Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1316: Godlike!

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Surging Phantasm Qi quietly scattered. This area of starry river, which had been suppressed by the grand wheel like a frozen sea, finally returned to normal.

Li Langfeng looked back at the shattered teleportation portal. After a moment of pondering, he realized that its destruction must have been caused by that grand wheel, which had been jointly operated by three Phantasm grand patriarchs.


Face reddened, Master Blood Spirit morphed into a streak of blood-colored light and flew back.

Darkness dissipated, revealing Dong Li’s curvaceous body. Standing on the back of the enormous black tortoise, she also slowly approached Nie Tian.

Stopping beside Hua Mu and Li Langfeng, Master Blood Spirit fixed his scarlet eyes on Nie Tian and exclaimed, “This is godlike… He’s only at the Void domain, his bloodline at the eighth grade, yet he was able to break Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s mighty soul spells. Utterly unbelievable...”

At this moment, Nie Tian was about a hundred meters tall and incomparably robust. Like a deity, he stood towering in the middle of the starry river.

The Star Behemoth bone was more than two hundred meters long.

Clutching it like a divine spear, he looked majestic and awe-inspiring. Even the late Saint domain Master Blood Spirit was shocked by the immensity of his flesh aura.


All of a sudden, a brand new spatial rift ripped the void open.

Ji Yuanquan, Ye Wenhan, Yu Suying, and Mo Qianfan, four God domain experts, arrived through it.

“Nie Tian!” Mo Qianfan from the Heavenly Thunder Sect exclaimed as soon as he saw Nie Tian, who had expanded dozens of times over into a deity that was a hundred meters tall, and could easily conquer mountains and rivers.

Ji Yuanquan, Ye Wenhan, and Yu Suying were also dumbstruck.

According to what they had learned, several Phantasm experts had arrived in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven with the help of a unique space manipulation tool called the Wheel of Time and Space.

Upon receiving the information, Ji Yuanquan had taken advantage of his mastery of spatial power to gather Ye Wenhan, Yu Suying, and Mo Qianfan within a short time, and prepared to travel to the Domain of Forbidden Heaven to annihilate the Phantasm interlopers.

However, due to the existence of the Wheel of Time and Space, no matter how hard Ji Yuanquan had tried, he hadn’t been able to split open a spatial rift.

Since they had been delayed, he had been worried that mishaps would happen to Nie Tian.

Who would have thought that the first thing he saw after stepping through the spatial rift would be this?

All of the Phantasm experts were gone, leaving scattering Phantasm Qi among other signs of a fierce battle...

Meanwhile, not only was Nie Tian unscathed, but he was also in this enlarged form, and holding a giant crimson bone like a spear. His dominating manner made even them feel threatened.

Nie Tian looked down and thought to himself, “Life Blend, Life Strengthening, Blood Essence Seething, and the last stage of Heavenly Wood Heal: Blood Condensing!”

Ji Yuanquan, Yu Suying, and Mo Qianfan, who hadn’t activated their dharma idols at this moment, looked unusually small to him.

The same went for Dong Li as he turned to look at her.

Only the black tortoise seemed to scale.

That was because, like him, it had also expanded in size and stimulated its bloodline potential to the fullest.

“Many factors have contributed to me going into this special form. I feel like I have endless power, as if vigorous qi and blood are running through me like torrential rivers, filling my internal organs, bones, and meridians to the brim.”

Muttering these words, he assumed a tight grip of the Star Behemoth bone and slashed it casually towards a nearby floating meteor that was hundreds of thousands of meters across.


The meteor that was even larger than a human ancient starship was easily cut in half like a piece of tofu.

Nie Tian examined himself with rapt attention.

He realized that his flesh power had erupted during this process.

Thick flesh auras poured out of his internal organs, bones, meridians, and blood into the Star Behemoth bone like rivers of qi and blood.

Under the effect of Life Blend, he was struck by a peculiar feeling that he had turned into an overlord of the Primal Era that preyed on titans, ripped ancient Demons to shreds, and shattered realms.

He felt that as the crimson blade light slashed through the void, the void seemed to be ripped open.

By the time he came back to reality, the meteor he had targeted, which was many times larger than any ancient starship, had already been cut in half, revealing dazzling golden minerals in the middle.

“Golden Obsidian!” Yu Suying from the Profound Purity Palace exclaimed, her expression flickering.

Ye Wenhan from the Heaven Span Pavilion also gasped, and fixed Nie Tian with a stare, as if he were some sort of monster.

Golden Obsidian, a seventh level Premium grade spiritual material, was extremely solid, and a perfect material to forge advanced spiritual tools and ancient starships.

That meteor contained Golden Obsidian, yet Nie Tian had managed to slice it effortlessly with that wondrous bone.

Seconds later, Ye Wenhan turned to the crowd and said with a very unusual tone, “It seems to me that, in this form, Nie Tian can even split a Saint domain cultivator’s domain with a move like that. I’m afraid he already has the ability to contend against middle or even late Saint domain cultivators.”

Master Blood Spirit let out a derisive snort. “Saint domain?”

Then, he took a step forward for Ye Wenhan to notice him and said, “Before you got here, Grand Monarch Dark Nether cast his bloodline magic, the Great Quietus Of Soul, and almost burned all of our souls away. It was Nie Tian who broke it with the same move, in this very form!”

The four God domain experts burst into a clamor.


“Grand Monarch Dark Nether came here?”

“A grand monarch?! Didn’t they say it was a few ninth grade grand patriarchs?”

“How is that possible?”

According to the information they had obtained, several Phantasm experts had planned to take a trip to the Domain of Forbidden Heaven to retake their Spirit Pearl and avenge Grand Patriarch Evil Phantom, Kleist.

They had been told that it was going to be several Phantasm grand patriarchs.

Who would have thought that their information wasn’t accurate?

It was actually the tenth grade Grand Monarch Dark Nether, who Ji Yuanquan had fought in the Domain of Nether Heaven, that had led the operation!

“Grand Monarch Dark Nether! I can’t believe it was him!” An exclamation escaped Ji Yuanquan’s mouth. “I’ve fought him before, and I’m well-aware of his might! Back when I fought him in the Domain of Nether Heaven, and he cast the Great Quietus Of Soul, I had to shrink into different layers of space in order to avoid having my soul annihilated!”

Yu Suying’s chilling gaze pierced towards Nie Tian like an ice sword. “What on earth did Nie Tian experience over the past six months?”

At this moment, as a thought entered Nie Tian’s mind, the five evil gods flew back into the Spirit Pearl.


The Spirit Pearl then floated towards Nie Tian’s head and stopped in a place right between his eyebrows.

In his enlarged form, Nie Tian was a hundred meters tall, and clutching the crimson bone like a spear. The Spirit Pearl looked like a small mole between his eyebrows.

However small it might seem, when it was between his eyebrows, it allowed Nie Tian to draw power from this Phantasm treasure more effectively.

He made an attempt to borrow the five evil gods’ power.

Immediately afterwards, his pupils flickered between different colors as they seemed to turn into some peculiar abysses.

The abysses brimmed with hatred, fear, despair, rage, and bloodlust!

Sensing Yu Suying’s gaze, he subconsciously turned to look her in the eyes.


The God domain sectmaster of the Profound Purity Palace screamed uncontrollably.

She covered her eyes, as if she were having a breakdown. Countless rays of Heaven-purging Divine Light hovered around her, as if she were prepared to kill everyone in sight to vent her negative emotions.

“Nie Tian!” Ji Yuanquan exclaimed in shock.

Realizing what was happening, Nie Tian hastily ended his soul connection to the Spirit Pearl and drove the five evil gods’ power out of his pupils.

“Sectmaster Yu!”

“Calm down!”

Mo Qianfan and Ye Wenhan released waves of soul power simultaneously in an attempt to cleanse and calm Yu Suying’s mind with their ice-cold divine will, so that she would regain sanity.


At this moment, Nie Tian canceled Life Blend, ending the profound connection between him and the bone.

He didn’t have to burn his Blood Essence to provide the bone with his flesh power anymore.

His Life Strengthening bloodline talent ended as well.

Surprisingly, his body started to experience changes. His surging blood was the first to shrink and condense. Then, it was his internal organs, bones, and meridians.


In seconds, he shrank down from being a hundred meters tall, and returned to his true form.

However, he didn’t feel any discomfort. It was just that the flesh power flowing through his internal organs, meridians, and bones became less torrential than before.

Naturally, his consumption decreased steeply because of this.

“Blood Condensing, the last phase of Heavenly Wood Heal, seems to be the last piece of the puzzle that finally activated this enlarged form for me. Together with Life Blend, Life Strengthening, and my other bloodline talents, the recent transformation and refinement of my blood caused this wondrous change to my body, which is similar to the Demons’ Indestructible Form and the Bonebrutes’ Impregnable Form.”

His flesh power consumption would be off the charts when he was in this form.

However, on the bright side, his battle prowess would rise to a level he hadn’t imagined possible after Life Blend helped establish a profound connection between him and the Star Behemoth bone.

This would allow him to contend against ninth grade grand patriarchs, or even early tenth grade grand monarchs for a short time.

The only problem was that he couldn’t remain in this form for long.

That was because now, after he returned to his true form, he examined himself carefully, and discovered that he had consumed about eighty percent of the flesh power within his internal organs, meridians, bones, and blood within such a short time.

Due to the activation of Blood Essence Seething, he had also lost fifty of the three hundred drops of Blood Essence he had gone to great lengths to condense.

All he had done was enter his enlarged form and swing that bone twice, first to break the Great Quietus Of Soul, and then to cut up a meteor.

“The consumption is simply too great. Given my current strength, I must use it with caution. It’s an unconventional weapon!” He thought to himself, heart-aching over the power he had lost.