Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1373: Start the Second Round!

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“I can’t believe the girl was right! There are actually two Jiang Yuanchis!” Mo Qianfan from the Heavenly Thunder Sect exclaimed in astonishment.

Immediately afterwards, he noticed that mysterious light flickered in the eyes of the bright Jiang Yuanchi, which was facing Nie Tian in a seemingly calm manner.

The shadow-like Jiang Yuanchi, however, was staring coldly at Wu Yi.

“Help Nie Tian break free!” Ji Yuanquan thought of Nie Tian’s safety the moment he was freed.

“Nie Tian!” Dong Li, who was standing on the black tortoise’s back and enshrouded in pure darkness, roared!

The dark stone that had been taken from the Demon realms suddenly appeared, floating high above the black tortoise.

As soon as the black tortoise let out strange, low-pitched howls, a unique soul voice echoed out.

At this moment, a strong bloodline interaction took place between it and Nie Tian!

In the depths of Nie Tian’s sea of awareness, his true soul was being illuminated by Jiang Yuanchi’s secret light magic, as if every single secret he had ever had would be dug out and displayed in broad daylight.


An enormous black shape that didn’t seem to belong suddenly flew in.

The black shape was a wisp of the black tortoise’s soul awareness. Channeled by his bloodline, it managed to enter his sea of awareness.

The black tortoise that had suddenly entered Nie Tian’s sea of awareness turned its back, which was filled with wondrous engravings, against the glowing sphere Jiang Yuanchi had refined.

The pure light power within the glowing sphere was then drowned in darkness.

Being at the ninth grade, the black tortoise should have been far weaker than Jiang Yuanchi. However, it somehow managed to shatter a soul magic cast by Jiang Yuanchi with a wisp of its soul awareness.

Jiang Yuanchi’s face fell.


Nie Tian, who was only meters in front of him, burst into a flaming rage. Summoning different powers, he threw a punch towards him.

“Titan’s Wrath!”

From Jiang Yuanchi’s point of view, Nie Tian’s fist filled heaven and earth.

He thought he heard the bellows of titans from the Desolate Antiquity Era, as if they were demanding justice from the heavens with the terrifying will of ancient gods.

All of a sudden, space collapsed as unknown streaks of light blasted from within Nie Tian’s fist.

Jiang Yuanchi waved his hand in a casual manner.

Multiple dazzling wards quickly formed in front of his chest.

As Nie Tian’s fist slammed into the wards of light, he felt as if he had hit a mountain peak that was thousands of meters high. The wards remained completely still.

Only a small portion of the glowing talismans within the wards vanished.

Jiang Yuanchi frowned, confusion filling his face. “I still can’t locate the origin of the brat’s bloodline. What the hell is up with that?”

The light soul spell he had cast on Nie Tian had allowed him to easily dig out people’s deepest memories, and learn everything he wanted to.

What he wanted to know the most now was from what race Nie Tian had obtained his unique bloodline.

However, the light soul spell hadn’t really worked on Nie Tian’s true soul, as if it had been shaded by something, preventing him from gaining the revelation he yearned for.

Just as he decided to double his power, the Heaven-wrapping Seal in his palm had shattered.


Failing to shatter the wards with his strike, Nie Tian didn’t hesitate before retreating to a safer location by casting starshift.

After taking a deep breath, he lifted his hand and made a grabbing motion. In the next moment, the Star Behemoth bone shrank and flew into his hand.


The Spirit Pearl flew out. Before the five evil gods could even come out, a soul message from the Spirit Pearl’s soul came through. “Master, that Jiang Yuanchi attempted to trap your true soul and dig out your deepest secrets with a secret soul magic earlier. What he didn’t know is that even though I was inside of the ring of holding, I was able to protect your true soul.”

Upon receiving the message, Nie Tian realized that the Spirit Pearl was the reason why Jiang Yuanchi had failed to get what he wanted.

The moment Jiang Yuanchi saw the pearl, it struck him where the problem was. “That’s a Spirit Pearl, an invaluable Phantasm treasure! So that’s why. Its soul secretly clouded my soul will and stopped me from infiltrating his soul and getting what I want.”

As he yelled, Pei Qiqi and Dong Li arrived behind Nie Tian, Pei Qiqi on the left and Dong Li on the right.

Pei Qiqi spun the Space Boundaries Crystal in her palm as she gave Nie Tian, Dong Li, and Ji Yuanquan meaningful glances, signaling them to come closer to her.

That was because she realized that Gupi had been summoned by Jiang Yuanchi, and was rapidly approaching.

After rushing to her side, Ji Yuanquan said, without being bothered by the fact that Dong Li and Nie Tian were also there, “Qiqi, Jiang Yuanchi must have secret connections with Xuan Guangyu of our sect. The Heaven-wrapping Seal Jiang Yuanchi used was a wondrous tool that allowed him to seal an area of starry river completely. However, it isn’t an Immortal grade divine tool, as it can only be used three times before it loses its effect. Only God domain members of our sect who’re well-versed in spatial power know how to forge something like it.

“I’ve never forged one. The sectmaster doesn’t have any connection with Jiang Yuanchi. Only Xuan Guangyu could have helped him forge a tool like that.

“Normally speaking, this type of tool is used to imprison those of our disciples who have betrayed our sect.

“It’s against our rules to give such powerful consumable tools to people who aren’t members of our sect, lest they use them against us.

“The fact that Jiang Yuanchi had that Heaven-wrapping Seal proves that he broke our rules!”

With every word Ji Yuanquan, who had nearly been killed because of the Heaven-wrapping Seal, said, his anger towards Vice Sectmaster Xuan Guangyu grew stronger.

Ji Yuanquan let out a cold harrumph. “The Magic Gold Mirror is being controlled by the vice sectmaster. I bet he doesn’t dare to focus it on us now. Now that we’ve defeated the Heaven-wrapping Seal, even if Gupi gets here, we’ll be able to leave safely.

“I can’t wait to hear what the vice sectmaster will have to say after we return to our headquarters!”

“You’re not going anywhere,” The two Jiang Yuanchis said simultaneously. Even their tones were identical.

The bright Jiang Yuanchi, who had been keeping a close watch on Wu Yi from the Heavenly Corpse Sect, seemed to whisper something to him in a soul voice that the others couldn’t perceive.

Wu Yi first went blank, but a moment later, he nodded vigorously and said in elation, “Great! No problem! I’ll help you take care of them!”

No one knew what agreement the two of them had reached. However, Wu Yi, who had been eager to leave just now, suddenly turned around to face Nie Tian and those beside him.

“Leave Ji Yuanquan to me.” With a soft exclamation, he summoned numerous ghouls with various appearances, which then swarmed towards Nie Tian and the others in a formidable array.

Nie Tian and the girls were their target.

To everyone’s surprise, Wu Yi himself expanded like a Bonebrute, with cracking sounds coming from every single bone inside of him. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a monster covered in white fur that looked like a gigantic white ape.

After the expansion, he was wreathed in an even stronger corpse aura, his fingernails like sharp bone swords that exuded frosty auras.


He made a clawing motion with his monstrous hand, and the area of starry river where Ji Yuanquan was cracked like a torn rag.

Astonished, Ji Yuanquan exclaimed, “Wu Yi! Where did you get this ghoul that you contain your soul with?”

The giant ape-like ghoul gave him a strong sense of danger. Even his hair stood on end.

This feeling hadn’t been very strong up until the ghoul revealed its true form.

“I have no time for chitchat,” Wu Yi said with a nasty smile.

“Gupi is coming!” Pei Qiqi exclaimed.

“Shadow...” With a whoosh, the shadowy Jiang Yuanchi vanished into Gupi, which was approaching with an unstoppable momentum.

Meanwhile, the bright Jiang Yuanchi took his time to weave his hands to form and release magical seals that looked like spheres that emanated dazzlingly bright divine light.

All of a sudden, a vague soul message came through from the black tortoise.

With a confused expression, Nie Tian looked into the utter darkness that had blocked the black tortoise from sight, and asked, “You want me to use the method I used on the floating continent?”

The black tortoise immediately gave him an affirmative response.

The ‘method’ it was referring to was his bloodline talent: Life Blend.

Back when they had been caught in a difficult position on the floating continent, it was through Life Blend that Nie Tian and the black tortoise had become one, allowing him to stimulate its terrifying bloodline talent with his Blood Essence and immense flesh power, so it could engulf everything in darkness.


As soon as Nie Tian nodded, the enormous black tortoise emerged from the complete darkness.


Nie Tian flew onto the black tortoise’s vast back, where he activated Life Blend without any delay, countless wisps of his flesh aura connecting him and the black tortoise. Even their meridians seemed to be connected in a profound manner.

Drops of his Blood Essence were ignited, and started to burn violently!

As rich life power fused into the black tortoise, it actually allowed it to expand even larger.

At the same time, brand new dark magic scripts appeared on its vast shell.

“Its... its aura...” Mo Qianfan’s jaw dropped and his eyes widened as he watched the increasingly huge black tortoise releasing a dark aura that rapidly spread and devoured all light it encountered. “It seems to be about to transcend its limits as a ninth grade Ancientbeast! And it carries Nie Tian’s aura!”

Pei Qiqi, who was going to take everyone away with the help of her Space Boundaries Crystal, suddenly grew hesitant.

At this moment, the mixed aura of Nie Tian and the black tortoise and their soaring power gave her a feeling that they might actually have a chance at fighting Jiang Yuanchi.