Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1372: Dark Descends

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“If Gupi is here, then who’s sealing this area of starry river with light power?”

With this thought, Pei Qiqi cast a secret soul spell that Qu Yi had taught her, sending out wisps of soul will that were vested with her bloodline power in an attempt to tear the light ward open and peek into the sealed area.

“Soul’s Void Change.”

As she cast the spell that was only passed on to certain members of the Void Spirit Society, one of her numerous wisps of soul will managed to pierce through the sealing spell.


Like a wisp of light, her profound soul magic lit up the area where Nie Tian and Ji Yuanquan were imprisoned.

However, immediately after that one flash, the wisp of soul will that contained a wisp of her flesh aura and the profound mysteries of spatial power perished.

A hint of pain flashed across Pei Qiqi’s bright eyes.

Having a wisp of her soul will eliminated like this, she had clearly suffered a blow.

Even so, she had managed to pierce through the sealing of the Heaven-wrapping Seal with a wisp of her refined soul will to have a peek at what was happening inside.

As the Void Spirit Society’s top-secret magic, this soul magic Qu Yi had passed on to her was vastly profound and full of wonders.

Even spatial treasures like the Heaven-wrapping Seal couldn’t stop it from penetrating.

“Elder Ji and Nie Tian...”

Pei Qiqi turned to Mo Qianfan, who looked as if he was facing formidable foes, and Dong Li. Gently biting her lower lip, she said, “Elder Ji from my sect and Nie Tian seem to be imprisoned in there by Jiang Yuanchi from the Shadow Society. Also, I saw two Jiang Yuanchis inside the isolated space. One was emanating a great amount of light, while the other was shadowy and uncanny.

“The bright Jiang Yuanchi was standing beside Nie Tian, as if he were trying to take something from him.

“The shadowy Jiang Yuanchi was staring at a shriveled old man wreathed in a rich corpse aura. Instead of a human, he looked more like a ghoul.

“As for Elder Ji of my sect, he seemed to be bound by the Heaven-wrapping Seal’s power, and couldn’t move at all...”

Mo Qianfan and Dong Li were startled more than once as Pei Qiqi rapidly explained the situation she had learned with that quick peek.

“Two Jiang Yuanchis, one dazzlingly bright, and the other shadowy and gruesome...” Mo Qianfan, who was at the early God domain, was overwhelmed and confused after hearing this.

“One of them must be well-versed in profound light power spells!” Dong Li said, looking very confident.

With a knitted brow, Mo Qianfan said, “Jiang Yuanchi has always been the sectmaster of the Shadow Society, and he practices shadow magics. Everyone knows that.

“And about light power, very few humans have ever been able to master it. It’s like the dark power that you practice. Only a small portion of Ancientspirits and outsiders are born with bloodlines that carry such special powers.

“Jiang Yuanchi is clearly a pure human. How could he possibly learn light power, much less be so skilled in it?”

Mo Qianfan found this hard to believe.


Hiding in the depths of thick toxic miasma, Gupi’s enormous body floated past the area sealed by the Heaven-wrapping Seal, and approached them.

“Gupi is an even bigger headache.” With these words, Pei Qiqi spun the Space Boundaries Crystal.

Dazzling sparkling light burst forth from within the precious spatial treasure.

In the space between her and Gupi, numerous crystalline faces suddenly appeared out of thin air, each of which seemed to be a brand new heaven and earth with glorious light reflecting among them.

She took Mo Qianfan and Dong Li and flashed among the mirror-like faces.

All of a sudden, she came to a stop.

Dong Li and Mo Qianfan, who were bewildered by the inter-space shuttling, took a moment to come to their senses before realizing that they had already lost Gupi, as they were now on the other side of the Realm of Divine Seal.

Gupi was nowhere to be seen.

“Now let’s try to break the ward,” Pei Qiqi said with a grim expression. “But that’s a job for you two. I, on the other hand, will make sure that Gupi won’t find or catch us within a short time. Since it’ll be an extremely consuming task, I won’t be able to help you break the ward.”

“Great!” Mo Qianfan said with strong decisiveness as he activated his dharma idol.

In rumbling rolls of thunder, his dharma idol morphed into a Thunder-devouring Whale that was large enough to devour heaven and earth, and spewed out huge thunder pools by simulating its unique bloodline talent.


Innumerable lightning bolts interwove in the thunder pools that looked like magic balls that were as vast as realms.

One after another, the thunder pools flew out of his mouth towards the area of the starry river where Nie Tian and Ji Yuanquan were trapped by the wonders of the Heaven-wrapping Seal.

Upon contact, countless lightning bolts that were as thick as heavenly rivers flew out to slither on the manifesting ward.

At the same time, in the ward, hundreds of millions of unknown talismans that were the size of flies burst forth with blinding light, light that seemed to have formed after the tempering of endless time and evolution of the universe.

Like divine symbols that carried the profound truth of light, the talismans lit up the dark starry river. By driving the darkness away, they seemed to bring light to all lives so they could thrive and procreate.

The blindingly bright talismans clashed with the storm of thunder and lightning, causing the thick, heavenly, river-like lightning bolts from the thunder pools to explode and perish.

Mo Qianfan let out a muffled groan, his Thunder-devouring Whale-form dharma idol suddenly growing illusory and withered.

Only seconds after activating his Thunder-devouring Whale-form, he was forced to return to his true form and say, “Such profound light power. If this is really Jiang Yuanchi’s power, his attainments in light power must be every bit as high as his attainments in shadow power. If that’s the case, and since he’s at the middle God domain, I...”

By saying these words, he practically admitted that he was no match for Jiang Yuanchi.

“Let me give it a shot,” Dong Li said.

“You?” Mo Qianfan was taken aback.

Dong Li pointed into the pitch-black darkness and said, “Or should I say this, that, and me? Oh, I’m talking about the dark stone and that lazy turtle.”

With a stern expression, Mo Qianfan said, “You’d better be careful if you want to use that dark stone. And as for the black tortoise...”

He sensed that the black tortoise was at the ninth grade.

Ninth grade Ancientspirits and outsiders were only categorized as grand patriarchs.

A ninth grade grand patriarch fighting Jiang Yuanchi, who was at the middle God domain... Even if it had the help of that dark stone and Dong Li, would it really be victorious?

He himself was at the God domain. Even after consuming his thunder pools and activating the Thunder-devouring Whale’s bloodline talents, he had failed to shatter the ward created by the Heaven-wrapping Seal.

He didn’t think Dong Li would succeed.


Wisps of pitch-black light swirled out of Dong Li’s curvaceous body to envelope her in a pure black shield.

In seconds, she vanished from the others’ sight.

At the same time, the dark stone flew out from within her spiritual sea in her dantian region. As it gradually expanded in the starry river, a mysterious hole that only she and the black tortoise could perceive came to form in the stone.

The hole seemed to have transformed from ultimate darkness.

The dark stone slowly adjusted its direction so that the hole directly faced the area sealed by the Heaven-wrapping Seal, where Mo Qianfan had just bombarded repeatedly.


A panicked exclamation suddenly escaped Dong Li’s mouth.

She was shocked to discover that the dark power she had gone to great lengths to refine and accumulate, along with her soul power that she had tempered over and over, was now being drained madly by the dark stone.

It seemed to her that the dark stone had turned into an invisible hand that was pulling her power and even her soul will from her.

At the same time, the black tortoise’s rapid calls caught her ears, and she noticed that lines of dark magical script were rising from its enormous shell to fuse into the dark stone.

Each and every line of those dark scripts contained the profound truths of dark power!

“Evernight, Black Hole Erosion, Dark Assimilation...”

She, who was telepathically connected to the black tortoise, could even hear its soul voice, and learned that the dark magical scripts that were being taken away from it carried its understanding of dark power and the bloodline talents that had been branded in its bloodline!

Mo Qianfan’s eyes grew wide.

Pei Qiqi, who had focused her attention on Gupi, also gasped with astonishment.

An incredible scene suddenly took place in the area of the starry river that was sealed by the Heaven-wrapping Seal!

Countless talismans that were the size of flies left the manifested dazzling ward, which Mo Qianfan had failed to shatter with thunder pools in his Thunder-devouring Whale-form.

They swarmed out like bits of rusted metal that were attracted to a magnet!

As soon as they separated themselves from the ward, they, which were originally dazzlingly bright, became dark and lifeless.

In other words, the pure light power within the talismans was being assimilated or eradicated by dark power, which eliminated the very core that had allowed them to emanate dazzling light in the first place.

It looked like a rain of sparks being devoured by darkness.

As the light power, with which the Heaven-wrapping Seal had tightly sealed this area of the starry river, perished bit by bit, the ward became very fragile.

After observing for a few seconds, Pei Qiqi quietly spun the Space Boundaries Crystal with her jade-like finger.

She ignited a drop of Blood Essence in her heart and said inwardly, “Bloodline: Space Perish.”

At this moment, Jiang Yuanchi jerked his gaze away from Nie Tian to look down at the Heaven-wrapping Seal in his palm.

He saw fissures appear on the flawless jade seal.

He even heard faint cracking sounds coming from within it.

Astonished, this Jiang Yuanchi looked around, as if to make sure that everything was still fine within this area of starry river sealed by the Heaven-wrapping Seal.

Meanwhile, the other Jiang Yuanchi, which practiced shadow power, cursed, his face twisted with anger. “Two little bitches!”

As Wu Yi from the Heavenly Corpse Sect saw this, his gruesome eyes gradually lit up.

Ji Yuanquan, who was sagging his head in low spirits, shuddered upon seeing that the fine but extremely sharp rays of light that had trapped him had somehow vanished completely.

In the next moment, a familiar blue-robed figure appeared in front of him.

“Qiqi!” Ji Yuanquan was overjoyed by the sight of her.

The moment he saw Pei Qiqi, he realized that this area of starry river was no longer sealed by the Heaven-wrapping Seal, and they were free.