Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1386: Reunion

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Nie Tian was taken aback. “It’s him again?! What else did he do?”

“Is he on the other side of the gate right now, in the Seven-star Blue Sea?” Mo Heng asked with an icy expression.


At the same time, Mo Heng wove his fingers to form a profound hand seal.

Then, a glorious scene gradually unfolded in the dim starry river before him.

All sorts of manifestations, including the rotation of day and night, the change of landscapes, and the transition of seasons, seemed to be transformed from pure spiritual Qi and carry the profound truths of heaven and earth.

A wisp of Mo Heng’s soul will seemed to be the god that controlled anything and everything.

Millions of evil spirits in this area were enveloped in the wondrous manifestations.


One after another, they were melted, and soon vanished completely.

“That’s right,” Nie Tian said. “Luo Wanxiang is in the depths of the Seven-star Blue Sea right now.”

Mo Heng suddenly seemed a bit hesitant.

He wondered whether he should tell Nie Tian the truth of this place.

“Evil spirits, vicious souls, and giant spirit-form beings...” Muttering these words, Nie Tian decided to take the risk. He took the invaluable Phantasm treasure, the Spirit Pearl, from within his ring of holding.

As soon as he gave the Spirit Pearl’s soul an order, the pearl emanated a misty cyan light. At the same time, a gravitational force that only targeted spirit-form beings was born within it.

The evil spirits and vicious souls that were gathered in front of the enormous arched gate and attacking Mo Heng madly seemed to be suppressed the moment the Spirit Pearl appeared.

They all became insecure and uneasy, and struggled in attempts to get away from this area.


All of a sudden, some weaker evil spirits and vicious souls were pulled by the Spirit Pearl’s power and disappeared into it.

Mo Heng’s eyes lit up. “The Phantasms’ invaluable treasure, the Spirit Pearl!”

But immediately afterwards, he frowned. “It’s said that there are a total of three Spirit Pearls. And this Spirit Pearl you hold seems to be strangely powerful.”

Nie Tian smiled. “This is the only one left now. While you were gone, the other two Spirit Pearls were shattered and became a part of this one. Now, the three of them have merged, and become this most special soul treasure.”

Mo Heng nodded slowly. “I see.”

Eager to get answers, Nie Tian asked, “Grand Elder, who in the world did you encounter in the Domain of Endless Thunder? Is this part of the starry river controlled by the Phantasms? Is their ancestral land, the Nether Realm, in this region? Before I came here, I witnessed a branch of the Nether River running through the Seven-star Blue Sea.”

Mo Heng’s expression grew grim. “A branch of the Nether River?”

“Both Senior Yu Suying and Senior Mo Qianfan confirmed that it was a branch of the Nether River.” Nie Tian assured him. “However, that branch of the Nether River seemed to be somehow attracted to the five evil gods that were born within this Spirit Pearl. With the help of this Spirit Pearl, I was even able to derive some soul magics from that branch of the Nether River.

“Luo Wanxiang then showed up and came after me. As he did, he cast the Phantasms’ soul magics...”

Since he trusted Mo Heng completely, he explained what had happened to him in detail, without leaving anything out.

Mo Heng’s expression flickered with astonishment. “A branch of the Nether River was channeled into the Seven-star Blue Sea by the five evil gods in your Spirit Pearl?!”

With these words, he suddenly reached out to point at the exceptionally large spirit-form beings behind the countless evil spirits and vicious souls. “Do those so-called evil gods look similar to them?”

Nie Tian nodded repeatedly. “Yes, very similar. It’s just that the five evil gods born in my Spirit Pearl aren’t pure spirit-form beings anymore. They have developed fleshly bodies.”

Mo Heng’s expression flickered again.

Now, due to the sudden appearance of the Spirit Pearl, the countless swarming evil spirits and vicious souls no longer dared to attack Mo Heng.

Seeing this, the few outstandingly tall spirit-form beings that had been commanding them in the back grew irritated and impatient.

They started floating through the sea of swarming evil spirits and vicious souls towards Mo Heng and Nie Tian.

All of those in their way backed away nervously to give way to them.

“They finally dare to come to the front.” With these words, Mo Heng turned to Nie Tian and explained with a cold expression, “Nie Tian, we’re not in the Phantasms’ territory, and the Nether Realm isn’t in this region. In fact, this is neither the Ancientspirit world, the outsider world, nor our human world.

“This is the place where the origin of the Nether River lies.

“And those things...” Mo Heng reached out to point at the approaching huge spirit-form beings. “They’re the higher beings that rule this part of the starry river. As for that Nether River in the Phantasms’ Nether Realm, it’s actually only a branch. The real Nether River is here. And it’s actually the sea of awareness of the strongest leader of these beings in front of you.

“After that mighty expert, who was well-versed in all sorts of soul magics, died, his sea of awareness transformed into the so-called Nether River.”

Mo Heng finally brought out the truth.

Nie Tian, who had been listening, stood aghast.

The legendary Nether River, where the Phantasm race had been born, was actually the sea of awareness of a deceased mighty being in this part of the starry river?

The wondrous river that ran through the Nether Realm and the one that had appeared in the Seven-star Blue Sea were merely two branches of that unimaginably immense sea of awareness?

Such a mighty being had actually died?

Mo Heng curled his lips and said, “It’s unbelievable, right? I thought so too before I came here and faced these powerful beings. Only after I got here did I realize that this starry river is truly boundless, and that there is a whole other world other than ours, the Ancientspirits’, and the outsiders’. And they actually have a profound connection to us.”


Just as Mo Heng was going to elaborate, a figure flashed through the arched gate behind him and arrived.

Upon arriving, he exclaimed in disbelief, with wide eyes, “Mo Heng! How... How come you’re here?”

“Long time no see, Vice Sectmaster,” Mo Heng said with an icy expression. “Why did you go through all those hardships and difficulties just to come to this world? I also remember that I gave something to you to give to Nie Tian before I left for the Domain of Endless Thunder. Did you deliver it?”

An awkward expression appeared on Luo Wanxiang’s face.

He hadn’t seen Mo Heng before lunging into the huge arched gate.

If he had, he probably wouldn’t have dared to come through it.


Mo Heng’s giant figure shifted position with lightning speed, stopping between Luo Wanxiang and the enormous arched gate. “Now that you’re here, don’t leave so quickly. Let’s have a good talk.”


The giant spirit-form beings that were approaching from different directions seemed to grow excited upon seeing Luo Wanxiang, as they yelled something in a language Nie Tian didn’t understand.

However, Luo Wanxiang jerked his head towards them, as if he could understand them. The anxious look on his face rapidly disappeared, and he became calm again.

It seemed as if he had found stronger backers.

Mo Heng’s expression flickered slightly. “You... I can’t believe you can understand them! Vice Sectmaster Luo, you sure are full of surprises. Not only do you seem to know these things, but you were also able to find that gate in the depths of the Seven-star Blue Sea. I’m curious who told you all that.”