Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1343: The Darling of Fire

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The flame spark started madly seizing power from the lava lake, which was meant to help Pang Chicheng make his breakthrough in cultivation.


Pang Chicheng stormed into view, his eyes so red that they seemed to be bleeding.

As he waved his hands, rivers of refined lava mixed with his flesh aura and flew out to form a mysterious spell.

“Flesh Power Flame Mobilization!”

More than seventy different fiery spell formations that had been carved on the rocky inside of the volcano were activated simultaneously.

In the next moment, a huge talisman that seemed to carry a wisp of his father Pang Bo’s soul will came to form. Igniting the violent power within the lava, it pounced on the flame spark.


The flame spark was instantly enveloped.

Nie Tian looked down, and felt that the huge talisman had a lot in common with the Illusory Ancient Talisman sealing magic he had derived from the Ancientspirit burial ground.

However, it was also different in certain aspects.

The Illusory Ancient Talisman he conjured contained a wide array of powers, including star, wood, flame, flesh, and soul power...

However, the talisman Pang Chicheng was now using only contained three types of power: flame, flesh, and a wisp of soul power.

Plus, that wisp of soul power didn’t belong to Pang Chicheng himself, but rather his father, Pang Bo.

“Pang Bo!” Nie Tian’s expression flickered as he suddenly realized that Pang Bo, the former sectmaster of the fire element sect, must have been to that Ancientspirit burial ground the Flame Dragon Armor had taken him to repeatedly.

From his conversation with the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron, he had learned that the Flame Dragon Armor was the key to that place, and a legacy Pang Bo had left behind.

“Perhaps Pang Bo derived the Illusory Ancient Talisman from there as well,” Nie Tian thought to himself. “But because he was only human and didn’t carry a unique bloodline or practice multiple powers like I do, he couldn’t manifest the true might of that talisman.

“However, he was powerful enough. At the God domain, he was able to derive its profound mysteries and made adjustments to it according to his situation. That might push its might to a high level as well.

“If that’s the case, will the flame spark be...”

While he was worried that the flame spark would be sealed within that talisman, Pang Chicheng suddenly let out a sharp cry.

A number of flaming crystalline strings separated themselves from the flaming red walls of the lava lake and started floating towards the talisman, no matter how hard he tried to stop them with his soul will.

More precisely, they were fusing into the flame spark to provide it with the power it needed to generate Bloodline Crystal Chains in its heart.


Strong heartbeats echoed from the chest of the humanoid flame spark.

A brand new bloodline talent seemed to be born and activated.


Numerous divine symbols Pang Bo had left behind were attracted.

One after another, they flew into the flame spark’s chest, as if they were being branded into its internal organs and flesh, and becoming a part of it.

A clear soul message came from the clouds where the Divine Flame from the Domain of Flame’s End was contending against that Immortal grade cauldron. “First name: Yan. Last name: Nie!” (Yan means flame in Chinese)

It gave the flame spark a name: Nie Yan!

A shudder ran through Nie Tian. As he turned to look at the flame spark, he realized that it had already developed the body of a baby, pink and naked. It was just that its face was still blurry.

The intense flesh aura it exuded, along with the flame aura unique to the origin of all flames, made even Nie Tian marvel.

The transformation of the flame spark, or the birth of Nie Yan, shocked everyone present.

Peng Yan and the other elders of the fire element sect, along with the Divine Sons and Daughters who were observing from the mouth of the volcano, were all dumbstruck.

They had just witnessed the birth of a brand new life form, a brand new species, and the way it had been born was beyond their understanding.


More and more flame power, flaming crystalline strings, and fiery symbols that were coming from throughout the Realm of Fire Spirit, the lava lake, and the rocky inside of the volcano fused into the talisman, and Nie Yan.

As this happened, Nie Yan’s appearance gradually grew recognizable, and resembled Nie Tian’s a great deal.

An exclamation escaped Hou Chulan’s mouth. “T-that’s a baby! A baby that looks like Nie Tian! Even though his eyes aren’t open yet, his flesh aura and unusually strong heartbeat suggest that he can’t be human! Like Nie Tian, he’s also born with a unique bloodline, which seems to come from the Divine Flame from the Domain of Flame’s End!”

“Dammit!” Pang Chicheng was so mad that he almost lost his mind.

He gradually noticed that the talisman he had conjured couldn’t possibly stop Nie Yan.

With a loud splash, Nie Yan dove into the lava lake, the place where he had practiced cultivation since he had been a child!

Pang Chicheng flew into a flaming rage. With his soul will, he attempted to channel the spell formations and remaining divine symbols on the rocky inside of the volcano to annihilate Nie Yan.

However, that was when he came to a terrifying realization.

Nie Yan seemed to have established a mysterious connection with the entire Realm of Fire Spirit!

That included the lava lake where he was immersed, of course!

This lava lake, this part of the heavens, and this realm... Everything seemed to have been taken away from him!

He could only watch refined flame power and flaming crystalline strings be separated from the lava lake and the rocky inside of the volcano, and fuse into Nie Yan’s body.

Apparently, Nie Yan carried a bloodline that was similar to his, yet Nie Yan’s bloodline was more wondrous.

His bloodline overrode his the moment he was born!

One could even say that his bloodline overrode those of all fire-attributed living beings, including flame dragons, flame phoenixes, flame qilins, and vermilion birds!

This made him a real darling of fire!


It wasn’t very long before Nie Yan charged out of the lava lake. Pang Chicheng, who had suffered the greatest blow in his life, wasn’t even in the mood to stop him.

However, he shrewdly sensed that as Nie Yan left the lava lake, he took all of its wonders with him.

In other words, all of the fiery spell formations, flaming crystalline strings, and divine symbols had fused into Nie Yan and become a part of him.

Standing on the Star Boat that floated over the volcano and enveloped in his flame domain, Nie Tian was flabbergasted as he stared at Nie Yan, who looked very much like him.

“Yee ya.” Waving his arms, Nie Yan mumbled something, as if he wanted to say something, but couldn’t speak in the human language yet.

Even so, everyone was in awe, and felt great pressure from him.

Lou Hongyan had Earth Cultivated grade fire-attributed treasures inside of her spiritual sea. The moment Nie Yan flew out, all those treasures seemed very nervous, like subjects that were in the presence of their king.

After mumbling something and looking lovingly at Nie Tian for a while, Nie Yan rose high into the heavens with reluctance.

Everyone’s gazes were fixed on him.

Finally, he came to a stop next to the Divine Flame from the Domain of Flame’s End.

At this moment, even the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron saw reality, and gave up contending against the Divine Flame.

It seemed to understand that the situation was beyond salvation, and that it wouldn’t be able to change anything.


The Divine Flame enveloped Nie Yan and morphed into a blazing bolt of lightning that shot out of the Realm of Fire Spirit.

The Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron didn’t even try to stop it.

“I thought that because I gave that Divine Flame my Blood Essence, it would be the beginning of a brand new life. Who would have thought that the flame spark it left for me was? After receiving more and more of my Blood Essence, it became the first of a brand new species: Ifrit!”

Nie Tian found this very unreal, and was reluctant to see Nie Yan leave.

At this moment, he also woke up to a fact: what the Divine Flame had done to him was actually similar to what it had done to many realms.

By leaving flame sparks in many realms, the Divine Flame had turned them into fiery realms. By giving him this flame spark, it had allowed Nie Tian to fuse it with his unique Blood Essence so it could develop into a brand new life form.

The Divine Flame soon disappeared from the Realm of Fire Spirit with Nie Yan.

The bloodline connection between Nie Tian and Nie Yan grew weaker and weaker until it vanished completely.

Lou Hongyan let out a deep breath, looking feeble and exhausted. “He... he’s gone. More than half of the flame power the Realm of Fire Spirit has spent countless years accumulating is gone within such a short time.”

Peng Yan looked down at the lava lake, and discovered that the flame aura coming from it had become much fainter than before.

What surprised him even more was that flame power had also stopped gathering from different parts of the realm.

Hou Chulan saw through what had happened. “That baby with Nie Tian’s appearance took away more than half of the fiery spell formations and divine symbols the former sectmaster had left here. The ‘heart’ of the lava lake is gone. I suppose even if Pang Chicheng continues to stay in the Realm of Fire Spirit, he won’t be able to break through into the God domain with the help of that lava lake and the Realm of Fire Spirit.”

“If that’s the case, does this mean Pang Chicheng’s breakthrough into the God domain has been disrupted?” Lou Hongyan asked, looking lost.

“Yes, he failed,” Nie Tian said with certainty.


The huge four-legged cauldron that was thousands of meters tall gradually shrank and descended from the heavens.

By the time it was only about ten meters tall, it came to a stop and spun over the mouth of the volcano. That was when a soul connection was established between it and Nie Tian.

Nie Tian was taken aback. “What? You want to leave the Realm of Fire Spirit?”