Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1318: You’re Not Qualified To Talk To Me!

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In the Realm of Maelstrom.

Ling Bingyun and the others of the Ice Soul Divine Sect had waited in the stone building that the Golden Vast Sect had arranged for them for quite a long time now.

Han Qiong could not help asking Qu Mingde several times for information about Nie Tian.

But Qu Mingde just gave him the same answer — Nie Tian hadn’t returned.

In the Realm of Maelstrom, Ling Bingyun would still occasionally get bad news from the Domain of Green Wood.

Because of Gupi’s rampage, people had been plunged into misery and suffering. The realms there were completely enveloped in its miasma. Many experts and countless sects and forces had disappeared.

Recently, there had also been disciples of her sect coming to the Realm of Maelstrom to inform her that their disciples had started to panic.

“Sectmaster, many of our disciples are so nervous that they want to leave our sect and evacuate from the Domain of Frigid Frost,” Kong Shuangjing said with a troubled expression, “They all feel that after Gupi wipes out the Domain of Green Wood, it’s very likely that it will enter the Domain of Frigid Frost.”

Han Qiong wore a bitter face. “They think we can’t fight Gupi with our own strength.”

Kong Shuangjing nodded. “That’s right. The Domain of Green Wood isn’t the only domain that Gupi has visited. The foundations of the other domains weren’t any weaker than that of ours, and they also had many sects with multiple Saint domain experts. However, what happened to them after Gupi showed up?”

Both of them sighed.

Ling Bingyun wore a cold face, feeling very stifled. “I did what you asked of me, pocketing my pride and coming to the Realm of Maelstrom to apologize to Nie Tian. What can I do when he hasn’t returned? If those disciples who are terrified and nervous want to leave our sect, there’s nothing I can do to stop them.”

“Why does Nie Tian have to go into secluded cultivation at this time?” Kong Shuangjing said irritably.

Ling Bingyun snorted. “Who knows?”

Suddenly, there was a loud noise outside.

“There’s news about Nie Tian!”

“It seems that our master was attacked by Phantasms in Domain of Forbidden Heaven!”

“Ji Yuanquan rushed to the Realm of Maelstrom with Ye Wenhan, Yu Suying, and Mo Qianfan. It seemed he wanted to use his spatial magics to enter the Domain of Forbidden Heaven as soon as possible!”

“It’s said that several grand Phantasm patriarchs went after Nie Tian!”

The three people of the Ice Soul Divine Sect, as well as Zhang Qiling of the Heavenly Spirit Sect and a large number of Saint domain visitors, all walked out of stone buildings, palaces, and quiet compounds.

These people floated in midair. Their eyes could see things thousands of kilometers away. When their soul awareness spread, it could cover the whole Realm of Maelstrom.


It felt like there was an invisible wind sweeping across the Realm of Maelstrom. Many disciples with low cultivation bases from the Divine Seal Sect, the Thousandsword Mountain Sect, and the Golden Vast Sect had a strange feeling that they were being peeped on.

Many of those who were talking also felt cold or burning sensations, or an aura brushing against them quietly.

Soon, they understood that these sensations came from experts who practiced incantations of different attributes, and were at least at the Saint domain.

Across the vast empty land, Zhang Qiling noticed Ling Bingyun in another stone building, and looked surprised. “Why haven’t you left yet? The Domain of Frigid Frost is very likely to be Gupi’s next target, but you seem rather calm about it for staying this long in the Realm of Maelstrom with your two most powerful sect elders. Hehe.”

“Aren’t you still here too?” Ling Bingyun asked indifferently.

Zhang Qiling chuckled and said, “You and I want different things. And I have plenty of time to wait.

“My domain is far from where Gupi is, so I’m not very worried. I’m just waiting here because I want to establish a good relationship with Nie Tian, and prepare for my future breakthrough into the God domain.

“But you...” Zhang Qiling didn’t finish the sentence.

Ling Bingyun didn’t look very well.

She no longer answered Zhang Qiling. With her soul awareness, she listened to the conversations of the disciples and sect elders of the Divine Seal Sect, the Thousandsword Mountain Sect, and the Golden Vast Sect. She learned that Ji Yuanquan and Ye Wenhan had come in a hurry to get Yu Suying and Mo Qianfan, torn open a spatial rift, and then disappeared.

Ling Bingyun had gained a good deal of information from their conversations.

“Several grand patriarchs of the Phantasms joined up to deal with him in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven. They even used a weapon named the Wheel of Time and Space...” she said to herself quietly as she frowned privately.

Many disciples of the three forces attached to Nie Tian were still discussing the event.

“Our young master should be all right, four God domain experts have gone to him through a spatial rift.”

“I don’t know. Several grand Phantasm patriarchs have joined hands. I hope they arrive in time.”

“I’m really worried.”

Time ticked by.

Elsewhere, Duan Shihu, Jing Rou, Jing Feiyang, and the others from the Divine Seal Sect were also very worried. They had received a message that the teleportation portal connecting to the Domain of Forbidden Heaven had stopped working.

Moments later.


Outside the Realm of Maelstrom, a spatial rift was torn apart. Nie Tian, Ye Wenhan, Master Blood Spirit, Dong Li, and the others walked out of it one after another.

“Nie Tian is back!” Jing Feiyang, Quan Zixuan, Qu Mingde, and the others who had been anxiously waiting for Nie Tian and had long since tied their future to him suddenly shouted in shock, as did Xie Qian, who had come immediately after hearing what had happened.


Nie Tian and the others walked out of the spatial rift that Ji Yuanquan had created and flew towards the waiting crowds.

Nie Tian’s soul awareness spread, and he was greatly surprised when it returned to him. “Why are there so many Saint domain experts in the small Realm of Maelstrom?”

Narrowing his eyes, he looked into the sky and found many acquaintances.

Zhang Qiling, Li Wanfa, Fu Yusen, Yan Bin, and Gou Junhao, as well as Ling Bingyun of the Ice Soul Divine Sect...

These people had either witnessed him destroy the Realm of Jade Billows and fight Song Chequan in the Domain of Jade Heaven, or seen him seal Gupi’s poisonous miasma with the Illusory Ancient Talismans in the Realm of Fragmentary Star.

They were all famous Saint domain experts or sectmasters, or the masters of strong clans in the human world, with prominent positions.

“Ling Bingyun of the Ice Soul Divine Sect!”

Suddenly, his expression became strange, and his eyes landed on the three people from the Ice Soul Divine Sect.

He summoned his Star Boat, jumped onboard, and then flew straight to the three of them.

Many Saint domain experts who had a bad relationship with the Ice Soul Divine Sect and disliked Ling Bingyun quietly gathered and made sarcastic remarks in low voices.

“Hehe! When they were in the Domain of Primal Yang, Ling Bingyun of the Ice Soul Divine Sect arrogantly offended Nie Tian!”

“I didn’t expect her to come to the Realm of Maelstrom.”

“Isn’t it because the Domain of Frigid Frost and the Ice Soul Divine Sect will be Gupi’s next targets?”

Face cold, Han Qiong snorted as he watched some of the whispering people approaching.

Nie Tian drove the Star Boat to slowly come into the sky over the Golden Vast Sect’s territory, cast a glance at the three of them, and said with an unhappy face, “Isn’t this Sectmaster Ling? I remember when I was in the Domain of Primal Yang, Sectmaster Ling tried to test my strength in a domineering manner, and didn’t give me any face.

“The Realm of Maelstrom is my turf. I’m greatly honored by your gracious presence.”

Ling Bingyun’s face froze.

Originally, she had wanted to apologize after meeting Nie Tian in a private place.

The situation she had expected was absolutely nothing like this, where she was being stared at by people who were hostile to her or had conflicts with her.

“I...” She opened her mouth, but couldn’t find the right words, and didn’t know how to break the ice.

Kong Shuangjing smiled guiltily and said awkwardly, “Nie Tian, our sect...”

Nie Tian snorted and glared at Kong Shuangjing. “You aren’t qualified to talk to me!”

At the same time, he instantly borrowed the power of the five evil gods in the Spirit Pearl.

The two kinds of power he borrowed were fear and despair.

His eyes suddenly became as inscrutable and dark as the endless abyss. All of a sudden, the negative power of fear and despair hit Kong Shuangjing like a boundless, deep ocean.

After being scolded by him, this elder of the Ice Soul Divine Sect who was at the late Saint domain snorted and met his eyes for a moment.

Kong Shuangjing entered a daze. A few seconds later, she suddenly cried out.

Her face and eyes were filled with fear and despair, and her old body trembled.

In her eyes, Nie Tian seemed to no longer be a person, but a horrifying, monstrous god rising from the abyss.