she returned to the human world.

“I suppose the aura you refer to comes from this.”

Nie Tian shook the Spirit Pearl in front of the Netherspirits, as if to flaunt it.

Suddenly, the Spirit Pearl\'s soul shrilled inside.

Through his connection with the evil gods, Nie Tian detected that they also seemed to sense the aura of their kind, and wanted to charge out of the Spirit Pearl again.

Looking at the Spirit Pearl, the few Netherspirits seemed a little confused.


Uncontrollably, the five evil gods broke free of the shackles of the Spirit Pearl\'s soul again and rushed out of the Spirit Pearl, roaring.

Compared to the few clansmen in front of them, the five evil gods, who were also from the Netherspirits, had fleshly bodies, and weren’t illusory.

In addition, their bodies released five extremely negative emotions of bloodlust, fear, despair, hatred, and rage that surged like oceans in a storm!

The moment the five evil gods came out, the expressions of the so-called Netherspirits in this world suddenly changed.

They stared at the five evil gods and probed the five extremely negative emotions they emitted.

“Woo-hoo, woo-hoo ah!” Out of the blue, the few Netherspirits kowtowed to the five evil gods, and shouted in their unique language, looking excited and fanatical.

The five evil gods floated high above their heads calmly, as if the few Netherspirits ought to behave in front of them like that to begin with.

This was an attitude of the superior to the inferior!

Nie Tian froze. Looking at the five evil gods, who were like five emperors being worshipped by their subjects, his expression gradually turned weird. “What? Those five guys actually put on such airs in front of the Netherspirits they meet in this world? The moment the Netherspirits see them, they have to kowtow to them?”

Pei Qiqi was taken aback. She had secretly prepared to take Nie Tian away at any time, but now, after seeing this, she temporarily gave up on the idea. Instead, she decided to wait and see.

“Those five things...”

Even Luo Wanxiang, whose soul shadows had broken into thousands of pieces to swallow evil spirits, was also taken aback. He didn’t understand why the Netherspirits of this world he had taken great pains to establish communication with would behave this way.

As the one who knew the truth best, Mo Heng said, “It’s the aura of the five strongest experts under the patriarch whose soul awareness morphed into the Nether River after death.”

But in the next moment, his expression became very grave as he spoke, “Nie Tian, why do those five have fleshly bodies?”

“I gave them to them, in a sense,” Nie Tian replied.