Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1322: Flame Dragon Agaz

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The Flame Dragon Armor flew out, giving rise to a loud whoosh.

It released raging flames as a strong flesh aura surged within its Blood Core. Under everyone’s gazes, it rapidly morphed into a flame dragon with flesh and blood.

It was several hundred meters long and covered in crimson scales. Its huge claws looked like burning anchors. All of this gave it a fierce and dangerous look.

Intense bloodline power flowed out of its enormous body like rivers of fire, stirring up the senses of many of those who practiced fire incantations in the Realm of Fire Spirit.


Many nearby volcanoes seemed to be activated by the flame dragon’s bloodline talent, and started erupting violently and spewing a large amount of lava and earthflame.

Peng Yan from the fire element sect, who had come here upon receiving Lou Hongyan’s message, shouted in astonishment, “Agaz!”


Streaks of flaming light rapidly flew over from different parts of the Realm of Fire Spirit.

After coming to a stop, every one of them turned out to be an elder of the fire element sect. Male or female, they were all at the Saint domain. However, none of them had Peng Yan’s seniority.

“Elders, you...” Lou Hongyan said, looking baffled.

Peng Yan took a deep breath, the light of excitement filling his eyes. Staring unblinkingly at the flame dragon that had transformed from the Flame Dragon Armor, he marveled in disbelief, “Agaz! This is unbelievable!”

The newly arrived elders of the fire element sect also couldn’t help but exclaim, “I can’t believe it’s Agaz!”

All of them were senior members of the fire element sect, and recognized that the flame dragon was none other than the son of Baptista, the high chieftain of the flame dragons: Agaz.

As a teenager, Agaz had been a troublemaker. He had repeatedly barged into the human domains and started fires here and there. Eventually, his actions had attracted the fire element sect’s attention.

As a result, Agaz had been killed by powerful experts of the fire element sect.

Peng Yan and all of the elders present had seen Agaz before. Several of them had even contributed to his death.

They clearly remembered that after Agaz’s death, his bones, blood, heart, and soul had all been harvested.

It was based on them that Shao Tianyang had forged the Flame Dragon Armor to bestow upon his disciple Lou Hongyan to improve her battle prowess.

Agaz hadn’t been a mighty flame dragon when he had been slain. Shao Tianyang had only decided to do this because he had had the blood of Baptista, the high chieftain of the flame dragon race, running through his veins.

Baptista’s bloodline had reached the late tenth grade!

He was known as a mighty flame dragon not only by the dragons, but by all Ancientspirits as well. More than once, he had led his people into the human heaven and earth to seek revenge with the Five Elements Sect.

Fortunately, the Five Elements Sect had been protected by multiple God domain experts, and Shao Tianyang was at the late God domain. Only because of this they had been able to survive Baptista’s flames of wrath.

It was a fact that Agaz had died. However, he had now come back to life... Not just that, but his heart had been fixed and his Bloodline Crystal Chains had been regenerated in such a short time...

All of these elders, who knew what had happened to him, were flabbergasted.

Agaz twisted its crimson body in midair like an enormous streak of fiery light as it said in a thunderous voice in slightly awkward human language, “He is my one and only master.”

He said these words with his eyes dead fixed on Nie Tian.

Nie Tian smiled in satisfaction. “Great.”

Then, as he beckoned with his hand, Agaz’s enormous body morphed into a streak of crimson light that rapidly shrank back into a suit of armor. “As you saw for yourself, the very foundation of this suit of armor, Agaz the flame dragon, was resurrected by me. In fact, it was almost damaged beyond repair when I first got it. It was me who fixed it.

“Not to mention that I didn’t take it from your sect. Pang Chicheng got into trouble and lost it. After that, it changed hands several times, and eventually ended up in my possession.

“I paid a huge price for it.

“Plus, the head of your sect made it clear that he wouldn’t demand it from me. Instead, he’d only borrow it sometime in the future.”

Nie Tian put the Flame Dragon Armor on and talked in front of the fire element sect elders, feeling secure in the knowledge that he had strong backing.

“Pang Chicheng!” Peng Yan’s eyes were filled with the flame of fury. “It’s all because of that traitor! If it weren’t for him, our Divine Daughter would have advanced to the Saint domain long ago!”

“Hong Yan, your master really said that?” One of the elders asked.

Lou Hongyan nodded slightly, looking downcast. “Master did say that he didn’t plan on demanding the Flame Dragon Armor from Nie Tian, but he’d borrow it someday.”

Peng Yan gradually calmed down, pulling at his wild red hair as if pondering a solution.

Nie Tian glanced over the elders and asked, “So how much do you know about the Flame Dragon Armor’s wonders? With Senior Shao away, can any of you answer my questions?”


All of a sudden, a volcano in the distance erupted violently, shaking heaven and earth.


Without Nie Tian’s consent, the Flame Dragon Armor separated itself from Nie Tian and dashed towards the volcano like a streak of crimson flames.

“Something over there is stirring up my bloodline...” a soul message came through from Agaz.

“Nie Tian, what is that suit of armor, I mean Agaz, doing?” Lou Hongyan asked, looking baffled.

“Apparently, something inside that volcano is stirring up his bloodline,” Nie Tian answered.

Peng Yan and all of the other elders of the fire element sect gasped after hearing these words.

“That mountain...”

With a hesitant look in his eyes, one of the elders first took a look at Peng Yan, and then quickly turned to look at Lou Hongyan, as if he wanted to say something.

Confused, Lou Hongyan asked, “What?”

Nie Tian was also confused as he said, “I’m going with it. Since it says something in that volcano is stirring up its bloodline, there must be something there.”

Then, he flew off into the distance.

Full of curiosity, Hou Chulan and several other Divine Sons and Daughters flew after him.

Moments later, those from the fire element sect were the only ones that remained on the mountaintop.

“Tell me. What is it?” Lou Hongyan asked.

“That volcano is where Pang Chicheng used to practice cultivation,” Peng Yan said, his expression grim. “However, he betrayed our sect long ago, and didn’t dare to ever come back again. Plus, the Flame Dragon Armor was forged by the head of our sect many years after he ran away.”

“So what does that mean?” Lou Hongyan asked.

“Why is there something in that volcano that stirs up Agaz’s bloodline...?” The more Peng Yan thought about it, the more he found it baffling. “Even after he stole the Flame Dragon Armor from you, he never dared to come back to the Realm of Fire Spirit. If he never came back, how can there be something in there that can stir up Agaz’s bloodline?”

“Perhaps he did come back. It’s just that we don’t know about it.” One of the elders said.

Peng Yan’s expression flickered strongly as he shook his head repeatedly, refusing to believe the possibility that elder suggested. “What?! No! That’s impossible!”

“I think that could be it. Otherwise, how can we explain this? Anyways, let go take a look first.”