Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1331: A So-Called Cultivation Genius

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The people present were laboriously bathed in the lava rain, but still couldn’t help but scream, “What?!”

How was that possible?

Pang Chicheng, who had lived in the Realm of Fire Spirit for many years and was once regarded as the hope of the fire element sect, with a talent better than Lou Hongyan, was actually a hybrid?

Had he got some outsider’s blood in his body?

Pang Bo had fought the outsiders and been hated by all the outsider races, but he had actually gotten involved with a female outsider and given birth to Pang Chicheng?

“No way” Peng Yan shook his head. “How is that possible? How could the old sectmaster, who hated outsiders more than anyone, possibly do that?”

Lou Hongyan was also stunned. “Impossible! How is that possible?”

The other Divine Sons and Divine Daughters who used their domains and wards made by their weapons to stop the fiery rain from touching them, also stared eagerly at Nie Tian.

They wanted Nie Tian to give them an explanation.

“It is bloodline power!” Nie Tian told them this fact in a very firm tone. “I’m sure of it! His unique bloodline is a natural fit for the lava fire, and can use the magma, melt it, and strengthen bodies! I have the keenest feeling for special outsider bloodlines in the world!

“No matter how he conceals it or disguises it, he cannot hide it from me!

“He’s a hybrid like me! His bloodline has something to do with the lava fire!”

Nie Tian stared at Pang Chicheng and shouted, “Am I right?”

Pang Chicheng just laughed.

However, at this time, when people took a closer look, they noticed that Pang Chicheng’s flame domain and the lava pool had merged, and his whole body seemed to have sunk to the point where he was thoroughly immersed in the magma.

This was his fleshly body, unprotected by anything!

His flame domain hung a little above his head.

He didn’t use any spirit energy to form a protective shield, or establish a flame power shield to absorb the power of the lava pool.

His body was directly immersed in the pool, with his skin touching the lava.

The human race was famous for their weak fleshly bodies. It was impossible for cultivators to come into direct contact with lava without the use of spirit energy, except for cultivators who practiced special body-refining techniques like Yin Yanan.

While humans couldn’t do that, outsiders could!

It was especially easy for those with special bloodlines whose bodies had been specially refined.

For instance, the current Pang Chicheng!

Hou Chulan observed him for a few seconds before she took a deep breath and said, “Without any spirit energy barrier, his body is immersed in the lava pool! He is washing himself with the fire from the lava pool, and using his body to absorb the flame power to refine his… bloodline!”

“Hybrid!” Lin Yaoyao exclaimed.

Peng Yan hesitated before muttering quietly, “Looks like this may actually be true. The old sectmaster never said who Pang Chicheng’s mother was, and no one has ever seen her. During his later years, when he returned from a trip, he brought Pang Chicheng back to the Realm of Fire Spirit.

“No one knows who the old sectmaster married.

“We were also curious and asked him about her. We wanted to see if the fire element sect could take care of her and her family after his death, but the old sectmaster was vague, and avoided answering those questions.

“So...” Even though Peng Yan was muttering to himself, his voice wasn’t low. His expression, his manner, and the surprise in his eyes showed that his belief was wavering.

“It can’t be wrong,” Nie Tian reaffirmed. “His bloodline must have awoken very late. I can sense that his body is still not strong enough. Also, there’s one more thing...”

If he wanted to mobilize Flame Dragon Armor’s power and enter the magical land where the titans was buried, he would need his flesh power.

Pang Chicheng hadn’t entered it after taking the Flame Dragon Armor into his possession, which meant that his bloodline hadn’t been awakened when he had abandoned the Flame Dragon Armor to save himself.

Perhaps even Pang Chicheng himself did not know that he had a special bloodline before it had awakened.

But because of the existence of his bloodline, he was still instinctively inclined to practice cultivation in the lava pool, and comprehended the great truths of his incantations in a direction that was different from his father’s to make breakthroughs in his cultivation.

“Hahaha!” Pang Chicheng laughed wildly again and said to Nie Tian, “You should know that with Flame Dragon Armor, one still needs his flesh aura to enter that special land. I was not able to take advantage of it to enter that place and get the legacies, but everything will change today. I’ll retake the Flame Dragon Armor and gain access to that land!”

His words indirectly admitted his identity — a hybrid!

“It’s true!” Huang Jinnan was taken aback. “I didn’t expect our Five Elements Sect to have successful hybrids long, long ago! No wonder, no wonder everyone says that you, Pang Chicheng, have a unique talent for cultivation, and you’re one of the most transcendent figures that has ever appeared in the fire element sect’s history.”

Hou Chulan sighed. “What a pity...”

It had been a long time since they had entered the sect, and they had heard some things from their seniors.

Almost all the sect elders of the Five Elements Sect, including their respective masters, couldn’t avoid mentioning a person who had been expelled when evaluating the cultivation talent of the Divine Sons and the Divine Daughters.

It was Pang Chicheng!

According to the senior members, Pang Chicheng’s talent was the most outstanding.

If he had had a kinder heart and concentrated on cultivation instead of making so much trouble, he would have been able to reach the God domain within a short time!

In fact, everyone felt that his speed at reaching the God domain would be the fastest in the history of the fire element sect, and even the Five Elements Sect.

Huang Jinnan, Lou Hongyan, Hou Chulan, and the others had been indignant and reluctant to accept this.

Now as Pang Chicheng returned, he was at the late Saint domain and about to break through to the God domain. This had already proved his outstanding cultivation talent.

After all, he hadn’t had the help of the sect’s training resources, or Shao Tianyang’s careful teaching. In addition, he had had to hide himself.

But even under these circumstances, he still had such a cultivation base and accomplishments. This showed how terrifying his talent was.

“So, he’s a hybrid.” Huang Jinnan murmured to himself, “I just wonder which outsider his bloodline came from. She wouldn’t be some grand monarch outsider, would she? For she was able to win the heart of the old sectmaster of the fire element sect, and secretly had a baby with him despite their racial barriers?”

Hearing his words, the people present couldn’t help but think hard about whether there was a female outsider expert proficient in flame power who had mastered and refined lava fire into her bloodline in the era during which Pang Bo lived.

It was a pity that the era was far too remote for them. They couldn’t imagine who it was.

“You’ve come back to be immersed in the lava pool because you want to strengthen your body with the boiling lava and integrate it into your bloodline, right?” Nie Tian’s train of thought became more and more smooth as he continued, “But it’s still very risky for you to break through to the God domain. You’re also worried and scared, so you’ve come here to improve your awakened bloodline as much as you can and strengthen your body one more time.

“Your saint domain has been built based on this lava pool. Your bloodline absorbs the power of the lava fire, giving you more confidence so you can have a better chance of successfully reaching the God domain.

“After reaching the God domain, you’ll get the Four Manifestations Flame Soul Cauldron and take control of the fire element sect and the Realm of Fire Spirit while Shao Tianyang’s not here.”

With a cunning smile, Pang Chicheng said, “Yes. As expected of a figure who gained fame throughout the starry river, and outshone Sikong Cuo and all the other Sons of the Stars. Unfortunately, I’m here, and you have my Flame Dragon Armor!”