Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1371: Light And Shadow Share the Same Origin

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All of Nie Tian’s bones crackled under the great pressure as he was pressed into the invisible barrier.

Jiang Yuanchi put away his shadow domain and temporarily separated himself from Gupi, who was still hiding in the toxic miasma.

He approached Nie Tian slowly in the void where the stars were no longer bright.

The Heaven-wrapping Seal remained suspended in the palm of his left hand. Countless tiny talismans twinkled within the seal like stars, as if they had their own awareness.


In the Heaven-wrapping Seal, a spot of light the size of a grain of rice lit up in a flash.


In the depths of Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness, a huge ball of light suddenly appeared and burst forth with dazzling light, which made Nie Tian feel a stabbing pain in his mind.

The wisps of soul awareness that formed his true soul seemed to have no place to hide from the dazzling ball of light.

It seemed all his life experiences and his deepest secrets were being illuminated by the ball of light.

At the same time.

The aura wreathing Jiang Yuanchi, the sectmaster of the Shadow Society, changed drastically.

At this moment, Jiang Yuanchi’s body was like the brightest crystal, emitting a blinding light.

He was actually emanating light!

It seemed that the world enshrouded by the Heaven-wrapping Seal, which was originally dark, was illuminated by the light of a huge sun, as if to illuminate even the slightest speck of dust.

Wu Yi from the Heavenly Corpse Sect was extremely taken aback. “Light, light power!”

Ji Yuanquan’s jaw dropped as he stared blankly at Jiang Yuanchi. He was shocked too. “I can’t believe you’ve actually merged light power and shadow power! Jiang Yuanchi, you’ve hidden so much. You clearly cultivate the shadow power of the Shadow Society, but why are you able to master light power as well?”

Jiang Yuanchi’s expression didn’t change at all as he said, “Light and shadow are not opposites. Shadow can only appear in the light. Without light, there is no shadow. The shadow power that our Shadow Society cultivates is not like the ultimate dark power in the bloodline of the dark grand patriarchs of the Demons. Extreme darkness will devour everything, and even shadows will not exist.”

Wu Yi understood instantly, and saluted him by clasping his hands and saying, “I see. I’m enlightened.”

At this moment, Ji Yuanquan shouted, “You didn’t seem to use light power when you imprisoned Gupi!”

“I hadn’t fully mastered it at that time,” Jiang Yuanchi said calmly, “In fact, I was only able to see the truth that light and shadow can coexist because of the strange thing’s guidance.”



As he was talking with Ji Yuanquan and Wu Yi, he looked like a god of light, radiating bright light like crystal or glass.

In Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness, the bright ball of light spun and approached his true soul.

It seemed to be trying to snatch his deepest secrets.

His cultivation base, bloodline, incantations, tools… Jiang Yuanchi wanted all of them.

Ji Yuanquan was about to make a move when Jiang Yuanchi chuckled, “You’d better behave yourself.”

Inside the Heaven-wrapping Seal, the tiny talismans that looked like stars suddenly formed a spell formation.

Ji Yuanquan was horrified to see rays of light as tiny as hairs, which were actually formed by golden characters, emerge densely around his whole body.

Sensing a sharp aura from the rays of light, Ji Yuanquan dared not move.

He had a bad feeling that as long as he cast incantations or displayed his dharma idol, his arms and legs would be broken upon touching the light.

“Nie Tian, I...” He wanted to send a message through a wisp of his soul awareness. However, he let out a muffled groan as soon as he made the attempt.

His soul awareness was cut and destroyed by the light.

He dared not make another move.

“You are not my target,” Jiang Yuanchi said. “There is nothing in you that I want,”

Then he leisurely and slowly walked to where Nie Tian was, and licked his lips. He didn’t hide the cruelty and greed in his eyes any longer. “I want to check where the bloodline of one of our most brilliant hybrids comes from. I also want to know how you can magically create God domain experts, and a whole new race of life!

“You simply have too many secrets. Every one of these secrets is worth me taking this risk.

“I didn’t want to expose myself too early. If I continued to hide behind Gupi, I could have it take all the blame, but you...”

Jiang Yuanchi seemed to be talking to himself.

The expression of Wu Yi of the Heavenly Corpse Sect gradually changed after he heard these words.

Without saying a single word, he quietly budged in a little movement that Jiang Yuanchi didn’t notice.

He wanted to leave the place that the Heaven-wrapping Seal had sealed.

He could tell from Jiang Yuanchi’s self-talk that he had deliberately hidden behind Gupi.

Jiang Yuanchi clearly didn’t want anyone to know that he was alive, and had retained his own independent awareness.


“Ji Yuanquan can’t leave, but you think you can?” Jiang Yuanchi suddenly said while his gaze was still fixed on Nie Tian.

Wu Yi felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He suddenly sensed that a dark shadow was wriggling in the area through which he intended to leave.

The shadow seemed to be another Jiang Yuanchi, transformed from the shadow of the shining Jiang Yuanchi. Right now, it was silently watching Wu Yi in the dark.

Wu Yi forced a smile as he said, “Sectmaster Jiang, there is no conflict between you and me. My Heavenly Corpse Sect and your Shadow Society have never been enemies. I don’t want to know what the relationship between you and Gupi is. No matter how you treat Nie Tian and Ji Yuanquan, it won’t have anything to do with me. How about letting me go? I’ll forget what I saw today, and won’t tell anyone about it.”

“As long as you obediently stay, it will be good enough. After I get rid of Nie Tian and Ji Yuanquan, I will merrily talk and drink with you,” Jiang Yuanchi said gently.

Wu Yi’s face froze.

“Hmm?” The expression of Jiang Yuanchi, who was smiling and looking expectantly at Nie Tian, suddenly changed as he exclaimed angrily, “How dare two little bitches attack the place that my Heaven-wrapping Seal has sealed!”


Gupi, which was enveloped in a thick, poisonous miasma, went into action, and broke away from this area of the starry river in the blink of an eye.

Outside the Divine Seal Sect, Pei Qiqi had used her bloodline power and the Space Boundaries Crystal to form a giant, heaven-reaching sword, with which she chopped at a seemingly normal area of the starry river. “Heaven Shattering!”

As the sharp light from the Space Boundaries Crystal scraped the starry river and actually arrived, that area of the starry river suddenly became radiant with a loud bang.

An invisible barrier immediately appeared. Many tiny talismans that were like stars appeared densely in them, radiating light.

“Light power!” Dong Li couldn’t help shouting as she stepped on the black tortoise. The dark magic stone that had become one with her was triggered. It flew out before she could order it, letting out strange shouts.

“The power of light,” Mo Qianfan stuttered, looking shocked. “Such a rare force has actually appeared here. Judging from the form of the barrier, the person who practices this power has entered the God domain.”

“Jiang Yuanchi, sectmaster of the Shadow Society. It must be him,” Pei Qiqi said.

“Jiang Yuanchi!” As the three people exclaimed, Gupi suddenly appeared, enveloped in thick poison miasma.

It raised torrential acid miasma clouds that flooded towards them, filling their sight.

“This...” The three people who had tried to figure out the truth and find Nie Tian felt their scalps turning numb.

For them, Gupi was likely more dangerous than Jiang Yuanchi.