Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1362: An Old Eccentric

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The Doom Blade was one of the Demons’ most well-known signature treasures. The Doom Spirit within it was also known as the Demonic Doom Spirit.

As a weapon, it exuded an endless destructive aura. Now, after Ophelia had stimulated it with her Blood Essence, it had become even mightier.

However, as Nie Tian, who had connected his flesh aura to that of the Star Behemoth bone through Life Blend, wielded the bone in his enlarged form to clash head-on with the Doom Blade, the bone didn’t seem to be any weaker than the demonic blade.


Nie Tian and Ophelia engaged in close combat in the starry river like two devilish gods, Nie Tian in his enlarged form and Ophelia in her Indestructible Form.

Every clash between the Doom Blade and the bone gave rise to a large amount of dazzling light and flaming sparks.

Intense destructive auras and explosive roars from the Doom Spirit struck the Star Behemoth bone over and over.

However, countless fine Bloodline Crystal Chains within the divine spear-like crimson bone glittered with a mysterious light.

The wisps of destructive aura rapidly dissipated before they could even pass through the bone to reach Nie Tian’s body.

Someone who was hiding in the dark and observing the battle between Nie Tian and Ophelia from the midst of the fighting Demons muttered, “She can finally display the Doom Blade’s true might now that she has entered the ninth grade and become a grand patriarch.

“Even though she can defeat any ninth grade grand patriarch now, that junior martial brother of mine is simply too...”

It was Han Yu with a grim expression.

He seemed to be out of place, surrounded by numerous Demons and their ancient starships.

Even Ophelia’s subordinates, who understood his special relationship with her, didn’t want to stay close to him.

Han Yu had become half-human, half-Demon after merging with the Demon Eyes Flower. Even though his battle prowess was extraordinary, and he had killed countless humans after fighting alongside Ophelia for ages, he still hadn’t won the Demons’ acknowledgment, especially not at this moment when the joint forces of the three powerful outsider races were engaged in a fierce battle against the humans in the starry river outside the Realm of Maelstrom.

As someone who was originally a human, Han Yu felt awkward in this situation.

“What are you doing, Han Yu?” Feimos, who was also known as the Controller, yelled at him while manipulating multiple enormous outsider beasts. “If you want to prove that you’re one of us, you have to earn our trust by helping us kill our enemies!”

Han Yu went blank for a few seconds. Then, after taking another deep look at Ophelia, he nodded stiffly and said, “I see.”

He summoned the Demon Eyes Flower and flew towards a nearby Saint domain expert from the Five Elements Sect who practiced earth power, hoping to prove his identity as a Demon with his actions.

With his face hidden in the shadows of the devilish blossoms, he thought to himself, “What will my future be like? I have to become strong enough to be independent of the Demons and humans. And this Demon Eyes Flower has to reach its peak state. Only if that happens will I be free of all restrictions!”

This notion instantly drove all hesitation and confusion out of his mind.



Gupi traveled in the starry river somewhere in the Domain of Heaven Python.

At first, it had plagued every realm it had come across with its toxic miasma, so they would slowly transform.

However, it had later discovered that all of those realms had been evacuated, with nothing but low-grade spirit beasts left in them, which had made them completely worthless to it.

It didn’t want to waste its energy to leave his aura in each of those realms only to slowly turn them into favorable homes to the Fiends over hundreds of thousands of years.

Because of this, the speed at which it traveled in the starry river gradually picked up.

After it came within a certain distance from Grand Monarch Nether Channeler of the Fiends, a soul connection formed between them. From him, it learned that the Demons, Phantasms, and Fiends had sent out fleets of ancient starships, and that they were currently engaged in a fierce battle against the humans in the starry river outside the Realm of Maelstrom.

It quietly adjusted its direction according to the directions Grand Monarch Nether Channeler gave it.



A spatial rift split open in the void.

Feng Beiluo from the Heavenly Corpse Sect and Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, walked out of it.

Frowning, Feng Beiluo said, “Gupi seems to have established soul communication with Grand Monarch Nether Channeler, as it’s changed its direction and it no longer plagues the human realms it comes across along its way.

“I suspect that its target is the Realm of Divine Seal, judging from the direction it’s heading in.”

“The place where the Divine Seal Sect was founded?” Yuan Jiuchuan asked, looking both surprised and elated. “Isn’t that good news to you, Lord? There must be disciples of the Divine Seal Sect in the Realm of Divine Seal. After Gupi is finished with it, it’ll definitely yield a large number of corpses. Then your Heavenly Corpses will be able to gain a tremendous amount of power there.”

Feng Beiluo didn’t say anything, his expression slightly grim.


Scary soul echoes suddenly came from a bracelet made from pale bones on his wrist.

Feng Beiluo sent his soul awareness into it without hesitation. Moments later, he said with a grim expression, “You may leave now, Yuan Jiuchuan. I don’t need you to travel with me anymore.”

Feeling confused and wronged, Yuan Jiuchuan said, “Lord, I...”

“Just go," Feng Beiluo said, looking rather impatient.

“Fine.” Yuan Jiuchuan didn’t have a choice but to leave through the spatial rift behind them.

After some time, a small meteor flew over from the distant starry river.

Sitting on it was a shriveled old man. Like a ghoul, he was covered in white hair, and pale flames could be seen jumping in his pupils, which gave him a deeply gruesome look.

Feng Beiluo looked reluctant as he bowed towards the old man. “Martial uncle. The upheaval taking place in the Domain of Heaven Python doesn’t concern you. Why would you come here at such a time?”

The old eccentric’s face split into a cunning smile. “That Nie Tian and his master, Wu Ji, ruined my great plan in the Shatter Battlefield! Of course I have to join the action after learning that he’s being attacked front and back. Also, it’s said that Gupi’s corrosive toxins are all-conquering. Since my body is proven to be immune to all known toxins and poisons, I’d like to have a taste of them.”

Feng Beiluo let out a cold snort. “You’re wasting your time. Even though Gupi may not be able to kill you with its toxins, you won’t be able to kill or seal it either. As for Nie Tian...”

Feng Beiluo suddenly came to a stop. Then, with a very sincere tone, he continued, “Martial Uncle, I strongly suggest that you stay away from Nie Tian. It doesn’t matter whether he messed with your business in the Shatter Battlefield.”

With a disdainful look in his eyes, the old eccentric said, “Is the brat that hard to deal with?”

“I’m only telling you this because you’re my martial uncle. I wouldn’t have bothered to do so if it were someone else.” Feng Beiluo said with an unpleasant expression. “It’s up to you whether you want to take my advice. However, if you don’t and something bad happens to you, don’t blame me for not warning you. This is all that I can say. The choice is yours.”

Immediately after saying these words, Feng Beiluo turned around and left.

“He’s just a hybrid brat. How powerful can he be?” The old eccentric muttered to himself. “Did that kid Feng Beiluo warn me because Nie Tian has some sort of connection to the force he belongs to?”

He grew hesitant. On the one hand, he yearned for revenge, but on the other, he feared that he would attract calamities by attacking Nie Tian.

“Whatever. I’ll test Gupi’s toxins first.”