Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1353: Divine Tool Betrays Its Master

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Fan Tianze of the Heaven Span Pavilion took the initiative to explain, “Some can, but not all Heaven Nourished treasures can be made into tools. Some Heaven Nourished treasures must be fused with other spiritual materials, and refined little by little by their masters before they can become tools.

“However, even if these kinds of treasures become immortal grade divine tools, they won’t be particularly advanced, and their potential will be limited.”

Nie Tian was puzzled. “What kinds of treasures can become advanced divine tools themselves?”

“They have to be tangible items,” Fan Tianze answered. “I heard that when you were at the Realm of Fire Spirit, you created a living being with a cluster of flame given to you by the Divine Flame of the Domain of Flame’s End?”

Many people who were gathered here, including those from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, were flabbergasted after hearing his words.

They weren’t very clear on the fact that Nie Tian had used the flame spark as the base to produce Nie Yan of the Ifrits in the Realm of Fire Spirit.

Now, Wei Lai and the others were dumbfounded by Fan Tianze’s words.

“What’s the matter?” Nie Tian asked.

“Even if the flame is at the Heavenly Nourished grade, it’ll be hard for it to grow into a tool on its own,” Fan Tianze explained. “It’ll need to melt into something else, or build itself a body with fire crystals or other spiritual materials before it can become a tool. But if the flame miraculously developed a flesh body, it’d be a whole other matter.

“Another example is the young Godspirit Tree in your body. It has a tangible body and developed intelligence, so it can become a divine tool itself as another Heavenly Nourished grade spiritual material.

“After its transformation, your Nine Stars Flower has become a Heavenly Stars Flower, which also has a physical body, so it can also become a divine tool by itself.”

Fan Tianze looked at him. “Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Nie Tian mulled over his words and nodded gently. “I see. Only Heavenly Nourished grade treasures with physical bodies can be counted as tools, and develop into divine tools themselves.”

Fan Tianze nodded and added, “That’s right. These kinds of treasures can become divine tools, and they have unlimited potential. Whether it’s the Godspirit Tree or the Heavenly Stars Flower, if they continue to grow, they’ll likely reach the sixth or even seventh level of the Immortal grade.”

Ji Yuanquan, Ye Wenhan and the others immediately chimed in, “For acquired tools that have souls forcibly integrated into them, they may also have room to grow, but there’s little hope of them reaching the peak.”

Now, Nie Tian knew how precious these kinds of priceless star treasures like the Heavenly Stars Flower were.

Earth Cultivated grade star-attributed spiritual materials that had developed consciousness were already hard to find.

Heavenly Nourished grade spiritual materials were even rarer!

Such priceless star treasures could affect living creatures and tools of the same attribute.

The star power cores of Wei Lai, Dou Tianchen, Fang Yuan, and the others could vaguely interact with the Heavenly Stars Flower, and their star power cores and domains yearned for it.

However, because the Heavenly Stars Flower’s owner was Nie Tian, they rationally suppressed their desire.

Nie Tian suddenly came to his senses. “The Heavenly Stellar Stream and Luo Wanxiang’s All Manifestations Star Banner are attracted to the Heavenly Stars Flower? Will the tools that are attracted by the Heavenly Stars Flower integrate into it, or take it from me instead?”

“They are attracted to each other, but in the end, it will depend on who is stronger,” Fan Tianze said.

Nie Tian chuckled and looked coldly at Sikong Cuo. “That is to say, after the Heavenly Stellar Stream and the All Manifestations Star Banner are attracted here, they may try to take the Heavenly Stars Flower?”

Fan Tianze shook his head. “It’s hard to say. Tools with souls are as complicated as living creatures. Heavenly Nourished grade treasures are also intelligent. There will be communication between them. Whether they integrate into each other, become mutually exclusive, or even hostile to each other, is unknown...”


Suddenly, starlight sparks flew out of Nie Tian’s Heavenly Stars Flower and magically fell onto Dou Tianchen’s Nine Stars Flower.

After receiving the Heavenly Stars Flower’s scattered starlight sparks, the Nine Stars Flowers that was prostrating itself in worship suddenly grew gloriously radiant.

Dou Tianchen looked as if he had been struck by lightning.

A burst of indefinable starlight sparks flashed in the depths of his eyes.

Dou Tianchen’s soul consciousnesses seemed to soar into a vast sea of glorious stars.


His star domain suddenly expanded.

A river of stars surrounded him. Each and every glittering star was a brilliant combination of soul power and star power.

His Saint domain seemed very real!

Compared to Nie Tian’s star domain, his star domain gave people a distinctly different feeling, as it was a miniature starry river that was an actual existence.

Nie Tian’s star domain, however, was like a flower in the mirror, or a reflection of the moon in the water, as it was unreal and blurry.


The stars in Dou Tianchen’s star domain rotated and changed in an unfathomable manner.

Sikong Cuo, the sixth Son of the Stars, cried out furiously. “Dou Tianchen! What are you doing?”

Suddenly, the Immortal grade divine tool Heavenly Stellar Stream refined by Sikong Cuo turned into a meteor, and fell uncontrollably into Dou Tianchen’s star domain.

All the God domain experts present were dumbstruck.

“A divine tool betrays its master!”

“Really? Why has a divine tool that has been refined suddenly chosen a new master?”

“A divine tool betrays its master! This kind of phenomenon is extremely rare. Why, why is it happening now?”

“The Heavenly Stellar Stream and Dou Tianchen both have the characters ‘Tianchen’ in them. Is this destined to happen?” (‘Tianchen’ translates into ‘heavenly stellar’ when it’s not used as a name)

“It’s his Nine Stars Flower! It seems the Heavenly Stars Flower has triggered Dou Tianchen’s Nine Stars Flower and vested it with something.”

Dou Tianchen didn’t seem to hear Sikong Cuo’s words as his star domain took the Heavenly Stellar Stream in.

“Elder Wei, please take me back to the Realm of Fragmentary Star as soon as possible. I want to go into secluded cultivation!” With these words, he left for the Realm of Maelstrom under the guidance of his star domain.

“Secluded cultivation?” Wei Lai was shocked.

“I think it’s time for me to break through to the God domain, and I’ll have an eighty percent chance of success!” Dou Tianchen said.

Wei Lai was so shocked that he simply ignored Sikong Cuo’s shouts. “An eighty percent chance? OK, I’ll make arrangements!”

“My Heavenly Stellar Stream!” Sikong Cuo growled.

“We’ll determine who the Heavenly Stellar Stream should belong to after he breaks through to the God domain!” With these words, Wei Lai dashed down toward the Realm of Maelstrom with Dou Tianchen.

Sikong Cuo’s eyes were red as he yelled, “Nie Tian! Give my Heavenly Stellar Stream back!”

Nie Tian looked bored as he explained, “The Heavenly Stellar Stream belonged to me to begin with. According to the agreement, for you to have the Heavenly Stellar Stream, Luo Wanxiang had to give me something in return. However, due to Elder Mo Heng’s disappearance, Luo Wanxiang unilaterally broke the agreement.

“So you have no one to blame if the Heavenly Stellar Stream, which was mine to begin with, decides to go with a better master, and becomes my eldest senior brother’s tool.”

“I don’t care about any agreement,” Sikong Cuo bellowed. “The Heavenly Stellar Stream was refined by me, so it’s mine.”

Nie Tian’s face was cold as he said, “You can talk to Luo Wanxiang about that later. I have a feeling he’s coming anyway.”