Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1366: Resentment

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Suddenly realizing who the man was, Ji Yuanquan pointed at him and exclaimed in disbelief, “Wu Yi! You’re Wu Yi, Feng Beiluo’s martial uncle!

“But didn’t you die already? I distinctly remember that your soul was scattered!

“And this body is clearly not yours!”

If the old eccentric had borne his original appearance, instead of being a half-man half-ghoul as he was now, Ji Yuanquan would have been able to recognize him upon seeing him.

Wu Yi was a powerful expert of the Heavenly Corpse Sect from the previous generation.

Both he and Feng Beiluo’s master had been killed in the four great sects’ joint operation to wipe out the Heavenly Corpse Sect.

Wu Yi had been at the late Saint domain when he had died. Who would have thought that many years later, he would reappear in such a body, with an aura that was even stronger than before?

In Ji Yuanquan’s senses, this man before him might possess the battle prowess of an early God domain expert.

However, since he hadn’t released his corpse power or activated his domain, it was hard to say for sure.

With a low, cunning laugh, Wu Yi said, “Of course, this isn’t my true self. A secret magic of my sect allows me to place my soul inside a ghoul, and strengthen my true self through strengthening the ghoul. I’m taking a different path. The cultivation method I’m using is no longer the same as that of the Heavenly Corpse Sect’s disciples.”

“The Heavenly Corpse Sect...” Eyes narrowed, Nie Tian didn’t fear or panic. Instead, he asked, coldly, “What do you want by coming to the Realm of Divine Seal? Your previous scheme led to a bloody war between human experts and experts of various races in the Shatter Battlefield, from which all sides suffered heavy losses. Now, you’ve suddenly shown up here outside the Realm of Divine Seal. I bet you don’t bear good intentions either.”

A sinister smile appeared on Wu Yi’s face. “Good intentions? Hahaha! my sect was destroyed by the joint efforts of the four so-called great sects. My senior martial brother was killed, body and soul. Why would I bear any good intentions towards them?”

“So you’re here to pick up a fight?” Nie Tian said expressionlessly.

The smile faded from Wu Yi’s face as he fixed his gruesome eyes on Nie Tian and said, “I came here for Gupi.

“You and your master, Wu Ji, ruined my great plan in the Shatter Battlefield. I’ll never forget that. No matter who mediates, I’ll settle that account with you one day.”

Nie Tian frowned. “You can try.”

He might harbor a bit of a scruple about going to battle against Feng Beiluo. That was because Feng Beiluo had helped him before, and his attitude towards him had been strange every time they had met.

However, he didn’t have even the slightest positive feeling about this Wu Yi in front of him, and he wouldn’t relent if they were to battle.


As they spoke, Gupi slowly appeared in the distant starry river, enveloped in acidic, toxic miasma. Judging from the direction in which it was moving, it was indeed heading towards the Realm of Divine Seal, which it seemed to be hoping to turn into a heaven and earth that suited it and the Fiends with its toxic miasma.

“It’s here.”

Upon seeing Gupi, Wu Yi, who had waited for a long time, ended his conversation with Nie Tian and Ji Yuanquan. Surprisingly, he looked rather excited as he controlled the floating meteor to shoot towards Gupi.

It wasn’t very long before the meteor carried Wu Yi to Gupi’s toxic miasma, where they both disappeared.

Astonished, Nie Tian asked, “That old eccentric from the Heavenly Corpse Sect is courting death by doing that, right? The essence of Gupi’s acidic toxins can melt even God domain experts’ domains, causing them to die miserable deaths. Jiang Yuanchi is at the middle God domain. Even he suffered a heavy backlash after sealing Gupi inside of him for ages.”

“Perhaps Gupi won’t be able to kill him,” Ji Yuanquan said, his face grim. “After all, technically, he’s not human anymore. The aura he exudes and the structure of his body are different from those of humans. I suppose, in such a state, he may actually be immune to the Fiends’ great varieties of toxins. Even Gupi’s corrosive toxins may not be fatal to him.”

Nie Tian was taken aback. “Is that so?!”

Ji Yuanquan nodded. “The Heavenly Corpse Sect was a very special and wicked sect to begin with.

“It’s said that the founder of the Heavenly Corpse Sect derived their special cultivation methods from the Phantasms, Bonebrutes, and Fiends’ bloodline magics. Those cultivation methods were considered evil from the day they were born. And they were the reason why members of their sect were hunted down and killed by powerful experts in different times.

“However, even today, the Heavenly Corpse Sect hasn’t completely died out, as Feng Beiluo is still alive.

“Whether we admit it or not, the Heavenly Corpse Sect’s cultivation methods are very powerful in their own way. Hmm... Feng Beiluo alone is already a big headache for all of us. Who would have thought that Wu Yi is also alive?”


With these words, Nie Tian and Ji Yuanquan flew forward and stopped in Gupi’s path.

Ji Yuanquan’s expression was extremely grim as he said, “Nie Tian, as you know, I can’t deal with Gupi. You may give it a shot if you want. However, should you fail, I’ll do everything within my power to take you away from here.

“You have to be extra careful. Don’t despair if things don’t work out this time. Give up the Realm of Divine Seal if it comes to that.

“As long as you stay safe, you’ll find a way to confine Gupi when you’re stronger, and your cultivation base and bloodline rise to new heights.”

Nie Tian nodded slowly. “Got it.”

With these words, wisps of his flesh aura flew out through his pores all over his body, and he activated Primal Chaos in his enlarged form. As soon as he did, he felt that its influence and might were much greater than when he had activated it in his regular form!

Spiritual power of different attributes, his flesh power, and wisps of his soul will surged violently in the starry river outside the Realm of Divine Seal.

Twisting and splitting power gradually formed in the chaotic magnetic field, and soon became hard to control.

However, he continued to stand unwavering in its midst like a terrifying god, staring coldly at the incoming Gupi.

Gupi had originally traveled at a high speed. However, for some reason, it gradually came to a stop. It might be Wu Yi’s entry, Nie Tian’s arrival, or other reasons.

Gupi stopped in a place that was a fairly safe distance from the Realm of Divine Seal.

The Void domain Qi warriors who had insisted on staying and fighting for the Realm of Divine Seal saw Nie Tian, in his enlarged form, standing in Gupi’s way like a solid wall immediately after they flew out enveloped in their domains.

“Nie Tian! It’s our leader, Nie Tian!”

Their spirits were instantly lifted.

“It’s said that he was able to contain the acidic toxins Gupi released to attack the Realm of Fragmentary Star. Hopefully, he’ll fight the abomination off again this time. The Realm of Divine Seal is the very foundation of our sect. If it’s plagued by Gupi, I’m afraid we won’t be able to find another realm that suits our cultivation needs the way it does.”

“Exactly. We’ve vested every river and mountain of this realm with profound seals and magical talismans, so our disciples can derive enlightenment from them and make progress in their cultivation.”

“If we abandon the Realm of Divine Seal and restart on another realm, our sect’s vital energy will be greatly undermined, from which we won’t be able to recover in centuries, or even millenia.”

This was the reason why these disciples of the Divine Seal Sect had insisted on staying and holding on to their hope of winning, even though they knew perfectly well how great a threat Gupi was.

Nie Tian observed with rapt attention, then said, “The way Gupi gathers the essence of its acidic toxins is different from before.

“Apparently, it has made contact and established soul communication with Wu Yi from the Heavenly Corpse Sect. I just wonder if it’ll make Wu Yi its enemy or ally. We’ll be in trouble if it decides on ally.”