Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1337: Holing Up

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“Alright! I’ll see you soon!”

The sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society made his decision without any hesitation.


His dharma idol somehow split into tens of thousands of soul shadows.

Like drifting clouds, they flew ethereally towards different parts of the Realm of Fire Spirit.

The three evil gods that had been chasing after him were suddenly confused, failing to locate his true soul.

Seeing this, many of the Saint domain experts Pang Chicheng had invited from other domains turned to Fu Huan and shouted, “Open up those teleportation portals! We need to leave now!”

They were aware that it wouldn’t be long before Saint domain experts from the metal element sect, wood element sect, earth element sect, and water element sect arrived.

From the look of it, they wouldn’t be able to get rid of Nie Tian now. While Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, had already left, the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society was also determined to leave.

What other choices did they have?

Fu Huan turned to Pang Chicheng. “Young Lord?!”

“Go, Elder Fu,” Pang Chicheng said, full of confidence. “You can come back after I break through into the God domain and gain control of the Realm of Fire Spirit!”

“Fine!” Fu Huan said, clenching his jaw.

“I... I’m out of here too.” Ren Yuanji from the Death Curse Sect said, covered in blood. As he turned around, the wounds on his chest burst open. Dark blood sprayed out to form a magical talisman in the sky.

Emanating blood-colored light, the seal seemed to carry profound mysteries about space and acceleration.

“You want to leave too?” Nie Tian’s face split into a grin as he blurred into action.


Like a mountain peak that was thousands of meters high, he suddenly appeared over Ren Yuanji’s head.

The immense life force Nie Tian exuded after activating his life bloodline made even Ren Yuanji, the current sectmaster of the Death Curse Sect, tremble in fear.

Back when they had been in the Domain of Nether Heaven, he had sealed a large region to trap Nie Tian and the others.

At that time, he had secretly examined Nie Tian.

If Nie Tian hadn’t had help back then, he would have been able to kill Nie Tian without any effort.

Who would have thought that not even a century had passed, yet Nie Tian had already grown so strong that he could actually force the Thunder Devil and the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society to retreat, and threaten his life now.


Nie Tian’s Blood Essence seethed as he swung the spear-like bone in his hand again.


A slash of crimson divine light shot forth.

Ren Yuanji’s talisman-filled saint domain, which he activated in haste, burst, along with the countless bug-like magical symbols in them.

As soon as his domain exploded, he, who had sustained injuries from the evil gods, let out a pained wail and ran for his life. Seeing this, the evil gods of fear and rage flew after him.


He released soul wisps to conjure a mysterious spell, hoping he could split up and escape as the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society had.

However, his attainments in soul magics weren’t comparable to those of the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society.

Before he could finish conjuring the spell, the evil gods opened their mouths and sucked all of his soul wisps in.

Immediately afterwards, one of the evil gods sliced his body with his sharp bony hands.

As bits of his flesh and blood splashed everywhere, his true soul flew out in an attempt to escape. However, it didn’t even fly ten meters before another evil god opened its large mouth and devoured it.

Just like this, the sectmaster of the Death Curse Sect, who was at the late Saint domain, was annihilated.

His death drove the others to despair.

“Ren Yuanji died!”

“Even he died in the Realm of Fire Spirit!”

Needless for anyone to give them orders, they all ran for their lives.

Instead of chasing after them, Hou Chulan, Huang Jinnan, and the others stayed together and watched them flee in panic.

Peng Yan didn’t pay much attention to them either.

All of them were paying close attention to the volcano, and every move Pang Chicheng made in it.

After all, they had felt great changes in this heaven and earth the moment Pang Chicheng had descended into the lava lake. Now, flame power was madly converging on this place from every part of the Realm of Fire Spirit.

“He’s started his attempt to enter the God domain,” Hou Chulan said with a complicated expression.

Huang Jinnan’s expression flickered slightly as he sighed and said, “God domain! That man is a rare talent indeed. He’s not much older than Senior Brother Pu Yangbai. He doesn’t have our sect’s cultivation resources, and he’s been hiding himself from place to place over the years. Despite all this, he managed to make his attempt to enter the God domain at this age.”

“He’s bound to become a formidable and ruthless character in the future if he doesn’t die,” Lin Yaoyao said.

“He already is,” Hou Chulan said, approaching her. Then, she looked up at Nie Tian in his enlarged form and added, “But I’m afraid this one is even more formidable.”

Nie Tian swung the bone once again. “Die, Pang Chicheng!”

By activating its bloodline talent, he created a huge net of interweaving blood-colored light, with which he hoped to shatter the volcano below.


Even more profound spell formations appeared on the rocky inside of the volcano. They gathered fierce flame power to form multiple protective shields.

Vested with Pang Bo’s lifetime understanding of flame power, the shields emanated waves of incomparably violent power!


The net of crimson light slammed into the shields, but failed to crush them as he had imagined.

At the same time, he sensed wisps of unique auras rising from underneath the lava lake. The level five Immortal grade Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron seemed to have been activated as well.

“Let me try!”

Lou Hongyan flew over, crimson ribbons flying from within her sleeves towards the fiery shields.

A powerful force suddenly burst forth from within the shield, blasting the Spirit Channeling grade spiritual tools Shao Tianyang had forged for her into the sky.

Lou Hongyan let out a muffled groan and quieted down.

Hou Chulan and Hou Chulan knew better than to make attempts themselves. They took a look at the shields, and then turned to fix Peng Yan with inquiring gazes.

Peng Yan shook his head. “Nothing will work, unless Sectmaster Shao gets here himself… Our former sectmaster vested this volcano with far too many fiery spell formations and divine talismans. He made it as solid as a fortress with metal walls. And he did that so his son could break through into the God domain without being disturbed.

“Now, the day has finally come for the powerful grand spell formations within it to go to work.

“Even the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron has started helping Pang Chicheng from the underground palace as it had been instructed, so that no one will be able to sabotage his breakthrough into the God domain.

“At this moment, even if powerful experts from the other four sects get here, I doubt that they’ll be able to affect Pang Chicheng.

“We can only hope that his knowledge of flame power and experience are still insufficient, and his cultivation talent isn’t remarkable enough to allow him to enter the God domain just yet. Otherwise, I’m afraid no one in the Five Elements Sect can ruin his breakthrough for him.”

Huang Jinnan let out a cold harrumph. “That senior of the fire element sect really doted on this son he had in his later years. It’s a pity that he died before he could see what kind of person his son grew into.”

As people discussed, Nie Tian was struck by a strong sense of weakness.


His enormous body shrank abruptly, and he returned to his true form within a short time. At the same time, the huge Star Behemoth bone shrank and returned to his ring of holding.

He took a brief moment to examine himself, and discovered that he had consumed a considerable amount of Blood Essence, as well as the flesh power stored in his internal organs and bones.

Even though his battle prowess soared through the sky when he was in his enlarged form, he couldn’t stay in that form for too long.

At least his current bloodline grade and flesh power accumulation didn’t allow him to do that yet.

Furthermore, he also had a feeling that the fact that he was able to activate that form had a great deal to do with the Star Behemoth bone. Without its power, he probably wouldn’t be able to activate it at all.

“No one can tamper with his attempt to break through into the God domain?” He asked with a cold face.

Peng Yan smiled bitterly. “I’m afraid so.”

With a cold smile, Nie Tian said, “I doubt it. Why don’t you go retake the spatial teleportations in the Realm of Fire Spirit, so I can ask God domain experts, including Ji Yuanquan, Ye Wenhan, Mo Qianfan, and Yu Suying, to come here together.

“I refuse to believe that even joined together, they won’t be able to stop Pang Chicheng!”

Peng Yan’s eyes lit up as he heard these words. “That might actually work!”