Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1346: Unknown Starry River

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Looking at the small hole in the spiritual power shield, Nie Tian found it hard to believe. “It actually worked!”

He still remembered that the last time he had been here, he had exhausted every means at his disposal, but still failed to leave even the slightest mark on the spiritual power shield.

He remembered that so well that it had put him under the impression that the shield was impenetrable.

He rubbed his nose. “I guess I’ve just become much more powerful, even though I don’t feel it.”

Without putting in more effort, he simply watched the hole expand bit by bit under the Star Behemoth bone.

“The flesh aura from that bone can beat the bloodline formation left by the titans,” Agaz said.

Nie Tian nodded. “Yeah.”


The strings of blood-colored light continued to slither in the spiritual power shield to damage the formation that had been branded into it.

Moments later, the hole became wide enough for him to go through.

“I’ll go first.”

While Nie Tian hesitated, Agaz took it upon itself to morph into a streak of fiery light and fly into the opening.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared.

Nie Tian then stuck one end of the Star Behemoth bone into the hole, but still left part of it above the shield like the grayish-brown plant.

He had a feeling that it shouldn’t be pulled out. Otherwise, the opening would heal, stopping them from probing into the space below.

Therefore, he sensed Agaz’s movements by relying on his special flesh aura and soul bond with him.

All of a sudden, he sensed unprecedented astonishment in Agaz.

“Y-you should get in here, Master!” Agaz stuttered in his message from being overly astonished. “Even in my dreams, I haven’t seen anything like this! This is utterly unbelievable! You’ve got to take a look at this!”

With these messages, Agaz urged him to enter the space below.


Without hesitation, Nie Tian listened to his advice and flew through the hole in the spiritual power shield into the dark void.


He fell at a high speed.

A few minutes passed.

After falling through what seemed like a deep tunnel, Nie Tian found himself in a starry space, an exclamation escaping his mouth. “My god! What is this? Is this a tree?! How can there be a tree so colossal that its branches have pierced through heaven and earths?!”

In front of him was a scene he had never seen before. It was even beyond his imagination!

In the dim starless void, an unimaginably huge tree was floating, with its branches going through numerous heaven and earths.

The magical land he had come from was merely one of them.

There were close to a thousand other heaven and earths, or in other words, realms! All of them seemed like fruits on that colossal tree!

More surprisingly, most of the colossal tree’s branches were empty, and stuck straight in different directions, as if they were eager to find realms to pierce.

Also, the heaven and earths were extremely far apart. Even the distance between two close-together ones was greater than that between two realms in the Domain of the Falling Stars.

“D-do you have any... umm... bloodline memories about this colossal tree before us?” As soon as Nie Tian said these words, he found that his voice had turned strange, and that he stuttered as Agaz had earlier. “What in the world is it? I suppose even the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries and the Domain of the Falling Stars aren’t as large as this.

“Perhaps it can easily destroy realms and kill titans and Ancientbeasts. Even Star Behemoths aren’t nearly as large, right?”

That was when he remembered the Star Behemoth that had been hiding in the depths of the black sea in that vast floating continent he had been to.

That floating continent was extremely vast, and the black sea took up a large portion of it.

Even so, it was nothing compared to this colossal tree in front of him.

Even the word ‘heaven-blocking’ couldn’t describe its size. It was virtually ‘domain-blocking!’

“No, I have no bloodline memories about this colossal tree,” Agaz answered. “If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I definitely wouldn’t have believed that a tree this large actually existed in this era! Heaven-equal Vines, Heavenly Demonsbanes, Demon Eyes Flowers... None of those so-called terrifying plants are comparable to this tree.”

Deeply shaken, Nie Tian examined the tree with his bloodline power and soul awareness.

After a while, he shook his head and said, “I sense no auras from it, flesh aura or wood aura. None. I’m afraid this tree died a long time ago. Don’t tell me that it’s the Tree of Life where the origin of the Floragrims lies? But if it were, I should have been able to sense something from it.”

The seventy-two tree branches in his wood domain had something to do with the Floragrims’ Tree of Life.

Besides, he practiced the Floragrims’ Heavenly Wood Heal, with which he had tempered and strengthened his internal organs, flesh, and bones over and over. Every part of him contained refined wood power.

If this was, in fact, the Tree of Life, he should have felt something.

“Master, I have a feeling that by piercing its branches through those realms, it was channeling something from them,” Agaz said with caution. “Luckily, it seems to have died long ago. But if were alive, what would it gain from those realms?

“Is it possible that it fed on realms like Star Behemoths?”

Agaz was still deep in shock.

Nie Tian was also flabbergasted, as he didn’t know how terrifying this tree would be if it were still alive.

As vast as a domain, the tree had penetrated close to a thousand realms with only a third of its branches.

If this strange thing were still alive, it would be far more dreadful than Gupi, which was devastating the human world.

Nie Tian looked up at the magical land where sixteen titans were buried, then glanced around at the other pierced realms. “There are close to a thousand realms that are just like the one above us.”

He found that some of them were spherical, while others were flat. Their shapes varied.

Though the one he had come from was a flat land, there were spherical ones in the distance. However, the significant distance prevented him from seeing what was on those realms.

“Are we in the human world, or the Ancientspirit world?” He asked.

“I... I don’t know,” Agaz said, looking baffled. “There don’t seem to be any stars here, and none of the pierced heaven and earths are bright. There’s nothing I can rely on to judge where this place is. However, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it.”

Nie Tian frowned. “This is odd. How come you don’t have any memories of a place where titans and flame dragons are buried?”

“I really don’t.”

“I think we need to explore some of the other realms and see what secrets they hold,” Nie Tian said.

The burial ground he had been to had taught him Primal Chaos, Titan’s Wrath, and that Illusory Ancient Talisman, which had given a strong boost to his battle prowess.

However, that was only one of the thousand heaven and earths in this dark void.

Would there be ones where huge Ancientbeasts or other types of dragons were buried?

The thought thrilled Nie Tian.

Since the unimaginably colossal tree was dead, he might as well explore the lands one by one.

Having entered the Void domain and the eighth grade, he was now capable of traveling through the starry river without help.

Even though the distance between any two lands was vast, he could travel to them safely.

“Master, if you want to explore the other heaven and earths, you’d better take that bone with you,” Agaz suggested. “I’m afraid that other lands and realms are enveloped in similar spiritual power shields. We might not be strong enough to go through them on our own.”

Nie Tian nodded and said, “You’re right. I should bring that bone with us.”

With this thought, he raised his hand and beckoned.


The Star Behemoth bone fell from the spiritual power shield above.

After it did, the hole in the shield healed at a fast speed. In the blink of an eye, not even the slightest fissures could be seen in it.

“We’re going to need to leave via this land,” Nie Tian said. “Have you memorized its location? I don’t want us to be lost when we come back.”

“Don’t worry. I got it.” Agaz said.