Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1332: The Fire Element Sect Changes Hands

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In the south of the Realm of Fire Spirit, there was a sudden thundering, mixed with howls.

“Li Yu!” Peng Yan paled dramatically, and hurried to take a closer look with fixed attention. Then he took out a sound bracelet to contact Li Yu. “How did it go? Have you spread word of the upheaval in our sect?”

There was no response from the sound bracelet.

Lou Hongyan looked shocked, and used secret spells to contact one of the elders of the fire element sect who had left.

Unfortunately, there was no response.

Fu Huan snorted and said coolly, “Those people are too stubborn, and don’t deserve to stay in the fire element sect. The new fire element sect will be the strongest among the five sects under the leadership of our young master!”

Pang Chicheng laughed wildly. “Stop wasting your time and energy. I will imprison or behead all the elders and disciples of the fire element sect who refuse to submit.”


A blinding flash of lightning came from the distant sky.

Nie Tian gave it a look and said with a sneer. “Thunder Devil Yuan Jiuchuan. I can’t believe it’s him again.”

After landing and seeing Nie Tian, Yuan Jiuchuan reacted in a more surprised way. “It’s you!”

The Thunder Devil had officially reached the late Saint domain. As for Zheng Yi of the lightning element sect, since there was no news of him, he had probably been killed by Yuan Jiuchuan.

“Yuan Jiuchuan, congratulations. Zheng Yi is dead, isn’t he?” Nie Tian asked with a half-smile.

“Damn it! Why have I run into you again? Every time I run into you, nothing good happens!” Yuan Jiuchuan said, flustered and exasperated. “Did Mo Qianfan of the Heavenly Thunder Sect reach the God domain with your help? When will you stop ruining my plans?”

“Thunder Devil!”

Several Divine Sons and Divine Daughters suddenly noticed that Yuan Jiuchuan had a very obscure, deep fear when he saw Nie Tian, like a mouse seeing a cat.

Lin Yaoyao found this strange, and thought to herself, “The Thunder Devil is at the late Saint domain. He is ruthless and ferocious, and has been notorious in the human world for many years. He’s killed lots of people, but why does he behave this way when he sees Nie Tian?”

Yuan Jiuchuan was notorious for his crimes. Everyone knew he had a high cultivation base and outstanding strength. When he had first arrived, he had looked very arrogant, but now…

“Old Yuan, have you taken care of the man you chased?” Pang Chicheng asked.

“Yes. He has been imprisoned by my lightning power. He cannot die or break free from my grip now,” Yuan Jiuchuan answered casually, then fixed his eyes on Nie Tian. “Why have you come to the Realm of Fire Spirit? Let me be clear. I don’t want to have a conflict with or fight you anymore. Just don’t interfere with my affairs from now on!”

Pang Chicheng snorted. “Thunder Devil! What do you mean?”

Yuan Jiuchuan turned his head and said to Pang Chicheng, “It’s your personal affair to deal with the fire element sect. I didn’t receive any orders. Considering that you helped me in the space disruption zone, I agreed to come and help. However, I won’t fight Nie Tian. You need to leave him to others.”

Hearing this, Chicheng frowned tightly. “You are actually afraid of him?”

Yuan Jiuchuan tried to argue. “No, it’s just that I… don’t want to fight him.”

Every time he met with Nie Tian, he couldn’t benefit from anything. The last few times, he had been suppressed by Nie Tian.

Moreover, every time he saw Nie Tian again, he had become stronger and more unfathomable.

Gradually, he had developed a slight fear of him.

He had paid close attention to news about Nie Tian. He had been even more alarmed when he had heard of Nie Tian’s shocking deeds in the Domain of Spirit Sea, the Domain of Dark Marsh, and the Domain of Jade Heaven.

Now, he had met Nie Tian again in the fire element sect, and suddenly became cowardly.

Even though Nie Tian was seemingly much weaker than he was, and he had successfully broken through to the late Saint domain with Zheng Yi’s “help”, he was still scared.


Violent rumbles came from every corner of the Realm of Fire Spirit, including numerous volcanoes and other places for cultivation.

After a while, several senior members of the fire element sect who were at the Saint domain or the late Void domain appeared one after another. Even their auras had an ancient feeling to them.

When they arrived, they stood silently beside Fu Huan.

Peng Yan was in a daze before he suddenly understood what was going on. He snapped, “You, you…!”

Fu Huan tilted his chin slightly and said, “They have always been loyal to the young master. Like me, they think he is the fire element sect’s hope. Peng Yan, unlike you, they all remember the old sectmaster’s kindness, and don’t dare to forget it for even a second. As for Shao Tianyang, I’m sorry, but they have no gratitude towards him.”

Nie Tian frowned, sensing the Realm of Fire Spirit’s great changes. Listening to the conversation between Fu Huan and Peng Yan, he knew that the fire element sect might likely experience a disaster before Shao Tianyang returned.

Pang Chicheng was immersed in the lava pool, washing his body and strengthening his bloodline with its power.

At this moment, he was no longer hiding. The aura coming from his body wasn’t spiritual power, but bloodline power, which was unique to outsiders.

“Why are you not leaving?!” Peng Yan thundered.

He meant Lou Hongyan, Huang Jinnan, and the other Divine Sons and Divine Daughters.

“Let’s go!” Pu Yangbai of the earth element sect said to Lin Yaoyao, “We need to inform the elders of other realms about the changes here as soon as possible, and let them decide what to do.”

Pang Chicheng said, “You won’t be able to leave the Realm of Fire Spirit.”

At this moment, the giant figure of the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society emerged from the distant sky like a giant floating ghost, as if he had activated his dharma idol. “All the space teleportation portals in the Realm of Fire Spirit connecting to the outside world have been destroyed, or are under our control.”

Pang Chicheng chuckled and said, “That’s good. Leave me the Son of the Stars from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. As for the other Divine Sons and Divine Daughters, catch them. I want them alive. As for Elder Peng Yan, it’s up to you. I don’t care whether he lives or dies.”


One by one, Saint domain experts belonging to different sects who were dressed in colorful clothes flew over from different directions, Ren Yuanji of the Death Curse Sect among them.

They had also arrived in the Realm of Fire Spirit with Fu Huan’s help.

They did not come here at the first moment. However, in other areas of the Realm of Fire Spirit, they had worked with the elders of the fire element sect who had long since surrendered, killing some people of the fire element sect who disobeyed them and destroying the teleportation portals to prevent people from other realms from entering during this period of time.

Their presence meant that the Realm of Fire Spirit and the fire element sect were almost entirely under their control.

Huang Jinnan took a look and felt increasingly frustrated and helpless. “There are more Saint domain experts! Will we and the fire element sect be…”

Pang Chicheng’s body blended into his saint domain of flame again. “Nie Tian is mine! It’s time the Flame Dragon Armor returned to the hands of its true owner!”

He raised his hand and beckoned, and many spell formations on the red rock walls burst forth with fiery light.

The power of the fire spell formations enhanced his power, turning the hand he used to summon the Flame Dragon Armor into a giant magnet to specially absorb the Flame Dragon Armor.

The Flame Dragon Armor actually broke away from Nie Tian!