Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1382: Deriving Enlightenment

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As Nie Tian used his Spirit Pearl to comprehend the mystery of the Nether River in the Seven-star Blue Sea, the outside world was in complete chaos.

The Realm of Remote Heaven had fallen. Ancientspirits had crossed the Dead Star Sea and officially entered the human world on a large scale.

This was different from previous invasions. This time, experts dispatched by the Ancientspirits and outsiders, such as Phantasms and Demons, swarmed out in full strength!

The Ancientspirits and outsiders swept over and took many advanced domains, but didn’t attack the four great sects immediately after crossing the Dead Star Sea.

Instead, they stormed human domains one by one.

The whole human world was badly shaken.

The damage that this invasion brought was far more serious than what Gupi had caused.

The human beings in the domains that were close to the Dead Star Sea and were bound to be crossed by the Ancientspirits were evacuating through teleportation portals while asking the four great sects for help.

Soon afterward, the leaders of the four great sects gathered in the Heaven Span Pavilion to discuss important issues.

Chu Rui, Wei Lai, Ji Yuanquan, Xuan Guangyu, and several elders and Divine Sons and Divine Daughters of the Five Elements Sect all came to the Heaven Span Pavilion to consult with Fan Tianze.

They chose the Heaven Span Pavilion because its domain was the closest to the Dead Star Sea among the four great sects.

As long as those invaders didn’t change their direction or use spatial rifts or teleportation portals, they were destined to collide with the Heaven Span Pavilion first.

It was because of this that the two God domain experts of the Heaven Span Pavilion, Fan Tianze and Ye Wenhan, had summoned all the other sects.

After some communication, the leaders of the four great sects made the decision to ask Qi warriors and mortals of all the human domains along the way to evacuate through teleportation portals.

Those human domains would be temporarily abandoned.

The domains where the Heaven Span Pavilion was located would be the place where the human race would officially fight the invaders.

The battle at the Realm of Maelstrom in Domain of Heaven Python had only come to a hasty end.

Phantasm, Fiend, Demon, and Bonebrute grand monarchs and grand patriarchs had come to fight this new interracial war, along with the Dragons, Titans, and Ancientbeasts of the Ancientspirits.

This battle would likely be one that would change the fates of different races, and determine the situation of the starry river for thousands of years to come.


In the Seven-star Blue Sea.

The Saint domain experts and talents like Dong Li and Yin Yanan that were close to Nie Tian were still focused on the sea.

The stream, which they had identified as a branch of the Nether River, continued spreading until it reached Nie Tian.

Relying on the Spirit Pearl between his eyebrows, Nie Tian’s eyes shone brightly and focused on this branch of the Nether River, as if he were comprehending a mystery in it.

Standing on an ancient starship, Dong Li looked down at Nie Tian and said with a frown, “Half a month has passed. He’s obviously awake, but we can’t communicate with him. We can only see him motionlessly gaze at the branch of the Nether River.”

Yu Suying looked very envious as she said, “His cultivation base continues to improve so rapidly that it seems to have no end. He has stabilized at the middle Void domain and is advancing towards the late Void domain. From the look of it, as long as he’s given enough time, he may even be able to advance to the Saint domain here.”

“His flesh aura’s getting stronger and stronger too,” Yin Yanan said.

She had practiced the unique body techniques of the Beast-controlling Sect, so she was the only one who could see a little bit of the fluctuations in Nie Tian’s life aura.

Staring at Nie Tian, the so-called lucky, gifted women like Mu Biqiong, Qiao Yunxi, and herself all had a strong sense of frustration, because they found that no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t catch up with him.

Their gap in cultivation base and strength was becoming bigger and bigger.

Besides him, Dong Li, who was from the Domain of the Falling Stars, was also surpassing them at an unimaginable speed, leaving them far behind.

“The auras of the five so-called evil gods are growing more horrifying,” Mo Qianfan of the Heavenly Thunder Sect said with a grave expression, “It seems this Seven-star Blue Sea can nourish the evil gods, and enable them to continue to extract power to strengthen themselves. I have a feeling that if the five evil gods join hands after coming out of the Seven-star Blue Sea, I’ll likely be no match for them.”

Yu Suying looked shocked. “What?”

The five evil gods were the real trump card the Spirit Pearl had given birth to. By nature, they should not be widely different from the other soul spells and creatures of the Phantasms.

Mo Qianfan was a God domain expert who cultivated lightning power. He was their natural bane!

If even he thought it would be difficult to deal with the five evil gods, wouldn’t that mean that the other early God domain experts would feel even more troubled when they faced them?

“What if I were to fight them?” The thought made Yu Suying both apprehensive and elated.

Snapping out of her thoughts, she said, “This is good. The situation out there is getting worse and worse. Experts of the four great sects have brought the heads of the sects of all the major domains together. Now, they’re all gathered at the Heaven Span Pavilion, ready to fight the invaders to the death.

“Because we just fought a battle here and Nie Tian is in this special situation, they have allowed us some time.

“But when the real war breaks out, we’ll still be required to participate in it.

“When the time comes, Nie Tian will have to go, too. The stronger he is, the better the situation will be for us.”

A few days later.

Those who had been quietly paying attention to the Seven-star Blue Sea found that as time went by, the five ferocious evil gods not only grew larger, but also started to slowly descend toward the depths of the sea.

But they descended very slowly.

It seemed that only when they became a bit stronger could they descend an inch.

“The bottom. They’re going to the bottom,” Zhao Shanling murmured with a confused face. “Is there really such a thing as a realm passage at the bottom of the sea? The Stone Golems came out of the bottom of the sea. What do those five evil gods with strange origins want to achieve by trying so hard to go deeper? Before these changes happened to the sea, I also tried to sink to the depths with the help of the Voidspirit Pagoda, but...”

Previously, he had tried to reach the bottom of the sea with the power of the Voidspirit Pagoda and his secret spatial spells, but had failed.

However, as the five evil gods dove deeper and deeper, it was becoming more and more difficult for the people above to see them.

Only the two God domain experts, Yu Suying and Mo Qianfan, could still see their huge vague figures.

“They’ve even abandoned their master temporarily,” Yu Suying muttered softly, shaking her head. “They won’t make trouble at the bottom of the sea, will they? The Ancientspirits and the outsiders have thrown the world into chaos. They better not bring more things like the Stone Golems out of the depths of the sea.”

“They’re Nie Tian’s soul servants, and are under the Seven-star Blue Sea, so there’s really nothing we can do,” said Mo Qianfan.

“That’s right.”


At that moment, Nie Tian, who had been deriving enlightenment from the Nether River’s mystery, suddenly had a headache.

A wisp of worried soul message came through from the Spirit Pearl’s soul. “The connection between those five guys and me is becoming very weak! I have a feeling they’re getting further and further away from me.”

With a strong will, Nie Tian tore his gaze away from the Nether River, and called out to the five evil gods with his soul.

They gave intermittent responses.

Perhaps their responses were influenced by the Seven-star Blue Sea, as they were very erratic. He needed to be very focused to even receive a bit of their response.

“I’ll go down and check!”