Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1342: Life Creator

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The huge cauldron rose into the heavens.

The flame dragon, vermilion bird, flame qilin, and flame phoenix suddenly plunged down into the cauldron simultaneously, giving rise to loud whooshes.


The Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron’s might rose to a whole new level, and it started to emanate the four grand monarch-level Ancientbeasts’ unique flesh auras!

Nie Tian’s life bloodline allowed him to shrewdly discover that the huge cauldron suddenly brimmed with flesh power as soon as the four illusory Ancientbeasts disappeared into it.

“Flesh power!”

He suddenly realized that the four powerful beasts that had manifested in different parts of the Realm of Fire Spirit had actually been transformed from four flesh auras and the raging flame power that the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron had released.

Now, as the huge cauldron flew out of the underground palace, it summoned the four flesh auras back.

Upon summoning them back, the cauldron stood towering in the clouds like a mountain peak that was thousands of meters high. Anyone would feel deeply shaken by simply taking a look at it.

Many elders and disciples of the fire element sect marveled upon seeing the huge cauldron rise into the sky, as if they had forgotten what relationship it had with Pang Chicheng.

“Is that the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron?!”

“That’s the divine tool that’s been protecting the Realm of Fire Spirit and making it a holy land for cultivators that practice fire incantations!”

“You’ve got to admit that the former sectmaster’s talent was unmatched!”

“That cauldron is the soul of the entire fire element sect!”

They were practically obsessed with it.

“That treasure should have been mine!” Lou Hongyan exclaimed inwardly with a blazing look in her eyes. “If I were the one it acknowledged...”

“Do it! Kill them all!” Pang Chicheng’s mad roar came from below, his figure looming within the boiling lava lake.


Crimson bolts of lightning could be seen running under his skin, as if he were still absorbing power from the lava to cleanse his body and upgrade his bloodline.

Nie Tian looked down. With a single glance, he was able to tell that Pang Chicheng’s bloodline was at the eighth grade.

Even though he wasn’t sure of what outsider or Ancientspirit race his bloodline had come from, he was completely certain that it had a great deal to do with lava.

“He’s looking to break through into the ninth grade and lift his bloodline to the heights of grand patriarchs.” Nie Tian thought to himself. “Then, with the help of his ninth grade bloodline, he’ll be able to advance to the God domain more easily.”


Another unforeseen change happened to the flame power that was gathering from all directions.

The speed at which Nie Tian’s flame domain intercepted and seized flame power seemed to suddenly slow down significantly.

More flame power started flying towards the lava lake like a rain of fiery lights.

Pang Chicheng laughed wildly. “Nice! That’s right! Help me upgrade my bloodline first! After I make another advance in my bloodline, I’ll be able to enter the God domain with more ease!”

Hou Chulan, Lou Hongyan, Huang Jinnan, and the others observed with rapt attention, and instantly realized that the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron and the Divine Flame were helping Pang Chicheng and Nie Tian respectively.


“The Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron is competing against that Divine Flame from the Domain of Flame’s End through different means!”

“You don’t say!”

The Divine Flame had come from another domain to help with the flame spark’s transformation.

The Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron, however, was helping Pang Chicheng strengthen his bloodline so that he could enter the God domain, to fulfill Pang Bo’s dying wish.

It didn’t matter whether it was the flame spark or Pang Chicheng. The precondition for either of them to succeed was gaining as much flame power as possible.

Throughout the human world, the Realm of Fire Spirit was the realm with the most immense and pure flame power. Pang Bo’s grand spell formation had made the flame power in it extremely concentrated and refined.

The raging flame power within this realm should be enough for Pang Chicheng to make his breakthrough, or for the flame spark to finish its transformation.

However, it wasn’t enough to help them both.


Countless scarlet crystalline strings, divine symbols that were branded with profound laws, and talismans that carried the profound truths of flame power suddenly appeared in the reddened clouds and started clashing.


The burning Divine Flame floated to the mouth of the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron.

Compared to the huge cauldron, it was as small as a star in the night sky. Their sizes weren’t even nearly comparable.

However, as it floated to the mouth of the huge cauldron, the cauldron that was thousands of meters high started shaking violently. The flame dragon, flame qilin, flame phoenix, and vermilion bird patterns on the surface of the cauldron started flickering, clear in one moment and blurry in the next.

The fiery divine symbols, mysterious talismans, and flaming crystalline strings the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron had released from its mouth seemed to be greatly suppressed, along with the bloodline power of the four magical beasts.

Gradually, Nie Tian discovered that much more flame power started fusing into his flame domain to help the flame spark transform.


Immersed in the lava lake, Pang Chicheng was wreathed in flame power. Boiling lava seemed to be running through his veins.

From him, Nie Tian sensed a strong feeling that his bloodline was breaking through into a new level.

Pang Chicheng let out a wild laugh. “Great! Ninth grade! My bloodline is in line with my cultivation base now! I can start advancing to the God domain from now on!”


He seemed to activate some bloodline talent, as huge waves suddenly rose in the boiling lava lake. Flame power that was even more intense started fusing into his body, as if to strengthen his meridians, flesh, internal organs, and bones.

“Ifrit, Ifrit, Ifrit...”

At the same time, Nie Tian listened with his soul, and caught the soul whispers of the Divine Flame from the Domain of Flame’s End.

“Ifrit!” Nie Tian shuddered, suddenly realizing what it meant, then he jerked his head towards the flame spark.

The flame spark had now developed a fleshly body, as the five evil gods had. More importantly, faint heartbeats started coming from its newly-developed human-shaped body.

Now, more flame power flowed towards the chest of the flame spark, where there seemed to be a heart now.

Nie Tian looked up at the Divine Flame from the Domain of Flame’s End. “A heart, the origin of a bloodline! Bloodline Crystal Chains have come to form! A brand new species with flesh and soul: Ifrits! You vested it with a soul and the wonders of fire, while I gave it a fleshly body.”

“Ifrits!” Nie Tian exclaimed inwardly.

The significance of this transformation of the flame spark had far surpassed his expectations!

This was the birth of a brand new species!

A new species that was just like the Demons, Phantasms, and Bonebrutes, had appeared for the first time in this starry river!

He and the Divine Flame from the Domain of Flame’s End were its creators!

Hou Chulan was well-versed in wood power, which belonged to a branch of life power. She was the first to notice the change, and couldn’t help but exclaim, “That cluster of flame in Nie Tian’s flame domain seems to have developed a flesh aura, and even a heartbeat! It doesn’t seem intangible to me anymore. Instead, it looks very much like a living being in flesh form!”

This set it apart from the Divine Flame from the Domain of Flame’s End.

Even though the Divine Flame had a human-shaped being in the middle of it, it seemed to Hou Chulan that the Divine Flame didn’t have flesh or blood, let alone a heart.

Only when a being had developed a heart, a soul, and flesh and blood, could it be defined as a living being!

The Divine Flame didn’t fall into this category.

However, the flame spark had all of these features now.

After going blank for a few seconds, Hou Chulan practically screamed, “Don’t tell me that a brand new species has been born!”

She seemed completely flabbergasted.

“How... How is that possible?” Lou Hongyan muttered in a low voice, looking lost.

Deeply-shaken, Peng Yan rubbed his eyes repeatedly in an attempt to get a better and more thorough view. “That thing within Nie Tian’s flame domain is a living being, one with a fleshly body and a soul! And it doesn’t belong to any existing species! Creating a brand new species... This is a miracle!”


Upon the flame spark’s first heartbeat, a large portion of the flame power that was being channeled to the lava lake by the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron changed directions, and fused into Nie Tian’s flame domain.

However, Nie Tian felt that this change wasn’t made by the Divine Flame from the Domain of Flame’s End.

Instead, it was the effect of a bloodline talent of this Ifrit, which was the first of its kind.

This was a bloodline talent that allowed it to gather flame power!

After it was activated, while the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron was distracted by the Divine Flame, Pang Chicheng couldn’t find a way to contend against it. He could only watch the raging flame power that should have fused into him to help him advance to the God domain be intercepted and absorbed by the flame spark.

The moment the flame spark developed its first bloodline talent, Nie Tian sensed cheers from the Divine Flame.

Furthermore, he sensed a bond between him and the flame spark, which seemed to be deeply rooted in its heartbeat and aura.

He felt as if the flame spark was his child.


After a while, the flame spark, which now had flesh and blood, slowly separated itself from Nie Tian’s flame domain and dove directly into the lava lake.