Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1347: A Shocking Scene

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In the dark void.

Nie Tian activated his unique domain and flew towards a nearby heaven and earth.


Agaz the flame dragon and the Star Behemoth bone both shot forward, overtaking him.

Nie Tian’s soul awareness spread into his surroundings like water.

“Strange...” he muttered softly.

What he sensed here was different from what he had sensed in any other part of the starry river, including the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, the Domain of Heaven Python, the Domain of the Falling Stars, the Domain of Dark Marsh, and the Domain of Jade Heaven.

Normally, the starry river was filled with all kinds of energies. Even just in human domains, there was wood power, flame power, lightning power, metal power, space dust, and dozens of other powers and impurities.

Besides, many of them were extremely destructive, and could easily melt people’s flesh away.

Therefore, it didn’t matter whether it was humans, outsiders, or Ancientspirits. They had to be strong enough to be able to travel through the starry river without help.

To be able to do that, humans had to reach the Void domain.

Only with their domains could humans protect their vulnerable bodies from the deadly energies and impurities in the starry river.

Similarly, outsiders and Ancientspirits had to reach certain grades, and their bodies needed to be tough enough.

Here, however...

This unknown void was also filled with a wide array of energies. However, as Nie Tian examined them with his soul awareness, he discovered that almost none of them seemed to be corrosive or harmful in any way.

More importantly, as he released his soul awareness to cover as much of his surroundings as he could, he didn’t sense any storms, spatial gusts, or dashing meteors.

“Perhaps I can try and cancel my domain.”

With this thought, he canceled his domain, exposing himself in the starry river, and started speeding forward using his flesh power.

The result was as he had expected.

Exposed in the void, he relied on his sensitive flesh and skin to sense the energies around him. He found that they were surprisingly mild, and practically non-aggressive.

Nie Tian’s eyes lit up. “If this is the case, most human cultivators won’t need to reach the Void domain to travel in this part of the starry river.”

Gazing off at the pierced heaven and earths, he thought to himself, “If those lands were like ours, full of life and rich spiritual Qi, perhaps I could get some of the people from the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, the Domain of Heaven Python, and the Domain of the Falling Stars to come and practice cultivation here.”

The magical land where sixteen titans were buried had exceptionally rich spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

It was just that the gravity was much heavier there than in normal human realms. Those with low cultivation bases wouldn’t be able to stay there for long.

There were close to a thousand other lands and realms here. If all of them were wreathed in rich spiritual Qi, then it would be a brand-new ideal location for humans to practice cultivation.


After speeding through the void for a long time, Nie Tian could finally get a better view of the land that was the closest to him.

Only after coming closer was he able to see that it was actually covered in ice and snow. With the icy mountains and falling snow, it looked like a giant piece of ice.


Agaz the flame dragon floated before him, wreathed in flames. However, they seemed to be affected by frigid currents, and were about to go out.

“Master, I’m sensing the aura of a member of my race!” Agaz called out. “But instead of being a flame dragon, it’s from another branch of my race.”

“What branch?” Nie Tian asked.

“Frost dragon,” Agaz answered.


The Star Behemoth bone plummeted, creating a hole in the invisible realm barrier and piercing towards the ice-cold land.

Agaz and Nie Tian followed it in.

Snow-capped mountains could be seen everywhere in this white heaven and earth. Among them, there was a small winding mountain range that was in the shape of a dragon.

“A frost dragon!”

Only after taking a closer look did Nie Tian realize that it was a frozen dragon that had apparently died a long time ago.

“Like how humans have different cultivation attributes, we dragons carry bloodlines of different attributes,” Agaz explained. “Lightning dragons, flame dragons, black dragons, frost dragons, metal dragons, et cetera. During the Desolate Antiquity Era, our race was a strong one. All of our branches were at the height of power and splendor. Each of our clans had at least one tenth grade leader.

“This frost dragon seemed to have been at the peak of the ninth grade when it died. It would have had a chance to advance to the tenth grade if it hadn’t died.”

The frost dragon before them didn’t emanate any flesh aura. Ages of corrosion had already dispersed its flesh aura to every corner of this ice-cold land, leaving not a single wisp in it.

Its heart was gone as well, as if someone had carved it out.

Nie Tian knew that once a living being lost all of its flesh power, it lost its value, no matter what species.

If he wanted, he could swing the Star Behemoth bone at it casually, and the enormous frozen dragon would shatter into countless ice shards.

After sensing for a long while, Nie Tian said, “The frost power on this land is exceptional, which makes it an ideal cultivation location for those who practice frost power. However, it doesn’t seem to have an edge over places like the Domain of Frigid Frost and the Domain of Endless Snow.”

With these words, he flew about to scan the realm with his soul awareness and bloodline power.

Soon, he found that this heaven and earth was much smaller than the one the Flame Dragon Armor had taken him to, as he easily covered every corner of it.

Shaking his head, he seemed somewhat disappointed. “There doesn’t seem to be anything special about this place other than that frost dragon that died who knows how long ago. And the frost dragon’s remains have lost all of their flesh and frost power, making it worthless to me.”

“It seems that not every heaven and earth is helpful like the one we came from,” Agaz said.

Nie Tian nodded. “Yeah.”

After a moment of pondering, he added, “Let’s not waste any more of our time here. There are many other heaven and earths. Let’s go check a few others.”

“But I noticed that a branch of that huge tree pierced through this icy land as well,” Agaz said.

“I can see that,” Nie Tian said.

“But a detail might have escaped your eyes, Master.” With these words, Agaz whizzed to a lower location. “This tree branch pierced through this frozen land from below like a divine weapon. However, the place it stuck out of the land happened to be where the frost dragon was. It went right through its heart after spearing out of the land.”

Nie Tian looked down with rapt attention, and agreed. “It appears so.”

The tree branch was grayish-brown like the others. However, this one had only stuck thirty meters out of the earth.

Even so, he knew that this was only the part he could see. Who knew how long the whole branch was, considering the size of the ancient withered tree.

“The tree branch pierced through the heart of this frost dragon, and our hearts are the most important part of our bodies,” Agaz explained. “Once our heart is penetrated, we’ll die. However, if the heart of this peak ninth grade frost dragon wasn’t completely destroyed or taken away, it might be able to repair it with the help of the frigid environment in this place.”

Nie Tian listened attentively, and was suddenly enlightened. “Are you saying that this peak ninth grade frost dragon was killed by that tree branch?”

“Yeah, I think so,” Agaz answered. “I suppose it first came here to make its breakthrough into the tenth grade. But who would have thought that death would befall it without any sign. That tree branch pierced through this land, along with its heart, causing it to die instantly.

“I even suspect that the tree branch took its heart.”

Baffled, Nie Tian asked, “It took its heart? I doubt it. Perhaps it just drained the heart of its strong life force, along with its frigid Bloodline Crystal Chains, with some special method. I have a bloodline talent that allows me to do so.”

Having reached this point in his train of thought, he suddenly paused, and then said, “That colossal tree could locate the heart of this ninth grade frost dragon and pierce a branch through it with such precision, so it could take away every last bit of its life force.”

Agaz also looked surprised as he said, “If that’s true, there must be many more heaven and earths here where living beings had their hearts pierced and were killed by that ancient withered tree when they were off guard.”

Frowning, Nie Tian said, “The ancient tree can penetrate heaven and earths, along with the enormous living beings in them. So the question is, did it target these heaven and earths, or the living beings in them? Or was there something else that it wanted?”

Deeply amazed, Agaz said, “I suppose we have to go to other heaven and earths to test our theories.”

“I agree,” Nie Tian said with a serious look in his eyes.

Immediately afterwards, he and Agaz the flame dragon left this frozen heaven and earth, and flew towards a nearby spherical realm.