Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1327: Please Enlighten Me

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As soon as it said this, all the flame formations in the whole palace seemed to be instantly activated.


The palace, the rock walls, the earth, and the air were burning with fire.

Nie Tian seemed to be bathed in a sea of fire.

When his and the Flame Dragon Armor’s flame power was pulled away, it did not immediately integrate into the giant four-legged cauldron. Instead, it dispersed and became part of the flame power of the palace.

“A super-large-scale flame power-gathering fire spell formation!”

Nie Tian paled, and suddenly realized that flame power was being channeled into this palace from not only every corner of the Realm of Fire Spirit, but him and the Flame Dragon Armor as well.

Then he made another shocking discovery.

As the giant four-legged cauldron activated all the flame spell formations in the palace, he saw that the teleportation portal also showed abnormal fluctuations.

Then, spatial rifts cracked in the air!

He couldn’t tell where the spatial rifts led or were connected to.

From the slender spatial rifts, Nie Tian could see flames jumping, flying out, and then integrating into the palace.


The flames sputtered, and the flame power in the palace became purer and thicker.

Part of the flame power was absorbed by the Immortal grade divine tool, but most of it was used to power the palace...

The Realm of Fire Spirit!

This came as a great shock to him.

He sensed carefully, and found that the flame power that was being sucked out from the spatial rifts and integrated into the palace scattered into the depths of the earth with the palace as the center.

He even vaguely sensed a rise in the concentration of flame power in the magma in the earth.

“You’re wrong. The palace’s super-large-scale power-gathering spell formation does not gather spirit energy from the Realm of Fire Spirit to strengthen the Immortal grade divine tool, and to help it advance quickly!” Nie Tian communicated with Agaz again. “In this super-large-scale fire power-gathering spell formation, the Immortal grade divine tool is the leader and the operator. It is the soul of this palace, and even the whole Realm of Fire Spirit! It’s drawing flame power from other realms to nourish the Realm of Fire Spirit!”

“It’s partly because of this that the Realm of Fire Spirit is viewed as a holy land for practicing flame incantations, and makes the fire element sect so powerful!”

At this point, Nie Tian was also in awe of the fire element sect’s previous sect master. “This is all because of Pang Bo!”

Even though Pang Bo had long since died, the flame spell formation, the palace, and the giant four-legged cauldron he had left behind were all helping the Realm of Fire Spirit absorb flame power from other realms and other unknown places to nourish the buried fire veins that ran under the Realm of Fire Spirit, and increase the flame power concentration of the magma.

It was thanks to its extraordinary contributions that the Realm of Fire Spirit was more suitable for people practicing flame incantations than any other realm.

Nie Tian sighed in admiration. “No wonder he was the strongest and the most famous human expert of the last era. However, such a figure had a son named Pang Chicheng at the end of his life. Perhaps the only stain on his whole life is his son.”

His flame power wasn’t being drained from him as quickly as he had thought. He allowed the flame power to drain away without despair or panic.

He pondered for a few seconds, and then suddenly asked aloud, “I am the seventh Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Why did you drag me in? And has Pang Chicheng ever come here?”

The giant four-legged cauldron’s soul had made a sound earlier, along with its big move. This meant its intelligence must be extraordinary!

He wanted an answer.

In his mind, he was puzzled again, feeling that Pang Chicheng… might not have come to the Realm of Fire Spirit after he had left.

It was most likely the four-legged cauldron that had triggered the Flame Dragon Armor’s bloodline. Agaz had been affected because one of the flame dragons drawn on the foot of the cauldron had a connection to his bloodline.

The abnormal spatial fluctuations and the strange formation might be only used to connect the mysterious fire land of other realms, and absorb flame power for the Realm of Fire Spirit.

It was just like the Tool Sect of the Realm of Unbounded Desolation, which used Qi Bailu’s Flame Mirror to connect to an arcane flame realm and absorb flame power.

The grand spell formation and the giant four-legged cauldron here were naturally much more advanced than the Tool Sect and the Flame Mirror.

The source of the flame power absorbed by the palace and the formation couldn’t be a small arcane realm, but should be a wide realm, or even a domain of flame somewhere in the sea of stars discovered by Pang Bo.

“Pang Chicheng, Pang Chicheng, my lord’s orphan...” The resonant voice of the giant four-legged cauldron, which was a little vague and breaking up, echoed through the palace. “He hasn’t been here. He is not allowed to set foot here until he reaches the God domain. He cannot come here before he advances to the God domain, whereupon I will accompany him and continue fighting for the fire element sect as my master wishes.”

Nie Tian was surprised. “Ah!”

He did not expect that, as the soul of the palace, the giant four-legged cauldron would become Pang Chicheng’s sharp blade one day!

When he was in the space disruption zone last time, he heard the Thunder Devil say Pang Chicheng had reached the middle Saint domain.

Later, Pang Chicheng had persuaded the sectmaster of the Primal Yang Sect Wu Zhuri to stir up some trouble. Perhaps he had broken through again.

In that case, he wasn’t too far from reaching the God Domain.

If Pang Chicheng really reached the God Domain one day and could come here to take charge of the giant four-legged cauldron, wouldn’t his strength be redoubled?

“Wait! Isn’t this the place where Pang Chichen practiced cultivation?” Nie Tian asked.

“The place he practiced before was above this palace,” the giant four-legged cauldron replied, “Before reaching the God Realm, he cannot enter this palace, but can only use a little of my power in the upper magma pool to refine his spiritual core.”

Nie Tian was shocked. “He can’t enter here until he reaches the God Realm?”

“That’s right.”

“Even if Pang Bo was very famous, he didn’t expect that his son would be expelled by the fire element sect and then hunted all over the world, did he?” Nie Tian found this ironic.

“Do you know that your master’s orphan has long since been expelled by the fire element sect?” he asked.

“Yes, but I only obey my master’s orders,” the giant four-legged cauldron replied. “I will abide by the agreement. When he becomes a God domain expert, I will let go of everything to accept him. I will help him lead the palace and the Realm of Fire Spirit so that he can become the next master of the fire element sect.”

“You’re helping a tyrant!” Nie Tian roared furiously.

The giant four-legged cauldron was silent and didn’t explain at all, as if it couldn’t be bothered to talk to him.

“Then why did you attract my spiritual tool to come here? Why did you want me to come down?” Nie Tian asked again.

“Aren’t you looking for answers? Don’t you want to know the secret of that spiritual tool of yours?” The giant four-legged cauldron spoke more and more fluently.

This was probably because it hadn’t spoken for a long time. It wasn’t used to it at first, but once it passed the initial stage, it wouldn’t have any problem speaking later.

“You can hear our conversation from here?” Nie Tian was surprised.

When he and the others had talked about Flame Dragon Armor, they had been on the mountaintop with Lou Hongyan, a thousand miles away from here.

However, the giant four-legged cauldron could actually hear the conversations among him, Peng Yan, Lou Hongyanm and the others from this palace, which made Nie Tian feel very uncomfortable.

With a very arrogant attitude, the giant four-legged cauldron said to Nie Tian, “When I came to the Realm of Fire Spirit and helped strengthen its power, Shao Tianyang wasn’t here yet! I know more about the secrets of the Realm of Fire Spirit and the fire element sect than him! I know this suit of armor, and its secret.”

Nie Tian was cheered up immediately after hearing this. “Please enlighten me!”