Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1365: Tough Women

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“Dark Night: Black Wings Reaping!”

Dong Li’s soft exclamation came from the depths of the darkness.

The cluster of darkness flew about in the starry river to devour every wisp of fiery light, starlight, and blood-colored light it came across, giving rise to loud whooshes.

Another nearby Fiend was caught off-guard, and dragged into the darkness.


In the darkness, the black tortoise went berserk, and killed the Fiend grand patriarch with attacks no one could see.

Nie Tian observed with rapt attention, and saw the cluster of darkness swoop towards another Fiend grand patriarch like a set of life-reaping black wings.

Astonishment spread across Nie Tian’s face as he muttered to himself, “Have her and her black tortoise become so powerful already?”

He hadn’t made Fiends his primary targets because every part of their bodies contained various kinds of deadly toxins, with their hearts the most poisonous of all.

After killing them, he wouldn’t be able to absorb their flesh power with Life Drain. Therefore, as far as he saw it, it would do him no good to kill them.

That was why he had always targeted Phantasms and Demons.

While Nie Tian was absorbed in thought, a spatial rift split open in front of him.

“Here you go!”

Through it, the Phantasm grand patriarch Pei Qiqi had killed with the help of her Space Boundaries Crystal was transferred to him.

Pei Qiqi had always known how Nie Tian’s Life Drain worked, and how scary it was.

“I’ll fight you, Ophelia.”

With a soft exclamation, Pei Qiqi’s spatial bloodline power burst forth.

Glorious auras flowed around in the Space Boundaries Crystal in her palm as it seemed to suddenly establish connections to different spaces.

Numerous shiny spatial blades then flew out of it to hover around her.

As she dashed forward, she seemed to be shuttling between different spaces.

Ophelia, who was hesitating over sending her Doom Blade into the strange darkness again to attack Dong Li, was surprised to see Pei Qiqi flying towards her, surrounded by countless spatial blades.

Face grim, Ophelia muttered to herself, “A spatial divine tool, an eighth grade bloodline, and spatial incantations that were passed on to her by the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society!”

She had heard Pei Qiqi’s name before.

She hadn’t paid much attention to her before. However, as Pei Qiqi charged towards her now, the profound aura emanated by those spatial blades and her Space Boundaries Crystal made her deeply uneasy.

Even the demonic spirit within her Doom Blade sent a warning growl to the depths of her soul.

Astonished, Ophelia didn’t dare to slight her anymore. “She’s a strong opponent!”

Without any hesitation, she further stimulated the Doom Blade with her Blood Essence, releasing torrential Demon Qi, along with black flames and purple lightning bolts that filled a large area of the starry river.

She and Pei Qiqi instantly engaged in a fierce battle.

Because of this, even if she wanted to, she didn’t have the energy to attack Dong Li anymore.


In the Void Spirit Society, Fan Wen noticed through the Magic Gold Mirror that Pei Qiqi picked Ophelia as her opponent as soon as she killed a Phantasm grand patriarch.

Watching a fierce battle breaking out between the two of them, he couldn’t help but exclaim in high spirits, “Miss Pei! I can’t believe she’s strong enough to fight a duel against Ophelia now!”

Many elders of the Void Spirit Society were also thrilled to see this. “Our sectmaster has an eye for true talent!”

“Qiqi hasn’t entered the Saint domain yet. Normally speaking, she shouldn’t be strong enough to fight Demon grand patriarchs, much less Ophelia, the Demon chosen who has recently joined the ranks of grand patriarchs!”

“With Grand Monarch Illusory Demon’s blood running in her veins, Ophelia could defeat grand patriarchs from her clan when she was only at the eighth grade!”

“Not to mention that she has the Doom Blade at her command! But despite all this, Qiqi doesn’t seem to be at a disadvantage facing her in a duel. This means that Qiqi’s battle prowess has already risen to the same level as ours, right?”

“Right now, she’s strong enough to fight even late Saint domain cultivators!”

All of the elders who had high opinions of Pei Qiqi were greatly spirited, and discussed that the future of the Void Spirit Society was worth looking forward to.

Some of them even whispered that Nie Tian, who was also from the Domain of the Falling Stars, would be a perfect match for Pei Qiqi, and that the two of them would be the future leaders of humanity, Nie Tian as the Lord of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, and Pei Qiqi as the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society.

Hong Minghui, who was standing not far from them, had a grim look on his face.

Xuan Guangyu also frowned deeply.



Nie Tian grabbed the dead Phantasm grand patriarch with a swift move.

Then, he activated Life Drain to channel and refine the ninth grade grand patriarch’s rich flesh power into himself.

“Do you want dead Fiends?” Dong Li’s cry came from the cluster of darkness. “If you do, I’ll bring them to you.”

“Not exactly,” Nie Tian said. “Why don’t you collect them and give them to Li Langfeng later?”

After taking another deep look at the girls, he realized that both Dong Li, who had the black tortoise at her command, and Pei Qiqi, who had the Space Boundaries Crystal at hers, seemed to have grown so strong that he no longer needed to worry about their safety.

Dong Li could kill outsider grand patriarchs with the help of the dark stone and the black tortoise.

Ophelia was entangled in a fierce battle against Pei Qiqi, which kept her from dealing with anything else.

“Realm of Divine Seal...”

At this moment, he suddenly remembered that Gupi was about to invade the Realm of Divine Seal.

“Senior Ji, could you take me to the Realm of Divine Seal now?” Nie Tian called out to Ji Yuanquan, who was fighting Grand Monarch Nether Channeler and Grand Monarch Dark Nether together with Yu Suying and other human experts.

“Realm of Divine Seal?” Ji Yuanquan hesitated for a moment before nodding and saying, “Alright, I’ll take you there!”

Thanks to Pei Qiqi’s efforts and the Space Boundaries Crystal’s existence, the sealing spell the Wheel of Time and Space had inflicted on this part of the starry river had long since been broken.

Ji Yuanquan arrived in front of Nie Tian in the blink of an eye. Grabbing him with one hand, he split the void open with a sharp blade, creating a spatial rift.

“Let’s go!”

As soon as he cried, the two of them flew into the spatial rift. In the next moment, they abruptly appeared in the starry river outside the Realm of Divine Seal.


Upon arriving, Ji Yuanquan let out a surprised exclamation, jerking his head towards a dark area in the starry river.

A meteor could be seen floating there, completely motionless.

“Who’s there?” Ji Yuanquan asked coldly.

He took Nie Tian and appeared in front of the meteor in a flash.

On the meteor, the old eccentric from the Heavenly Corpse Sect, Feng Beiluo’s martial uncle, was facing the Realm of Divine Seal. Wreathed in a ghostly aura, he was staring at a crystal in his palm.

Reflecting in the crystal was the battle that was taking place in the starry river outside the Realm of Maelstrom.

“That’s the kind of prismatic crystal Phantasms have between their eyebrows.” After taking a quick glance at it, Ji Yuanquan realized that a Phantasm grand patriarch must have died at this man’s hands, the prismatic crystal between his eyebrows gouged out and turned into this device, which allowed him to witness the battle through the eyes of the Phantasms that had bloodline connections with his victim.

“It’s you,” The old eccentric said, his face dreadfully pale, his pupils even scarier.

Eyes wide, Ji Yuanquan measured the strange man for a long while before exclaiming, “Such a strong corpse aura and ghoul-like appearance… The Heavenly Corpse Sect! And your aura seems to be more remote than Feng Beiluo’s. You, you’re....”

Nie Tian took a deep breath and said, “That dead Star Behemoth in the Shatter Battlefield was almost turned into the mightiest Heavenly Corpse ever! If what I suspect is true, you were the one behind it, right?”

“Kid!” The old eccentric exclaimed. “Feng Beiluo was right. You’re indeed very hard to deal with!”

He had witnessed Nie Tian’s incredible battle performance in the battle that was taking place outside the Realm of Maelstrom, where he had slain a large number of outsider grand patriarchs, wielding that Star Behemoth bone in his enlarged form.

At his current cultivation base, Nie Tian was already strong enough to butcher grand patriarchs. How strong would he be if he was given time to grow?