Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1364: Competition

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Nie Tian laughed heartily as he exclaimed with elation, “Heavenly Wood Heal!”

It had only been a short time, yet all of the wounds he had sustained from his battle against Ophelia magically healed, without leaving any signs of him sustaining serious injuries earlier.

The severed meridians in his shoulder where it had been cut by the Doom Blade also reattached, and became even more resilient than before.

“Flesh power, abundant flesh power!”

His spirits were greatly lifted as he realized that with Life Drain, he could turn the ninth grade outsider grand patriarchs’ rich flesh power into long streams of flesh power that he fused into himself, allowing him to rapidly recover his strength and battle prowess in battle.

“This basic bloodline talent of mine is actually more mighty and direct when used in battle!”

Before, he had always used Life Drain to condense Blood Essence, strengthen his bloodline, and temper his body.

He had assumed that this bloodline talent was the most helpful when it came to bloodline upgrades.

Only now, when he used it in his battle against Ophelia without trying to hide it anymore, did he suddenly realize that its might could be better displayed when it was used in battle!

Just now, when he had used it to absorb flesh power from his Demon and Phantasm victims, their flesh power had been scalding hot, and much richer than what he could usually get from dead outsiders.

Such rich flesh power had helped him heal his injuries effortlessly.

The Blood Essence he had consumed was also rapidly restored.

“Hahaha! This feels awesome!”

With a wild laugh, he casually tossed the dead Phantasm away, and cast Starshift again before Ophelia could reach him.

In a flash of blinding starlight, he vanished from his original place, and reappeared right in front of another Demon grand patriarch.

Nie Tian laughed wildly. “Feimos, the Controller, it’s nice to see you again.”

Feimos, who had just urged Han Yu to fight the humans, was surrounded by a large number of odd-looking winged demonic bugs and beasts.

He was controlling the swarms of them to attack Yin Zhong from the Streamcloud Sword Sect. Upon hearing Nie Tian’s voice, he felt a sudden numbness in his scalp.

As he jerked around and saw Nie Tian, in his enlarged form, holding a divine spear-like bone and wreathed in an overwhelmingly fierce flesh aura, he felt nothing but fear.

He simply couldn’t find the courage to fight him.

A tightly-woven net of blood-colored light fell from over his head.

Feimos’ bloodline was completely suppressed.

Sensing the Star Behemoth aura, all of the demonic bugs and beasts he was controlling trembled in fear, without the slightest will to fight.


The demonic bugs and beasts exploded one after another.

Feimos was then caught in the crimson net. As the net tightened, and the blood strings cut into his flesh, Nie Tian activated Life Drain.

His flesh power poured out of him at an alarming rate.

To take advantage of the situation, the five evil gods swirled out of the Spirit Pearl, which took it upon itself to shoot forth and float over Feimos’ head.

With a single look at the Spirit Pearl, Feimos lost his mind.

“Ninth grade grand patriarchs are too weak to handle my attacks.” Shaking his head, Nie Tian shifted back and forth across the battlefield to reap lives under the gazes of numerous human and outsider experts.

His opponent Ophelia, however, exerted herself, clutching her Doom Blade, but still failed to catch up to him.

Demon and Phantasm grand patriarchs were surprised, attacked, and killed by Nie Tian one after another, before their flesh power was drained by him and their souls dragged into the Spirit Pearl.


In the Void Spirit Society.

Vice Sectmaster Xuan Guangyu, Hong Minghui, and many elders and disciples were still gathered around and looking quietly into the Magic Gold Mirror.

Battles between God domain Qi warriors and outsider grand monarchs couldn’t be reflected in the mirror.

Peak experts at their level could prevent all sorts of spying with their god domains, dharma idols, or flesh aura seas.

Therefore, even Xuan Guangyu, who was one of the most skilled spatial power experts, could only observe the fights between grand patriarchs and Saint domain cultivators through the Magic Gold Mirror when separated from the battlefield by the boundless starry river.

However, after a while, the Magic Gold Mirror started to fix on Nie Tian for some reason.

The images continued to show Nie Tian shifting back and forth like a ghost to kill Demon and Phantasm grand patriarchs.

Each and every grand patriarch he killed would be penetrated by blood strings that swirled out of him, then their bodies would shrivel at a shocking rate to the point where they looked like bags of bones that had been left in the sun for thousands of years.

Hong Minghui’s face twitched in an unnatural way as he said with a somewhat hoarse voice, “This Nie Tian... What’s the origin of his bloodline? Have you noticed that the longer he fights, the stronger he becomes? He seems to be able to rapidly recover his strength with those outsider grand patriarchs. It’s as if he never gets tired, and his flesh power is inexhaustible.”

Not a single elder of the Void Spirit Society said a word in response, yet all of them nodded slowly with different expressions on their faces.

Some looked shocked. Some looked respectful. Some looked furious, while others looked hesitant.

Apparently, those of them who were loyal to Qu Yi and approved of Pei Qiqi couldn’t help but compare Nie Tian to Hong Minghui inwardly.

Afterwards, they all realized that Hong Minghui, who had thought of every possible way to pursue Pei Qiqi, was nothing when compared to Nie Tian.

If Pei Qiqi, who Sectmaster Qu Yi viewed as the future leader of the Void Spirit Society, were to find a partner, Nie Tian, who was also from the Domain of the Falling Stars, would probably be the only suitable match for her.

As many men as there might be in this vast starry river, he was it!


“This is awesome!”

Laughing wildly, Nie Tian cast Starshift once again, and appeared in a place that was several thousand meters away.

After he drove the Star Behemoth bone into a Phantasm grand patriarch’s chest, the grand patriarch’s large body shriveled at a visible rate.

Meanwhile, Nie Tian’s aura continued to build up, as if it had no limits.

“I’ve condensed all three hundred drops of Blood Essence, and my flesh power has experienced rounds of replenishment. Battle! Battle against the outsiders is the best way for me to accumulate power and push my bloodline towards its breakthrough to the ninth grade!”

Now, he suddenly realized that asking for spirit beast and outsider corpses from other powerful sects and clans wasn’t the most ideal and sustainable choice for him.

Instead, fighting in interracial battles like this one was the best way for him to strengthen his unique bloodline.

Of course, the precondition was that he could survive these battles.

Ophelia’s pupils exuded demonic auras as she watched him reap lives here and there to accumulate power, instead of facing her in battle.

She finally lost it. “Nie Tian! There must be someone you care about a lot!”

With these words, she scanned the battlefield, before her devilish eyes suddenly fixed on Dong Li. “That’s our dark stone she’s using! That woman must be your fiance. I wonder if you care about her life!”

She charged directly towards Dong Li.

As this happened, Jing Feiyang from the Divine Seal Sect called out, “Nie Tian, Gupi is heading towards the Realm of Divine Seal! It has already plagued many realms along its way as it traveled from the Domain of Flame’s End. The Realm of Divine Seal is where our sect’s foundation lies. If there’s any chance, I hope you can take some time to stop Gupi from destroying it.”

Jing Feiyang had hesitated over this for a long time now, but at the end of the day, he couldn’t let the Realm of Divine Seal fall. Therefore, he made the request.

“The Realm of Divine Seal...” Nie Tian muttered. “Taking care of Ophelia is still the more pressing matter. It’s about time I finished my battle against her.”

He definitely couldn’t watch Ophelia kill Dong Li.

However, just as he was about to cast Starshift to rush to Dong Li’s aid, he froze.

“Demon bitch! You think I’m easy to kill?” With a cunning, charming chuckle, Dong Li suddenly vanished into utter darkness, where she used the dark stone to stimulate the black tortoise’s bloodline power.


Enveloped in darkness, the black tortoise expanded madly into its true form, which looked like a pitch-black mountain.

As soon as Ophelia’s Doom Blade, which she ignited with her Blood Essence, shot into the pure darkness, it lost track of Dong Li’s aura.

Instead of inflicting damage, the Demons’ signature treasure was stomped on by the enormous black tortoise, and let out sharp, pained screeches.

Ophelia was flabbergasted to sense insecurity and uneasiness in the Doom Blade.


Despite her commands for it to pierce into the depths of the darkness to kill Dong Li and the black tortoise, the demonic blade morphed into a streak of light and flew back.

The darkness seemed indescribably bizarre as it continued to devour light and expand. No light seemed to be able to shine into it.

“You don’t need to worry about my safety anymore, Nie Tian.” Dong Li’s remote voice echoed from the depths of the darkness. “I’m capable of protecting myself now. This so-called Demon chosen one won’t be able to harm me.”


The vast cluster of darkness suddenly moved towards a Fiend with Dong Li and the black tortoise in it.

The Fiend, which in Nie Tian’s eyes was too weak and not worth killing, was instantly engulfed in the darkness.

The Fiend’s wails echoed from within the darkness, as if he were suffering excruciating pain.

Nie Tian was dumbstruck as he looked blankly at the darkness. “Umm... That’s a ninth grade Fiend grand patriarch.”

Then, he turned to check Ophelia, and saw hesitance on her face.

Meanwhile, Pei Qiqi drove one of her Ethereal Swords into the heart of an early ninth grade Phantasm grand patriarch with the Space Boundaries Crystal’s help.

Afterwards, she turned around to look at the cluster of utter darkness.

It was as if the two girls were competing in killing outsider grand patriarchs, where they were both putting on a great performance.

Nie Tian was dumbfounded.