Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1328: A Great Change in the Fire Element Sect

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Above the volcanic crater.

Many elders of the fire element sect and the Divine Sons and Daughters of the Five Elements Sec waited anxiously.

Nie Tian had vanished somehow, making them very upset. They didn’t know how they could explain it to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, the Void Spirit Society, and the Heaven Span Pavilion if something happened to Nie Tian.

Due to Gupi’s threat, Ji Yuanquan, Ye Wenhan, and the others regarded Nie Tian as the human race’s key in fighting against that foreign abomination.

Besides, in the Realm of Fragmentary Star, Nie Tian had really proved that once he was strong enough, he could seal Gupi completely!

“What on earth is hidden down there?” Huang Jinnan muttered.

No one answered.

Pu Yangbai, the Divine Son of the earth element sect, suddenly had doubts in his eyes. “Er...”

“Senior martial brother, have you found anything?” Hou Chulan asked curiously.

Pu Yangbai thought briefly, then said, “There’s something weird, but it has nothing to do with the volcano or Nie Tian...”

“What’s that?” Lou Hongyan was also curious.

“The earth of the Realm of Fire Spirit just shook mildly,” Pu Yangbai said. “The shock must have been caused by the entrance of some powerful figure through a teleportation portal somewhere,”

As the Divine Son of the earth element sect, he was naturally sensitive to the fluctuations of the cores of the realms.

His domain and spiritual cores also contained great wonders.

As long as he was in a realm, he could perceive even the most subtle fluctuations in the earth. He could even tell what the fluctuations represented, based on his previous experience.

Hou Chulan narrowed her eyes. “A powerful figure?”

Her bright eyes emitted sharp light as she asked, “Do you mean a God domain expert?”

Pu Yangbai nodded.

“All of the God domains seniors of our Five Elements Sect aren’t here at the moment.” Lin Yaoyao cut in, “Grandpa Lu hasn’t reached the God domain yet after his reincarnation. Plus, he’s not in the Five Elements Sect right now.”

“Is it Ji Yuanquan or Ye Wenhan?” Huang Jinnan asked.

“We would have known if they’d come,” Peng Yan couldn’t resist interjecting, “When the sectmasters of the five element sects leave their sects, our five realms are temporarily sealed, and people can only go in and out through teleportation portals. There are elders around every portal. If Ji Yuanquan or Ye Wenhan came, we should have been notified.”

Hou Chulan frowned. “This is strange.”

Half an hour later.


Spheres of dazzling light suddenly emerged in the distant sky.

There were clearly figures in those spheres, which meant the spheres represented different cultivators’ domains!

“Ha ha ha!” An overbearing, arrogant laugh echoed throughout the Realm of Fire Spirit, as if it could reach any corner of the realm and make itself known to all the fire element sect disciples. “I, Pang Chicheng, am back!”

Hearing this, Peng Yan, Lou Hongyan, and many other Divine Sons and Divine Daughters suddenly paled, and were overwhelmed with shock.

“Pang Chicheng!”

“How dare this traitor return to the Realm of Fire Spirit! How can he come back?”

“Here he comes!”

“And he has partners!”

Many elders of the fire element sect activated their flame domains and flew from the crater to the higher sky to look into the distance and perceive with their soul consciousness.

After taking a closer look at the people Peng Chicheng had brought with him, they turned out to be the leaders of various evil human sects who were notorious in the realms, and were resented by all.

“Sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society!”

“Sectmaster of the Death Curse Sect”

“Thunder Devil Yuan Jiuchuan!”


Pang Chicheng showed up after them, covered with raging flames and an aura stronger than theirs.

“Late Saint domain!” Li Yu yelled in surprise. “The traitor has actually reached the late Saint domain! Judging from his aura and state, he seems to be on the verge of breaking through to the God domain.”

A short, stout figure suddenly appeared and yelled, “Traitor? He’s not a traitor. He should have been this generation’s Divine Son of the fire element sect!”

The clothes he was wearing were virtually the same as those of the elders like Peng Yan. He was obviously another elder of the fire element sect. From the look of it, he was even older than the others.

However, his cultivation base was fairly low, as he was only at the middle Saint domain.

“Brother Fu!”

Peng Yan, Li Yu, and the other elders of the fire element sect were shocked to see him come forward. It seemed they didn’t believe this was true.

“Fu Huan! It’s actually him!” Huang Jinnan exclaimed.

Fu Huan was the oldest among this generation of elders of the fire element sect.

Before Shao Tianyang, Peng Yan, Li Yu, and the others had joined the Realm of Fire Spirit, Fu Huan had already been a cultivator of the Realm of Fire Spirit, and Pang Bo’s massager.

Fu Huan had seniority over all of them, but his talent was average, so he was only at the middle Saint domain.

Fu Huan stood up and stared at the other elders. “You don’t remember our sectmaster’s kindness anymore, but I do. A gang of ungrateful wretches! If the old sectmaster hadn’t brought you back to the Realm of Fire Spirit from those remote realms and taught you those flame incantations, could you live a good life now?”

“Just because our young lord made some mistakes when he was young, Shao Tianyang expelled him from the sect! And you! Not only did you not stop him, but you actually supported him! Way to kick a man when he’s down!”

“You all should die!”


While Fu Huan spoke, Pang Chicheng came slowly, enveloped in his flame domain and accompanied by a number of evil villains.

At the sight of Fu Huan, all the people present understood that it must be Fu Huan who had let Pang Chicheng, the sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society, Ren Yuanji of the Death Curse Sect, and the Thunder Devil Yuan Jiuchuan arrive through a teleportation portal.

“Crap,” Huang Jinnan exclaimed in a low voice.

The sectmaster of the Nether Spirit Society had returned to his peak when he had been in the Domain of Nether Heaven realm, which was the early Saint domain.

Ren Yuanji of the Death Curse Sect was at the late Saint domain now, and so was the Thunder Devil Yuan Jiuchuan.

On top of that, Pang Chicheng had also reached the late Saint domain.

Also, this was only what people could see. They had no idea whether more intruders were coming, and what cultivation bases these invaders possessed.

“We’re in big trouble,” Hou Chulan said with a troubled face. “Our masters are not at the Five Elements Sect. Uncle Lu hasn’t recovered and isn’t in the sect either. It should have been extremely difficult for people from the outside world to break in due to the spell formations here. I didn’t expect one of us to take the initiative to let these demons in.”

Every sectmaster of the Five Elements Sect was at the God domain.

As long as they were in the Five Elements Sect, any sectmaster could quickly arrive and wipe out these villains, as the five realms were not far from each other.

But the five sectmasters happened to be absent now.

“I’ve come to use the place where I cultivated to break through to the God domain,” Pang Chicheng said without showing his face. In his domain of flames, he was like a burning man. “When I reach the God domain, I will cross the barrier of the magma pool and enter the palace inside, which my father passed down to me.

“I will carry that divine tool and restore my father’s invincible might. I will take charge of the Realm of Fire Spirit again and become the master of the fire element sect!”

Lou Hongyan snorted. “Don’t kid yourself.”

Pang Chicheng laughed wildly. “Ha ha, you, Daughter of Flames, actually dare to question me? I’ve killed you once, but didn’t kill you completely. I’ll let you die thoroughly this time. Don’t you understand that if I hadn’t left the fire element sect, you would never have become the Divine Daughter?

“With your talent and cultivation aptitude, how can you possibly compete with me?

“You’re from a low commoner family, but you actually want to fight me for the throne of the fire element sect’s future master? You should take a better look at yourself.”