Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1317: Unparalleled Battle Record

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Nie Tian had consumed a significant amount of flesh power for his bloodline to break through into the eighth grade and to initiate the fifth phase of Heavenly Wood Heal, Blood Condensing. Before this battle, he had condensed three hundred drops of Blood Essence with the tremendous amount of outsider and Ancientbeast corpses Dong Li and Jing Feiyang had brought to him.

After prolonged, devoted cultivation, he had eventually finished Blood Condensing.

His body was also further strengthened.

However, he was still far from obtaining enough flesh power for his bloodline to advance to the ninth grade.

During this time, he had drained close to thirty ninth grade Ancientbeast and outsider corpses.

The amount of eighth grade ones he had consumed was even greater.

Part of this immense flesh power had been used to practice Heavenly Wood Heal and refine Blood Essence, while another portion had been reserved in his bones, internal organs, and blood.

However, he had consumed as much as eighty percent of his reserved flesh power, along with fifty drops of Blood Essence, in this most recent battle!

Such consumption was simply too great. If he hadn’t faced a Phantasm grand monarch, he wouldn’t have entered his enlarged form at such a heavy cost.


As he made a grabbing motion in the air, the Spirit Pearl flew into his palm.

He communicated with its soul once again.

Numerous fragmentary magical symbols were flickering with mysterious light within the isolated heaven and earth inside the Spirit Pearl, as if to solidify it from within.

Meanwhile, the magical symbols would explode from time to time to fuse into the five evil gods.

The five evil gods simply rested in silence in their own regions. Even though they seemed to be slumbering, they actively absorbed the magical symbols, as if they were tracing lost memories through them...

Nie Tian was taken aback.

According to the Spirit Pearl’s soul, it didn’t know the origin of the five evil gods either.

It only knew that when the other two Spirit Pearls had exploded, part of their power and the ancient imprints within them had fused into this one.

Therefore, in a sense, the three of them had become one.

After the fusion, the wondrous cyan heaven and earth inside the Spirit Pearl had experienced subtle changes, allowing the five evil gods to gain power from it that would help them grow and awaken their memories.

The Spirit Pearl’s soul also told him that the battle prowess of the five evil gods, which had experienced a series of transformations and developed fleshly bodies after receiving his Blood Essence and a large number of discarnate souls, had improved significantly.

Even though they hadn’t awakened any peculiar evil magics, they were strong enough to contend against Saint domain experts with nothing but their fleshly bodies now.

“If it can contend against Saint domain experts, it can fight outsider grand patriarchs!”

The information he received from the Spirit Pearl’s soul greatly lifted Nie Tian’s spirits. Furthermore, according to it, the five evil gods were attempting to awaken some sort of lost power.

If they managed to do so, each of them would possess battle prowess equal to that of a ninth grade grand patriarch, if not higher!

Each and every one of them would be able to handle an outsider grand patriarch or Saint domain human expert alone!

“Such strong helpers will definitely give me an edge in my future battles against formidable foes.” Nie Tian thought to himself. However, he also decided that he wouldn’t activate his enlarged form and connect himself to the Star Behemoth bone through Life Blend to fully stimulate his potential if it wasn’t absolutely necessary, even though that would push his battle prowess to the limit.

Yu Suying from the Profound Purity Palace finally recovered from the state where she had almost lost control of herself.

With her sharp eyes, she shot Nie Tian a nasty glance, and exclaimed angrily, “Nie Tian! Can’t you tell friends from foes?!”

Nie Tian smiled. “My apologies, Senior Yu. I didn’t mean it.”

Then, he flew towards the floating meteor where Master Blood Spirit, Li Langfeng, and Hua Mu were standing.

Seeing that he had returned to his true form, Dong Li told the black tortoise to do the same and return to her as well.

Ye Wenhan looked up at the Star Behemoth bone that was floating over Nie Tian and moving along with him as he stepped through the void.

“Such intense flesh power,” he said. “It seems to me that that bone has already become as mighty as an Immortal grade divine tool.”

Nie Tian was taken aback. “An Immortal grade divine tool?”

Ye Wenhan nodded. “That’s right. Of course, that’s how we humans would grade it. But yes, the power it contains and the might it manifests when you wield it tells me that it can be viewed as an Immortal grade divine tool now!”

Nie Tian let out a broad laugh. “Who would have thought that I’d have an Immortal grade divine tool of my own?”

Ye Wenhan’s expression grew complicated as he continued, “Not just that, but that pearl from the Phantasms seems to be an Immortal grade divine tool as well!”

Nie Tian was astonished.

“Plus, the Flame Dragon Armor seems to be getting more and more powerful since you obtained it,” Ye Wenhan added. “Spiritual tools like the Flame Dragon Armor normally don’t have room to improve. However, you’re full of wonders. The way I see it, even though that suit of armor is quite mighty as it is, it’s only a matter of time before it too reaches the Immortal grade.”

Hua Mu gasped with astonishment. “What?!”

“Are you saying that that bone, the Spirit Pearl, and the Flame Dragon Armor are all divine tools?” Nie Tian asked.

Ye Wenhan nodded. “I suppose so, but that’s how we label them. Outsiders and Ancientspirits have their own tool-grading systems. No matter how we classify them, the tools at the highest grades are usually equally powerful. Those three tools of yours are all at the highest grades, and have unlimited potential.”

Nie Tian frowned and thought to himself, “The Flame Dragon Armor, the Star Behemoth, and the Spirit Pearl...”

Slowly, the group of people landed on the meteor where the teleportation portal had exploded.

As Ji Yuanquan lifted his hand, mysterious spatial power surged within his palm, soon forming a complicated imprint, as if he were scanning the shattered teleportation portal.

Then, stones and materials that contained spatial power flew into the remains of the teleportation portal one after another.

It wasn’t long before a brand new, functioning teleportation portal was built by Ji Yuanquan.

Only after he was finished did he explain, “The power of the Wheel of Time and Space shattered this teleportation portal.

“The Wheel of Time and Space is a wondrous treasure of the Phantasms. It’s also a unique space manipulation divine tool. It can generate spatial tunnels, allowing the Phantasms to travel from one domain to another. Many of the teleportation portals the outsiders left in our domains, which connect to their domains, were created with the help of the Wheel of Time and Space.

“It’s also the reason why even though I knew the Phantasms were coming after you, I wasn’t able to get here in time to fight them.

“That spatial tool can freeze space in a large area. Even I couldn’t break its space-freezing spell and teleport here.

“Of course, if our sectmaster wanted to break its spell, he could do it easily with the help of his Void Mirror. Unfortunately, our sectmaster was unavailable.

“Oh, right. If Miss Pei and her Space Boundaries Crystal continue to get stronger, she might be able to break the space-freezing spell of the Wheel of Time and Space too.”

Ji Yuanquan took his time to explain why he hadn’t been able to arrive in time to help him.

With knitted brows, Ye Wenhan from the Heaven Span Pavilion let out a sigh and said, “This crisis with the Phantasms has come to an end, for now. However, you’ve made lots of enemies.”

“What now?” Nie Tian asked.

“The Demons...” Ye Wenhan said with all seriousness. “Since all of our peak experts have disappeared together, the outsiders have grown restless. It’s said that some Demons are preparing to invade your domains to settle accounts with you. Another reason is because...”

He turned to look at Dong Li.

Dong Li understood what he meant. “They want to take their dark stone back?”

Ye Wenhan nodded. “Yeah. Since Mo Heng is missing, and we haven’t heard from Ji Cang for a very long time, the Demons see this as an opportunity. As you know, while we have to go through the Dead Star Sea to reach the outsiders’ heaven and earth, they can come to ours through the teleportation portals they left here long ago.”

Hua Mu jumped in and said, “Qiqi already eliminated the teleportation portals that connect your domains to the outsider world.”

“Even so, they can enter your domains from nearby domains,” Ye Wenhan said.

Hua Mu’s expression flickered. “That’s true.”

Nie Tian grinned. “Let’s cross that bridge when we come to it. The Phantasms failed, didn’t they, even with the help of the Wheel of Time and Space? I don’t think the Demons can get more grand monarchs to join their operation. Even if they did, we might not necessarily lose.”

By putting himself in an overloaded state and consuming a significant amount of his Blood Essence, he had managed to fight Grand Monarch Dark Nether briefly. This had allowed his self-confidence to rise to an unprecedented level.

“The strengthening and upgrading of my bloodline and tools rely on outsider corpses. The stronger they are, the more helpful they’ll be!” Nie Tian said arrogantly. “I even have a feeling that I should go hunt outsiders in their heaven and earth!”

The four God domain experts fell silent after hearing this.

All of them had a deep feeling that this battle had changed Nie Tian.

Being able to fight Grand Monarch Dark Nether head-on had given him great confidence, as if he had experienced some sort of transformation and didn’t know fear anymore, no matter how powerful his enemy might be.

Even grand monarchs and God domain experts wouldn’t intimidate him anymore.

“This is another name-making battle,” Yu Suying said in a low voice.

Ye Wenhan shuddered slightly and said to Nie Tian, “If word spreads, and people learn that you survived a head-on battle against Grand Monarch Dark Nether in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven...”

Only after a ten-second pause did he brace himself to continue, “This is even more shocking and unbelievable than your grand elder Mo Heng surviving his battle against Grand Monarch Primal Demon!”

Ji Yuanquan, Mo Qianfan, Yu Suying, Master Blood Spirit, and the others all gasped after taking a moment to mull his words over.

Ye Wenhan was right.

Mo Heng had first defeated Grand Monarch Bloodlust, and then survived his battle against Grand Monarch Primal Demon. Both battles had taken place immediately after he had entered the middle God domain.

This incredible achievement had attracted worldwide attention, raised every human expert’s eyebrows, and saved the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace’s plunging reputation.

What about Nie Tian?

He had only broken through into the Void domain recently, and his bloodline was only at the eighth grade. However, he had managed to survive a head-on battle against Grand Monarch Dark Nether, whose strength was many levels higher than his.

This was a battle record humanity’s history had never seen!