Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1369: Wrap The Heavens Up

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Nie Tian’s expression instantly changed.

Wu Yi of the Heavenly Corpse Sect looked stunned. He didn’t imagine that Jiang Yuanchi, whose soul awareness was supposed to have been wiped out by Gupi, could actually walk out of his shadow domain alive as if nothing had happened.

He had believed that only he was capable of soul communication with Gupi in the depths of the shadow domain.

He was convinced that he had communicated with Gupi, the Fiend abomination, instead of Jiang Yuanchi.

But Jiang Yuanchi suddenly appeared now. So what was the relationship between him and Gupi?

Had Jiang Yuanchi submitted, or were they equal partners?

Was Gupi completely in control of Jiang Yuanchi, or did Jiang Yuanchi have some extent of freedom, and could be freed from Gupi’s control for a short time to exist with his own consciousness?

Wu Yi couldn’t see it through. He waved his hand, and the numerous ghouls which planned to continue to surround and attack Nie Tian froze in the void.

Nie Tian also looked at Jiang Yuanchi.

Because of the so-called “Heaven-wrapping Seal” that Jiang Yuanchi had taken out, the starry river had been shrouded in an invisible divine spell.

Nie Tian examined the area with rapt attention, and found that his soul awareness and life aura, which could perceive life force, only spread for a while before they met an invisible wall.

The wall was the boundary of the Heaven-wrapping Seal.

“The starry river where we are now has already become a small world in the Heaven-wrapping Seal.” He was slightly enlightened, but didn’t panic. He just secretly drove Blood Essence and infused strands of thick flesh aura into the Star Behemoth bone, ready to act accordingly at any time.

Its Domain Split was exactly the bloodline talent that could break all kinds of seals, and was from a Star Behemoth.

He was not worried that the starry river, which the Heaven-wrapping Seal had temporarily wrapped up, would really limit him.

It was not Gupi that really worried him; it was Jiang Yuanchi.

After all, Jiang Yuanchi’s cultivation base was at the middle God domain!

“Suppress!” Jiang Yuanchi looked down and slowly pressed a finger toward the Heaven-wrapping Seal.


A force fell from the sky with very strong momentum, rushing directly at Ji Yuanquan.

Ji Yuanquan screamed in shock, but his muffled voice was intermittent. It seemed to be smothered.

“Nie Tian! Go! Quick!” An indistinct soul shout rang in Nie Tian’s head.

Nie Tian froze, blankly staring at Ji Yuanquan.

Ji Yuanquan’s body suddenly turned into a divine dharma idol.

It seemed his divine dharma idol was composed of many streaks of bright spatial light. It looked gorgeous and magical, but it gave people a feeling that it was completely empty, as if there were nothing in it.

However, no sooner had Yuanquan’s magical divine dharma idol been formed than it suddenly exploded, sending streaks of glorious light in all directions.

With the explosion of his divine dharma idol, Ji Yuanquan’s wisps of soul awareness shattered into thousands of pieces, which seemed to want to fly away from this part of the starry river.

But because of the existence of the Heaven-wrapping Seal, his scattered soul awareness was imprisoned, seemingly unable to escape.

“Xuan Guangyu!” Shrill soul cries let out by Ji Yuanquan’s soul awareness echoed in Nie Tian’s head again.

Nie Tian didn’t freeze this time. “Domain Split!”

Drops of Blood Essence surged and burnt in his heart. A mighty force, driven by the flaming Blood Essence, rushed into the Star Behemoth bone.

In an instant, countless rays of blood-colored light that could tear heaven and earth apart flew out from the internal veins of the bone.

The rays of red light morphed into the Star Behemoth’s sharp bone, and then flew out in all directions towards the boundaries of the Heaven-wrapping Seal like brandished claws, with a fierce momentum that could smash all sorts of bonds and break the heavens and the starry river.

Jiang Yuanchi, floating in his shadow domain, did not even cast a glance at Nie Tian.

Nor did he care for Ji Yuanquan’s growl.

His attention was focused on the floating Heaven-wrapping Seal as he stared down at it with unequalled concentration.

At this moment, scratches kept emerging within the jade seal.

Expressionless, he stroked the seal with one hand, rubbing it slowly and with difficulty.

The scratches that had appeared in the Heaven-wrapping Seal then disappeared one after another.

When all the scratches were wiped off, he lightly let out a breath and pressed a finger on the Heaven-wrapping Seal again. It seemed that his finger penetrated into the seal.


At that moment, Nie Tian in his enlarged form instantly suffered from the same heavy pressure that Ji Yuanquan had suffered from just now.

He felt a powerful force, which could wipe out lofty mountains, falling upon him.

His gigantic body could not bear the force. With a single hit alone, his strong body, which had been tempered by Heavenly Wood Heal, let out crisp crackling sounds.

Many of his crystallized bones were instantly broken by the hit!


Blood surged out of his mouth uncontrollably, like a huge blood snake.

The blood he spurted was then absorbed by the Star Behemoth bone.

Beads of blood dripped onto the bone, lighting up countless Bloodline Crystal Chains.

“Nie Tian, quick! Run, run...”

Ji Yuanquan’s intermittent soul shouts sounded in Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness from time to time, urging him to run away from this place, where he was imprisoned by the Heaven-wrapping Seal, as quickly as possible.

“Escape?” Nie Tian’s mouth was full of blood; even his enlarged form had been broken by the hit.

In his normal form, he looked at Jiang Yuanchi, who was looking down and pressing a finger on the Heaven-wrapping Seal in the shadows.

Eyes gloomy, he said, “Jiang Yuanchi, Sectmaster of the Shadow Society, are you really under the control of Gupi? Judging from the power, the means, and the fighting strength that you’ve demonstrated, I don’t think so.”

He gave up on running away.

Domain Split couldn’t tear apart the world that the Heaven-wrapping Seal had enveloped. His enlarged form had also been broken by the finger, and he didn’t know how many more terrifying techniques the sectmaster of the Shadow Society had in his skill set.

In the Void Spirit Society...

“Where’s the vice sectmaster?” Fan Wen asked suddenly.

The elders of the Void Spirit Society, who had gathered by the Magic Gold Mirror, also found that Xuan Guangyu, who had been among them before, had quietly left.

“He controls the Magic Gold Mirror,” Fan Wen said with a frown. “We would like to see how Nie Tian of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace will restrict Gupi. Didn’t Gupi go to the Realm of Divine Seal? Didn’t Nie Tian also go there with the help of Elder Ji? In my opinion, the battle in the Realm of Divine Seal is more important.”

The elders discussed among themselves, but they didn’t know where Xuan Guangyu had gone.

“Yes, we also want to know if Nie Tian has a way to restrict Gupi.”

“Where’s the vice sectmaster?”

“Ahem.” After a while, Xuan Guangyu suddenly came in and spun the Magic Gold Mirror.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard he spun it, it couldn’t lock onto the starry river around the Realm of Divine Seal to capture a clear scene of what was happening there.

“Vice Sectmaster, when you control the Magic Gold Mirror with spatial forces, we should be able to have a clear view of all battles except for the battles between God domain experts, shouldn’t we?” an elder asked.

“Perhaps there’s something wrong,” Xuan Guangyu replied in a perfunctory tone. “Don’t take it too seriously. Since Elder Ji is there, he should be able to handle it easily.”

“Where have you been, Vice Sectmaster?” Fan Wen asked.

“A disciple wanted to see me just now, so I went out for a while,” Xuan Guangyu answered coldly. “Given Nie Tian’s cultivation base, he can’t possibly threaten Gupi. The battle in the Realm of Maelstrom is more important.”

With that, he adjusted the focus of the Magic Gold Mirror.

After he did, the elders of the Void Spirit Society saw a scene where many Saint and Void domain human experts fought grand patriarchs outside the Realm of Maelstrom, while the Realm of Divine Seal was deliberately ignored by Xuan Guangyu.