Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1340: The Flame Spark’s Change

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Nie Tian’s flame domain gradually spread out into the nearby area, like a sea of fire.

As more and more flame power was stopped, absorbed, and refined by Nie Tian’s flame domain and obtained by the flame spark, the speed at which his flame domain gathered flame power gradually increased.

At first, his flame domain could only capture about two or three percent of the flame power that flowed into the lava pool.

But after a while, it reached nearly ten percent!

Seeing this, the expressions of Peng Yan and Lou Hongyan of the fire element sect changed, as if they saw a way to hinder Pang Chicheng’s breakthrough to the God domain.

“Nie Tian is absorbing the flame power that’s flowing to the lava pool with his flame domain!” Peng Yan said, his eyes bright. “If we all learn from Nie Tian, and release our domains to absorb the flame power coming from all directions in the Realm of Fire Spirit, would Pang Chicheng’s breakthrough fail due to a lack of flame power?”

“We can try that!” Lou Hongyan replied.

Hou Chulan and the others also agreed.

Peng Yan even took out a Sound Stone and called in other disciples and elders of the fire element sect.

After a while, many disciples of the fire element sect, who had just fought a fierce battle and were covered with blood, gathered from different directions.

Peng Yan stood up and shouted, “Everyone is injured and happens to be in need of recovery. The Four Manifestations Heaven-sealing Formation is running, and gathering flame power to the lava pool from all directions in the Realm of Fire Spirit to help the traitor Pang Chicheng break through to the God domain. Let’s absorb as much of the flame power as possible and disrupt his breakthrough!”

“Good!” Many disciples and elders of the fire element sect agreed with Peng Yan, and scattered around the crater.

Flame domains bloomed one after another. Some were like volcanoes, some were like earthflame streams, some were like the ghosts of some kind of giant flame beasts, and some were a mass of surging flames; they were all different.

After their domains were successfully released, they all cast incantations and secret spells of the fire element sect to absorb the flame power in heaven and the earth.


Suddenly, a violent tremble came from the bottom of the lava pool in the volcano below them.

Seemingly countless mysterious flame formations on the rock walls were ignited, and exploded at the same time!

“Ahhh!” Many disciples of the fire element sect let out screams of fear, withdrew their realms, and hastily ran away.

Even Peng Yan suddenly paled and shouted, “This isn’t right!”

Lou Hongyan cancelled her realm and asked in shock, “Why? Why are our realms affected by the lava pool, and why does the flame power in our domains flow towards the lava pool?”

Peng Yan looked terrible. “It’s the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron’s restrictions!”

“Why can Nie Tian do that then?” Hou Chulan asked curiously.

They also noticed that when the disciples and elders of the fire element sect wanted to use their own domains to take away the flame power that was coming from all directions, as Nie Tian was doing, not only did they not succeed, but their domains’ flame power drifted uncontrollably towards the lava pool.

Their domains were made of a flame power core and soul awareness. The disappearance of flame power meant the disappearance of the spirit energy in the flame power core.

The speed of the flame power’s drifting was very quick, which was beyond their expectations.

They could only escape the suction force of the lava pool by keeping a great distance from it, or deactivating their domains.

“Nie Tian!” Peng Yan shouted. “What did the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron tell you in that underground palace?”

“Nothing much,” Nie Tian said, feeling more and more flame power rush over to help the flame spark recover and accelerate the transformation of the flame spark in his flame domain, “The Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron’s soul just said that the Flame Dragon Armor’s true secret is that it is connected to an Ancientspirit’s burial ground, and it cannot enter that magical land without the cooperation of flesh aura.”

With these words, Nie Tian summoned the Flame Dragon Armor once again with a wisp of his soul awareness.

This time, Pang Chicheng didn’t try to take the Flame Dragon Armor because he was busy strengthening his bloodline with the flame power of the lava pool and preparing to break through to the God domain.


The Flame Dragon Armor had hardly entered Nie Tian’s flame domain when it started absorbing the gathering flame power to strengthen itself.

There was a little excitement in Agaz’s soul awareness. It seemed that the Realm of Fire Spirit’s upheaval and the gathering flame power was of great help to it as well.

During this period, Nie Tian’s flame domain continued to expand.

In four directions of the Realm of Fire Spirit, the four spirit beasts, which were the flame phoenix, vermillion bird, flame qilin, and flame dragon, jointly maintained the operation of the Four Manifestations Heaven-sealing Formation with their strong flame and flesh power.

Suddenly, the unique fluctuations of the four spirit beasts’ flesh auras attracted Nie Tian’s attention.

For some reason, he sensed that the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron in the palace underneath the lava pool was touched by something, and suddenly became extremely nervous.


In his flame domain, a fiery light blossomed from the flame spark from time to time, as if it were being tempered by an invisible hammer and made into some unique form of life.

Outside the Realm of Fire Spirit.

The spatial rift that Ji Yuanquan and the others had come through didn’t close up. It was still open, and people could come and go at will.


A light flashed in that spatial rift.

Ji Yuanquan and Ye Wenhan, who were both close to it, instantly paled.

A roaring flame suddenly flew through the spatial rift and instantly appeared in the outer sky of the Realm of Fire Spirit.

As soon as it appeared, the dim, cold sky became intolerably hot.

Everyone, including the four God domain experts, became very uncomfortable, as if they were being baked in a fire, and their god and saint domains were about to melt.

If one looked closely, they could find that there seemed to be a being with the form of a woman inside the raging flames.

“Ah!” A Saint domain elder of the water element sect screamed and fled in fear as his water domain was consumed by the flame power.

The saint domain experts of the wood element sect also suffered so much that they were forced to fly away from the Realm of Fire Spirit.

Ye Wenhan was extremely frightened. “This is, this is...”

He stared at the raging flames, freezing. After a while, he suddenly screamed, “Divine Flame! The Divine Flame of the Domain of Flame’s End!”

When he said this, everyone was terrified.

The Divine Flame of the Domain of Flame’s End had once destroyed a domain, reducing the entire Domain of Flame’s End to a dead land. All of its realms, which were once like the Realm of Fire Spirit, had been drained of their flame power and died prematurely.

Pang Bo, the former sectmaster of the fire element sect, and Shao Tianyang, the current sectmaster, had both visited the Domain of Flame’s End in search of the Divine Flame after they had reached the late God domain.

Both of them had failed to catch it.

Rumor had that the Divine Flame had transformed from the most unique flame god in the world. It had been born in the form of fire, and could refine flames with all kinds of characteristics in the world to strengthen itself.

However, almost all the people who had been lucky enough to see it were dead, making it very difficult to communicate with it.

Why did it suddenly descend upon the Realm of Fire Spirit at this sensitive moment?

God domain experts like Ji Yuanquan all froze, and released wisps of soul awareness, looking for a way to communicate with it, but whenever their soul awareness got close to the ball of flaming fire, they would become ashes somehow.

Their pupils shrank, and a hint of pain appeared on their faces. Then they no longer dared to continue casting spells.

The humanoid being in the Divine Flame seemed to stare at the Realm of Fire Spirit in silence. After a while, it actually tried to approach.

“It, it’s going to the Realm of Fire Spirit?” Pu Yangbai said curiously.

Wang Haoming frowned and paled. “The Four Manifestations Heaven-sealing Formation is still there. None of us can get in there. Can it make it in... Maybe it can.”

He said this because the Divine Flame started moving as he spoke.

It flew up to the Realm of Fire Spirit with a whoosh.

At first, the numerous flame formations that made up the realm barrier of the Realm of Fire Spirit weren’t driven to stop it.

But as the Divine Flame continued to approach, everyone seemed to hear four resounding cries and roars from within the Realm of Fire Spirit!

“It’s the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron’s spirits!”

Sure enough, with cries and roars, the flame dragon, flame phoenix, vermillion bird, and flame qilin rushed from different parts of the Realm of Fire Spirit into the sky to stop the Divine Flame.

Nie Tian in the Realm of Fire Spirit was disturbed. “That’s it!”

He suddenly looked up into the red sky, which was changing dramatically.

His eyes fell suddenly on the flaming flame spark. “It came for you? It sensed your transformation, and thus came from the Domain of Flame’s End to the Realm of Fire Spirit? Does it want to make sure you’ll transform successfully?

“Just like Pang Bo who wanted to help Pang Chicheng successfully reach the God domain in every possible way even after he died?”