Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1370: Warning

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Ji Yuanquan’s thousands of wisps of soul awareness kept swerving and rushing about, but failed to break away from the area of the starry river shrouded by the Heaven-wrapping Seal.

Streaks of brilliant light from his broken divine dharma idol gathered together.


His soul awareness and the broken divine dharma idol came together to become one, like young swallows returning to the nest.

Ji Yuanquan reappeared in the world.

He looked dispirited, and the light in his eyes had become dim.

Staring at Jiang Yuanchi, who slowly raised his head and moved his gaze away from the Heaven-wrapping Seal in his shadow domain, he asked bitterly, “Are you really in collusion with Gupi? Have you forgotten your identity?”

Jiang Yuanchi was silent.

On the other side, Nie Tian had returned to his normal state, with the Star Behemoth bone floating above his head. His face looked extremely grave.

He felt a sharp pain all over. He activated his life bloodline and Heavenly Wood Heal to heal his wounds with the flesh power that he had absorbed from grand patriarchs outside the Realm of Maelstrom.

Jiang Yuanchi had badly injured him when he had pressed his finger onto the Heaven-wrapping Seal.

His injuries were much more serious than those he had sustained from his prolonged battle against Ophelia, and he had consumed much more fighting strength.

Wu Yi of the Heavenly Corpse Sect was stunned. “Jiang Yuanchi, which of you gives the orders, you or Gupi?”

Instead of hurrying to attack Nie Tian again, he glared at Jiang Yuanchi and at Gupi’s gigantic body covered with strong toxic miasma. “Strange, the two of you are such a strange duo. I can’t tell which is the master and which is the servant.”

“Your deal with it still counts,” Jiang Yuanchi said gently.

“Jiang Yuanchi, what is the deal between you and Xuan Guangyu?” Ji Yuanquan asked coldly.

“Nothing.” Jiang Yuanchi chuckled. “Originally, you should have been able to reach the middle God domain in a few centuries, and then you and Xuan Guangyu would have been on equal footing in the Void Spirit Society. Unfortunately, you may not have that chance now.”

Ji Yuanquan’s expression changed slightly.

Jiang Yuanchi then turned to look at Nie Tian and said regretfully, “And you. I warned you early on, as I didn’t want to fall out with you, but you didn’t listen. You should have stopped being too aggressive after what happened in the Domain of Jade Heaven. However, you went to the Realm of Fragmentary Star to destroy my plan again...”

As he spoke, he pressed a finger onto the Heaven-wrapping Seal again.

His finger came through the air with great power, as if it had the might of a giant god.


A giant finger suddenly emerged in the real world. It was as large as a mountain, floating right above Nie Tian’s head.

Its shadow covered the world as a cold, dark aura filled heaven and earth, making Nie Tian’s flesh and wood power immediately run out of control.


Nie Tian cast Starshift multiple times, flitting about in the starry river, trying to dodge the giant finger.

Starshift wasn’t a true spatial magic. It was only extremely fast, and could create an effect similar to teleportation.

However, no matter how he struggled, how he changed his position with Starshift, the finger still locked firmly onto him, and abruptly fell.


Nie Tian’s body, which was as strong as that of a Demon grand patriarch, was pressed to the bottom of this sealed area of the starry river, his blood spattering.

Standing on what felt like solid ground, he was forced to hunch over to bear the force.

In a few seconds, however, he prostrated himself on the invisible barrier, as if he were kowtowing, and could hardly raise his head.

“You’re not dead, which proves you’re quite powerful,” Jiang Yuanchi marveled. “You are promising. You should be able to soar in the starry river and become an influential figure in the human world. But you were foolish to insist on opposing me. Besides, your sealing magic can affect Gupi, so you have to die.”


In the Realm of Maelstrom.

In the palace of the Divine Seal Sect, Hua Mu looked up at the fierce battle in the starry river through the heaven that looked like the mouth of a well.

A beautiful figure approached him quietly and said, “Mr. Hua.”

Hua Mu was surprised. “Qin Yan? Why are you here? Haven’t you been assigned to cultivate in the Realm of Shattered Earth?”

“The sectmaster of the Nie Clan and Nie Qian asked me to come tell you something so that you can inform Nie Tian or Dong Li,” she said.

Stunned, he asked, “Nie Donghai? What is it?”

“Nie Qian has been dreaming recently. She said she dreamed of her younger sister, who had died.” Speaking of this, even Qin Yan herself found it somewhat ridiculous. “She said her sister asked her to warn Nie Tian to watch out for Jiang Yuanchi, the sectmaster of the Shadow Society. She said Jiang Yuanchi still has his own consciousness, and he hasn’t been completely possessed by Gupi.”

Hua Mu was taken aback, and couldn’t come to his senses quickly. “I’m a little confused.”

“Nie Tian’s dead mother appeared in a dream, asking her to give Nie Tian a warning,” she explained. “Before I came back from my cultivation session in the Realm of Shattered Earth, I went to say goodbye to the old man and Nie Qian, and ask them what they needed so I could bring it with me next time. She told me about her dreams, and asked me to tell you, Nie Tian or Dong Li.”

Whenever she cultivated in the Realm of Shattered Earth, she would usually bring some spirit materials that could help the youngsters of the Nie clan improve their cultivation base and fighting strength.

By doing that, she hoped to build a good relationship with the Nie Clan, and leave a good impression on Nie Donghai and Nie Qian.

Hua Mu was flabbergasted. “Nie Jin...”

As one of the closest people to Nie Tian, Hua Mu knew some of his secrets, and had heard him mention that his mother Nie Jin might still be alive.

“Jiang Yuanchi of the Shadow Society.” After pondering for a long while, Hua Mu decided that he shouldn’t think little of it. He nodded and said, “Good! I’ll tell Dong Li and Nie Tian about it and ask them to be careful.”

“You’d better be quick,” Qin Yan added, “I think according to the old man and Nie Qian, Nie Tian seems to be in danger.”

“Danger... Gupi!” Hua Mu suddenly came to his senses. “Nie Tian has gone to the Realm of Divine Seal to deal with Gupi! If what she said about Jiang Yuanchi is true, and he isn’t dead and managed to keep his own consciousness, then he’s a middle God domain enemy. Then, he, coupled with Gupi...”

Hua Mu was shocked, and quickly took out the Sound Stone to contact Dong Li.

In the sky outside the Realm of Maelstrom, Dong Li, who was still fighting the outsiders in the dark depths, soon heard Hua Mu’s warning.

In an instant, she became panicky. After communicating with the black tortoise, she shouted to Pei Qiqi, “The Realm of Divine Seal! Pei, Nie Tian may be in distress at the Realm of Divine Seal. Since you’re proficient in spatial power, you’d better open a spatial passage to the Realm of Divine Seal and take us there to check what’s going on.”

Mo Qianfan, Yu Suying, and Ye Wenhan were engaged in a fierce battle against Grand Monarch Nether Channeler and Grand Monarch Dark Nether in their flesh aura seas. Hearing Dong Li’s shout, the three of them were shocked.


“Nie Tian might be in trouble in the Realm of Divine Seal?”

“Isn’t Ji Yuanquan with him?”

“The Realm of Divine Seal? Okay, I’ll open a spatial passage!” Pei Qiqi exclaimed.

She spun the Space Boundaries Crystal. In the blink of an eye, she vanished from before Ophelia, and opened a spatial passage where the humans were gathered with the wonders of the Space Boundaries Crystal.

“Something is wrong in the Realm of Divine Seal!” She cried in shock.