Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1375: Follow Orders

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No one knew how deeply shocked Jiang Yuanchi was!

He had reached the middle God domain, and could merge light and shadow into one. Plus, with the help of the great weapon Gupi, he had thought he was as strong as anyone with his cultivation base. However, he had been so deeply embarrassed just now!

He knew he had been attacked by Wu Ji, who had recently become famous for his comprehension of time power, and who was also Nie Tian’s master.

However, he had heard that Wu Ji had disappeared in the Shatter Battlefield, and was of course not anywhere close to the Realm of Shattered Earth.

This was why he and Gupi had dared run amok in one realm after another.

He hadn’t expected Wu Ji to suddenly intervene when he was about to kill Nie Tian.

Besides, wasn’t Wu Ji only at the Saint domain?

As low as his cultivation base was, he could actually use the power of the river of time, and Time Freeze to even freeze his two divine dharma idols?

Jiang Yuanchi found it hard to imagine.

The moment he woke up from the frozen time, he found that both his divine dharma idols had been infiltrated and shattered by time power, so much so that he had returned to when he was at the Saint domain, before his divine dharma idols were condensed.

Now, he was like himself tens of thousands of years ago.

This came as a great shock to him. Jiang Yuanchi was deeply scared of a person for the first time in his life.

He didn’t have this kind of fear even when he had faced Gupi, Ji Cang, and Qu Yi in those days.

His wisps of soul awareness emerged from different lights and shadows. “Time power and the force of the river of time can reverse time, greatly reduce a person’s cultivation base and make his strength that he has accumulated for ten thousand years disappear!”

Ji Yuanquan’s eyelids twitched as he immediately informed Pei Qiqi and Dong Li, as well as Mo Qianfan further away, saying, “His aura is very faint! Attack Jiang Yuanchi’s fleeing lights and shadows! The sectmaster of the Shadow Society may now be the weakest he’s ever been. Even if we can’t kill him, we must severely cripple him!”


Joining hands, they used thunderbolts, spatial blades, and peculiar dark light to hunt Jiang Yuanchi’s lights and shadows, which had split into pieces and fled in many different directions.

In comparison, they paid little attention to Wu Yi.

Wu Yi, who had fused his soul into a ghoul that had been made from the body of a giant tenth-grade ape, wailed. He was unable to care about Jiang Yuanchi anymore.

Tens of thousands of ghouls emerged to clear the way in front of him.

He, who had returned to his normal state, stepped on a meteorite. He looked at Nie Tian with a gloomy face, and there was killing intent in his eyes. “Nie Tian, and that Wu Ji who can use time power. I’m going to kill the master-disciple pair sooner or later!”

Nie Tian canceled Life Blend and looked up.

With the starry sky above him, he found that the river of time, which Dong Li said had tethered Gupi and taken it away, had long since vanished and left no trace.

He was at a loss as thoughts entered his mind.

“Master, how did you know I was in danger? Where are you? And how were you able to rescue me with a branch of the river of time?

“Have you really imprisoned and taken away Gupi, the Fiend abomination, with your time power?

“What is your cultivation base now? What is the relationship between you and the river of time?


He felt more and more puzzled about his master, whom he had gotten to know on Cloudsoaring Mountain. From the moment Wu Ji had stepped into the Shatter Battlefield and begun to derive enlightenment from the mysteries of the river of time, everything had changed.

Wu Ji had been breaking through with his cultivation base and moving forward in an irrational way, as if he wouldn’t have a bottleneck at all.

It hadn’t been long, but he was already powerful enough to seriously injure the sectmaster of the Shadow Society with a branch of the river of time in an unknown place, and take Gupi away without meeting any resistance.

Wu Ji’s actions could be said to be miraculous and unthinkable.

Ji Yuanquan and the others continued to try and severely cripple Jiang Yuanchi’s shadows and lights.

Meanwhile, Nie Tian, who had been badly injured, was in a trance, suspended in the air.

After quite a long time, Ji Yuanquan and the others returned one by one, looking gloomy. It seemed they had failed to kill Jiang Yuanchi.

Ji Yuanquan sighed and said, “Jiang Yuanchi is slowly recovering his power since that branch of the river of time disappeared. It’s a pity that it failed to kill him once and for all, leaving a hidden danger for us...”

Speaking to this point, he was delighted again. “However, the trouble with Gupi has been solved at long last. Our inference was right. Wu Ji, who is proficient in time power, is indeed our best chance to deal with Gupi!”

One of the biggest problems plaguing the humans had been easily resolved by a branch of Wu Ji’s river of time.

Ji Yuanquan was greatly encouraged.

“Vice Sectmaster Xuan Guangyu...” Pei Qiqi reminded him.

Ji Yuanquan’s face darkened, “We don’t want to question Xuan Guangyu as soon as we return to our sect. The sectmaster isn’t back yet. I’m afraid that if we confront him and expose his dirty deeds now, it will force him to take drastic measures. His forces are very strong in the sect, and the conflict between him and us may even bring chaos to the Void Spirit Society.”

Pei Qiqi looked indifferent. “Oh.”

“The fight in the Realm of Maelstrom isn’t over yet. Let’s hurry back!” exclaimed Dong Li.

“That’s right!” Mo Qianfan said with a cold smile. “Without Gupi’s threat, our morale will be boosted! Those allied forces of the outsiders who have marched into the depths of the human world shall taste another sound defeat!”

Ji Yuanquan opened a spatial passage. “Let’s go!”


In the western starry sky of the Realm of Divine Seal.


Wu Yi of the Heavenly Corpse Sect, along with his army of ghouls, was driving the peculiar meteorite and hurrying on his journey.

His eyes were malicious as he cursed under his breath, “Jiang Yuanchi, sectmaster of the Shadow Society. How useless he is! And strangely, that Gupi was inexplicably taken away! Damn it! If I had known that, I wouldn’t have wasted my time on them!”

His curses grew louder and louder.

Then, after a while, he suddenly shut up.

He looked ahead and asked, “Who is it?”

“Martial Uncle...” Feng Beiluo of the Heavenly Corpse Sect called with a grim expression, and reluctantly emerged from a dead star.


Heavenly Corpses, refined by Feng Beiluo, followed him and showed up one after another.

The Thunder Devil Yuan Jiuchuan and several figures Wu Yi had met ages ago also emerged; he had assumed that they had been dead for years.

Wu Yi’s expression changed slightly. “Feng Beiluo, what’s the meaning of this?”

It looked like Feng Beiluo wasn’t here to have a peaceful talk with him, which made Wu Yi, who had been weakened by time power, uneasy. “Are you here to deal with Jiang Yuanchi? I’m telling you, he wasn’t possessed by Gupi the whole time. He still has his own independent consciousness. In addition to that, he has cultivated light power, he’s...”

Feng Beiluo sighed and interrupted him. “I’m sorry.”

Wu Yi stopped rambling, froze for a moment, then asked, “Are you here to kill me?”

Feng Beiluo bowed and saluted him respectfully. “I’m sorry, Martial Uncle. I warned you against this, but you didn’t listen. I hope you can understand I’m just following orders. But rest assured, Martial Uncle. After I take your ghoul body, I’ll leave a strand of your soul essence, so that you’ll have a chance to cultivate after reincarnation.”

“Feng Beiluo!” Wu Yi yelled furiously. “My lifespan has already reached its limit! Even if I have a strand of soul essence, it’ll be impossible for me to break the shackles and cultivate after reincarnation! You know that!”

Feng Beiluo acted as if he hadn’t heard his Martial Uncle’s heaven-shaking shouts. “Sorry.”

With a wave of his hand, his Heavenly Corpses that he had refined from ninth-grade grand patriarchs lunged at Wu Yi.

There were numerous ghouls standing in their way, but they were all very small. They were no match for the grand patriarch Heavenly Corpses, and shivered under the pressure of their horrifying auras.

The Thunder Devil Yuan Jiuchuan chuckled and said, “I’ll scatter Wu Yi’s soul for you.”