Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1320: Turning Realms

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Both Nie Tian’s subordinates and friends started to feel they couldn’t see through him, as if he was full of mysteries.

“Gupi...” Ji Yuanquan from the Void Spirit Society brought up the topic while the atmosphere was heated.

The clamorous hall suddenly fell silent.

Looking somewhat embarrassed, Ji Yuanquan said, “Sorry, I didn’t want to put a damper on things. However, Gupi is like a fish bone stuck in our throats. It’s a great threat to humanity. If we can’t take care of it soon, I’m afraid that riots might even break out in our domains.”

Yu Suying, Mo Qianfan, Xie Qian, and the other experts remained silent, looking deeply worried.

Even though their realms hadn’t been ravaged by Gupi, who could tell what would happen in the future?

What would they do if Gupi laid its murderous hands on their realms one day?

Someone or some force had to step up and stop it from doing whatever it wanted, and plaguing one domain after another.


Ye Wenhan from the Heaven Span Pavilion stepped into the meeting hall, and was surprised to see that everyone was silent.

“We were discussing Gupi,” Ji Yuanquan explained.

Suddenly enlightened, Ye Wenhan turned to Nie Tian and said explicitly, “As you know, the Five Elements Sect, the Void Spirit Society, and our sect’s strongest experts are all away at the moment. We tried to stop Gupi with various spiritual incantations and tools. However, nothing really worked. We couldn’t even eliminate the toxic miasma it released.

“Also, if we had a solution, we wouldn’t have paid such close attention to you and the Realm of Maelstrom.

“And we wouldn’t have learned that the Phantasms were planning to sneak into the Domain of Forbidden Heaven to seek trouble with you so fast.

“We’re truly at our wits’ end now, Nie Tian. That mysterious talisman of yours and your master’s time power are the only two things we know that will work on Gupi.”

They had expressed their attitude perfectly clearly, which was that they hoped that Nie Tian would contain Gupi and stop it from plaguing humanity, or find a way to get in contact with his master, Wu Ji.

In fact, they had already paid a substantial price for him to do this.

All of the ninth grade Ancientbeast and outsider corpses Jing Feiyang had brought him had come from them. They had also promised that as long as Nie Tian agreed to take care of Gupi, they would find ways to persuade their elders to let them scoop more of those items out of their sect vaults to give to him.

Nie Tian pondered for a while before leveling his gaze and saying with a frown, “You’ve made yourselves perfectly clear. I fully understand.”

“However, I can’t give you an answer now. Given my current strength, I don’t know if I can seal Gupi. I need some time to learn more about its abilities and myself. Would you go find your sect’s records about Gupi for me, the more detailed the better.”

Ye Wenhan nodded. “Sure.”

Without delay, Ji Yuanquan, Ye Wenhan, and the few Saint domain elders of the Five Elements Sect exited the hall, leaving only Nie Tian’s forces in the hall.

“What do you say?” Nie Tian asked, looking at them.

“Gupi is far too dangerous. I think that since it hasn’t come for us, why should we go after it now?” Master Blood Spirit took the initiative to express his opinion. “As long as it doesn’t come to our domains, we may want to leave it alone. It’s better if you go after it when your cultivation base and bloodline reach a certain level, and you’re confident in your ability to defeat it.”

Jing Feiyang chimed in. “I think he’s right.”

The others then took turns to weigh in.

Nie Tian listened for a long while, and discovered that the majority of the experts from his subordinate domains advised against going after Gupi, at least for now, since the risks were simply too high.

Xie Qian, Yu Suying, and Mo Qianfan, however, suggested that he might want to give the matter serious consideration, and try to frustrate its unscrupulous attacks on the condition that his own safety was guaranteed.

Eventually, Nie Tian said, “Let me take some time to think about it.”

“Zhang Qiling, Li Wanfa, and many other Saint domain experts are waiting to see you,” Qu Mingde said.

“Tell them that I’m not seeing anyone now,” Nie Tian said.

Qu Mingde, Quan Zixuan, and Jing Feiyang expressed that they understood.


In the Domain of Green Woods.

Like a thin veil, grayish green miasma enveloped a realm that had been exuberant and full of life.

The realm’s name was the Realm of Green Sea.

As one of the most famous realms of the Domain of Green Woods, it was covered in dense forests and the weather was mild year-round, which had made it a blessed land for cultivators who practiced wood incantations.

Now, after Gupi had plagued it and left, it had become a land of dead silence.

Poisoned by Gupi’s toxic miasma, the vegetation in the Realm of Green Sea started to mutate. Even the realm’s structure started to change, gradually turning the Realm of Green Sea into an ideal place for Fiends to live in.


A spatial rift appeared out of nowhere under the effect of some spatial treasure.


A tall Fiend with green skin and emerald pupils flew through the spatial rift.

The flesh power he exuded seemed to instantly form a harmonious relationship with the toxic miasma in the Realm of Green Sea.

As soon as he stepped on this land, millions of poisonous bugs flew out of his palm, along with innumerable toxic bacteria.

They spread out and flew in every direction to either merge with the ground, fuse into the plants, or vanish into the sea.

Their arrival accelerated the mutation of the Realm of Green Sea.

Then, a stream of Fiends arrived after him. Every one of them had excitement written all over their faces as they opened the bottles and cans they had brought with them to release even more poisonous things.

A ninth grade Fiend chuckled cunningly and said, “Grand monarch, this realm seems very suited to be turned into a place where we can nourish our bloodlines, more so than the other realms we’ve been to. It’s hard to believe that thing is actually helping us expand our territory into the human domains.”

The other Fiend also grew excited.

Their leader was the middle tenth grade Grand Monarch Nether Channeler, whose status was second only to their high chieftain, Grand Monarch Dark Depths.

The Domain-corroding Flames had been forged by Grand Monarch Nether Channeler with essence from Gupi’s toxic miasma and a variety of fatal toxins. It was designed to melt Void and Saint domain human cultivators’ domains.

Even among the Fiends, Gupi was considered a strange thing. Many feared it a great deal.

Very few Fiends could earn its trust and acknowledgment too.

Grand Monarch Nether Channeler was one of them, and the one it trusted the most.

It was said that Grand Monarch Nether Channeler had come from an insignificant clan. As a youngster, he had been nothing but a young member of his clan with an unimpressive bloodline grade.

However, one day, when he had been traveling in a toxic realm, he had encountered Gupi.

Gupi hadn’t evolved to be so terrifyingly powerful back then. That was when the young Grand Monarch Nether Channeler and Gupi had become involved.

Their involvement had eventually made a grand monarch and a mighty strange existence.

At first, Grand Monarch Nether Channeler had kept it as his pet, and traveled through the Fiend realms to find places with rich toxic miasma, so it could grow stronger.

It had served him well, and helped him defeat powerful opponents.

However, as time had passed, Gupi had gradually grown to be as strong as him, perhaps even stronger in certain aspects. That was when their relationship had changed.

The two of them had gradually become equals and partners.

Later, Gupi had left his side and become independent again. It had relied on itself to search Fiend realms for toxic miasma that would help it grow stronger.

At the same time, Grand Monarch Nether Channeler had gradually strengthened his bloodline, and eventually ascended to the peak to become a tenth grade grand monarch.

During that time, he had encountered several major unforeseen events, and gone to seek Gupi’s help. Its power had helped turn peril into safety. (Idiom: ward off disasters)

Their last contact had happened when the Fiends’ defensive lines in the Dead Star Sea had been on the verge of being breached. It was him who had convinced Gupi to join their defenses and inflict heavy damage upon the humans.

Humanity suffered heavy losses from that battle. Two God domain experts had perished.

Meanwhile, Gupi had been trapped and sealed by the sectmaster of the Shadow Society with his secret shadow magics, before it had been taken away from the Dead Star Sea and vanished.

Over the years, Grand Monarch Nether Channeler had repeatedly snuck into human domains in attempts to find Jiang Yuanchi and rescue Gupi, but failed. This had frustrated him.

However, who would have thought that people would interrupt his cultivation in the Fiend realms and inform him of the shocking news: Gupi had possessed Jiang Yuanchi!

Not just that, but it had nearly breached the defenses of the Realm of Fragmentary Star. Multiple human domains had been plagued and encroached on by it.

Therefore, after communication with the high chieftain, he had snuck over with a handful of ninth grade grand patriarchs.

“I haven’t met it yet.” Grand Monarch Nether Channeler’s soul aura spread towards every corner of the Realm of Green Sea along with the poisonous insects and bacteria. “Its source of power is all kinds of toxins and poisons. So it needs to engulf realms in its toxic miasma and turn them. It’s sort of like cultivating realms...”

Surprised, a grand patriarch asked, “Cultivating realms?”

“Yes,” Grand Monarch Nether Channeler said. “Not every human realm can be easily turned into blessed lands for us. It only chooses realms that can be transformed within a short time. Once the transformation is finished and the concentration of the toxic miasma multiplied, it will return to gather toxins.”

The grand patriarchs nodded slightly. “So that’s how it is.”

Grand Monarch Nether Channeler chuckled softly and said, “I, on the other hand, can help it accelerate the transformation, so these realms will soon turn into places that suit its needs, and at the same time, are helpful to our bloodline upgrades. So let’s follow its footsteps and do what we can while the peak human experts are away and Jiang Yuanchi is under its control.”

At this moment, Grand Monarch Nether Channeler’s face suddenly split into a hearty smile. “I think it’s sensed my presence.”

“So what do we do, Grand Monarch?”

“You’ll stay here and make sure the things we’ve brought from our clan spread to every corner of the Realm of Green Sea, so that its transformation will complete quickly.”


Grand Monarch Nether Channeler morphed into a streak of pale green light that shot out of this realm.

An hour later, in a remote area in the Domain of Green Woods, he saw a dark gray shadow domain that emanated Gupi’s soul fluctuations, which he was more familiar with than anyone.

In Jiang Yuanchi’s form, Gupi slowly revealed itself in the dark gray domain.

Grand Monarch Nether Channeler knew it was Gupi as soon as he saw Jiang Yuanchi’s empty eyes that were bereft of any human emotions. “After you were sealed, I thought up every method to rescue you from the human domains. However, since that Jiang Yuanchi is at the middle God domain and hid his whereabouts well, I couldn’t track him down.”

“You, follow my footsteps, and finish the transformation of those realms...” Gupi said in broken Fiend language.

“I’m already doing that,” Grand Monarch Nether Channeler said.

“Two humans are threats to me,” Gupi then said. “One practices time power. The other is called Nie Tian. He uses this special sealing spell, very mysterious. He could use it to seal my toxin essence. Find them and kill them. Don’t let them affect me.”