Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1358: Rapid Growth

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Nie Tian’s mind shook violently as the evil god was badly injured by Grand Monarch Bloodlust, and returned to the Spirit Pearl.

His heart pounded heavily, as if it was filled with burning rage.

It was his Blood Essence that had merged with the five evil gods’ evil power, allowing them to gradually develop fleshly bodies.

Now, even the Spirit Pearl found it hard to control them.

Only he could give them commands that they would never refute with his wisps of soul awareness and flesh aura.

He knew that profound flesh aura connections existed between them and him.

For this reason, he was affected as one of the evil gods suffered heavy injuries.

Nie Tian calmed himself, thinking, “After all, Grand Monarch Bloodlust once engaged in a fierce battle against the Grand Elder.”

Seeing that Grand Monarch Bloodlust, who was exuding a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering flesh aura, was about to attack a second evil god with the Demon Moon in his hand, he decided to change his strategy.

As soon as the thought entered his mind, all of the other four evil gods flew back to the Spirit Pearl.

Seeing this, Grand Monarch Dark Nether, who had been paying close attention to their fight, secretly let out a sigh of relief. “Are those evil gods actual ancient gods, or mere puppets at Nie Tian’s command? Even with such a mighty strike, Grand Monarch Bloodlust failed to kill that one, allowing it to shrink into the Spirit Pearl badly injured.”

Grand Monarch Dark Nether was deeply shaken.

He discovered that every time he met Nie Tian, he would come to brand new understandings of the man.

Even the Spirit Pearl and the five evil gods within it had grown stronger at an incredible rate and consistency.

“Does this mean they actually have some sort of connection to those five stone statues in our ancestral land?” he thought to himself. “If not, why does it feel like it? I’ll have to inform the high chieftain of this upon his return, and let him decide what to do!”

“Hahaha!” Wreathed in rolling blackish-violet Demon Qi, Grand Monarch Bloodlust, who looked like a terrifying mountain, sought his next target with the crescent moon-shaped blade clutched in his hand. “Nie Tian, right?”

His eyes that looked like purple burning suns suddenly landed on Nie Tian.

Upon meeting his gaze, Nie Tian felt a chill spreading through his five yin organs and six yang organs.

Within the green aura in his heart, Bloodline Crystal Chains that were as fine as hairs suddenly burst forth with dazzling light.

His bloodline was fully activated.

Under devastating pressure from Grand Monarch Bloodlust, Nie Tian’s Blood Essence started burning at a faster rate.


Nie Tian, who was already in his enlarged form, further expanded from being a hundred meters tall to a hundred and fifty meters tall.

As he assumed a tight grip of the Star Behemoth bone, his pupils took on a shade of blood-red, giving him an even more formidable look.

With a wild laugh, Grand Monarch Bloodlust said, “Nice. Very impressive, kid. Even though I wasn’t there when you fought Ophelia, your name was deeply engraved in my mind. Mo Heng defeated me, and you defeated Ophelia. Even though that brought shame to our clan, I didn’t resent you for that. Instead, that made me respect you.”

Nie Tian was taken aback.

“Grand Patriarch Catie of my clan died at your hands, right?” Grand Monarch Bloodlust continued.

Nie Tian nodded. “That’s right.”

“Good.” Grand Monarch Bloodlust nodded repeatedly with curled lips. “But both your cultivation base and bloodline grade are far lower than mine. It’ll be an unfair battle if I fight you myself. And since I respect anyone who can best me in a fair battle, I have a great deal of respect for Mo Heng.

“To give him face, I won’t fight you myself!”

He let out an explosive roar. “Flame Maniac!”

“I’m on it, Grand Monarch!” A rugged, husky voice echoed from behind Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s vast flesh aura sea.

In the next moment, Grand Patriarch Hazlitt, who was also known as the Flame Maniac, charged out, activating Ancestral Awakening, and stood in front of Nie Tian in his Indestructible Form.

Taken aback, Nie Tian exclaimed, “Hazlitt!” You were only at the middle ninth grade when we met on the floating continent. I didn’t expect...”

Standing in front of him, Hazlitt was wreathed in raging blackish-violet demonic flames, where drops of crystalline Blood Essence could be vaguely seen floating.

When they had first met on the floating continent, the Flame Maniac had managed to advance to the middle ninth grade with the help of the flame dragon corpses he had unearthed.

Now, as they met again, he found that he had already reached the late ninth grade.

His ranking among the Demon grand patriarchs must have improved to a large extent because of this.

He had joined Catie and multiple other grand patriarchs in the operation to invade the Domain of Forbidden Heaven and the Domain of the Falling Stars to retake the dark stone.

However, he had been with Gutas the whole time. Upon learning of Catie and Cardy’s deaths, he and Gutas had retreated to the Demon realms.

That time, Nie Tian had encountered Catie and Cardy, but not the Flame Maniac.

The Flame Maniac laughed wildly and said, “I made tremendous gains during my trip to the floating continent, which later helped me make another breakthrough in my bloodline.”

However, he seemed to suddenly realize that Nie Tian’s advance in cultivation was many times more rapid than his, as he put his laughs away and said in fluent human language, “But the rate at which you’ve advanced is even more surprising.”

“Grand Monarch Bloodlust, do you mean for the Flame Maniac to be my opponent?” Nie Tian asked.

“Yes. So?” Flame Maniac said furiously.

Nie Tian licked the corners of his mouth and said, “You don’t deserve to be my opponent, not since long ago. Even though you’ve entered the ninth grade, you don’t have what it takes to stand before me as my opponent!”

Wreathed in rolling blackish-violet Demon Qi, Grand Monarch Bloodlust laid his eyes, which looked like purple burning suns, on the Flame Maniac, and then him.

“Prove it then,” he said.


Nie Tian’s bloodline power burst forth as he assumed a tight grip of the divine spear-like bone and threw himself at the Flame Maniac in his enlarged form.

“Bloodline: Ultimate Burning!”

Cluster after cluster of dark purple flames were ignited by Hazlitt’s Blood Essence, exuding an intense flesh aura.

Crackling sounds came from the flames as dark purple Bloodline Crystal Chains formed a wondrous bloodline spell formation that pressed on towards Nie Tian from all directions.

“Such flame power is far from strong enough.” Shaking his head, Nie Tian charged forward, as the divine spear-like Star Behemoth bone in his hand activated a bloodline talent. “Bloodline Suppression!”

As soon as this bloodline talent came into effect, not just the Flame Maniac, but every outsider present felt as if a huge invisible net had suddenly appeared in the starry river and caught every last one of them.

The Flame Maniac, Grand Monarch Dark Nether, and even Grand Monarch Bloodlust frowned and muttered, “My bloodline...”

Even the grand monarchs were under its influence, their battle prowess undermined.

“Crimson Flaming Sword!”

Scalding flame power and intense flesh power fused madly into the Star Behemoth bone, rapidly turning it into a huge crimson burning sword.

Nie Tian had derived this spell from Flaming Finger Swords, and it was one of the few attacking spells he could cast with this wondrous bone.

The flame power came from his flame power core. The flesh power came from every part of his body. The two merged and blasted out through the Star Behemoth bone.

This spell was practically all-conquering!


As the fiercely-burning sword slashed across the dark purple flames Hazlitt had released with Ultimate Burning, countless Bloodline Crystal Chains within them shattered.

The Demon grand patriarch’s bloodline was thoroughly suppressed by the Star Behemoth bone’s aura.

He felt as if an unimaginably huge shadow was burning furiously as it charged towards him.

It seemed to view him as a meal.


The blazing sword morphed from the Star Behemoth bone easily ripped through Hazlitt’s purple flesh aura sea, at the same time severing one of his thick, muscular arms.


Hazlitt wailed as he hastily jumped backwards, holding his severed arm.

“Can’t even withstand a single strike...” Nie Tian thought to himself.

It wasn’t very long ago that Nie Tian had had to rely on Saint domain experts like Jing Feiyang to handle Demon grand patriarchs like Hazlitt, while he had only been able to provide assistance.

However, he had managed to kill Grand Patriarch Catie shortly after leaving the floating continent, even though he had drained practically all of his power and put himself in great danger to do so.

This time, he faced the stronger Flame Maniac, who had entered the late ninth grade. However, he managed to sever one of his arms with a single strike in his enlarged form!

This made him realize that as time passed, and he refined his body, strengthened his bloodline, and improved his cultivation base, he had become stronger indeed.

Not the slightest anger could be seen on Grand Monarch Bloodlust’s tough, rock-like face as he stood in the depths of the rolling blackish-violet Demon Qi.

“The kid didn’t lie about his abilities,” he said in a surprisingly calm voice. “He managed to defeat Ophelia, and is growing stronger at such a shocking speed. He sure is a huge potential problem. Gutas, Ophelia, since both of you are here, who wants to fight him?”

“I do.”


Ophelia and Gutas’s voices echoed out in succession.

Immediately afterwards, a male and a female chosen one of the Demon race walked out.

With a cold smile, Nie Tian said, “Some old acquaintances. Gutas, You’re only at the eighth grade. Don’t tell me that you’re looking to die at my hands.”