Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1314: Great Quietus Of Soul!

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“Exactly the same, exactly the same!” Grand Monarch Dark Nether exclaimed in the Phantasm’s language, with an extremely weird expression.

“Have you noticed it at long last?” said a grand patriarch in the dark.

“They’re exactly like the five mountain-like sculptures in the northern part of our realm!” Grand Monarch Dark Nether finally saw the resemblance, which was shockingly uncanny.

It was said that the five statues represented five evil gods. They had appeared together in the Nether Realm with the mysterious Nether River.

The Nether Realm was originally an insignificant realm.

Because of the Nether River’s appearance, the native beings in the Nether Realm used their souls to communicate with it, obtaining numerous methods to cultivate souls and mutate their bloodlines. After thousands of years of evolution, they became today’s Phantasms, who were one of the thousands of races in this starry river.

The Nether River, known as the birthplace of Phantasms, was the source of their soul secrets.

As for the five evil gods represented by the five statues, they actually hadn’t been built by the Phantasms to worship their deceased grand monarchs. They had emerged with the Nether River at the Nether Realm.

The origin of the five evil gods had been a mystery since ancient times.

There were many grand patriarchs and grand monarchs of the Phantasms that would visit the northern part of the Nether Realm. With the five statues around, sometimes their bloodline would suddenly break through, or they could suddenly derive some secret magics and spells.

After coming here, Grand Monarch Dark Nether hadn’t paid much attention to the five evil gods. He had thought that they looked impressive but lacked real worth, and that they were something the Spirit Pearl’s soul had conjured on purpose.

To him, the five evil gods only represented a kind of historical meaning, of things that had long vanished. They were commemorative, but dead.

He could never imagine that the five evil gods would emerge alive.

But now...


The five evil gods who had easily smashed his Soul Burning Seal roared with ferocious expressions, their huge bodies submerged in thick Phantasm Qi.

The surging Phantasm Qi formed deep holes, as if it were directly connected to the Nether Realm.

“Grand monarch...” Another Phantasm clansman emerged from the dark area.

His hands held another Spirit Pearl!

This Spirit Pearl was usually kept in the Nether Realm year-round, and hadn’t been used for a long time.

With this last Spirit Pearl and others’ guidance, they had followed clues, came here, and found Nie Tian.

“Come!” As soon as Grand Monarch Dark Nether raised his hand, the Spirit Pearl flew out and fell into his palm.

After a wisp of his soul awareness flew into the empty interior of the Spirit Pearl, what he saw was a cyan arcane realm instead of many evil spirits.

Grand Monarch Dark Nether grinned, and immediately used his bloodline magic and soul awareness to channel the Spirit Pearl, trying to use the power of this Spirit Pearl to suppress the five evil gods.

The Spirit Pearl could seal many souls, spirits, and phantom soul bodies.

He wanted to see if the last and best treasure held by the Phantasms could suppress the five strange things he was facing now.

“Soul Imprisonment!”

Due to Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s bloodline magic, an extremely complicated talisman made of numerous soul threads was generated in the Spirit Pearl, which instantly formed a crazy sucking force.

The Spirit Pearl flew toward the five evil gods, giving rise to a loud whoosh.

Almost at the same time, the Spirit Pearl belonging to Nie Tian emitted cyan light and dashed out as well.

The cyan light it emanated seemed to create a magic world around it. Its brilliance and mystery seemed to go far beyond that of the last Spirit Pearl held by the Phantasms.


A crisp sound came from the Spirit Pearl released by Grand Monarch Dark Nether.

The Spirit Pearl actually split apart!

The talisman Grand Monarch Dark Nether had formed inside the Spirit Pearl with the Phantasm’s help was suddenly exposed.

The five evil gods roared once again, turned into five cyan electric lights, and smashed the talisman that contained the essence of his blood.


The Spirit Pearl suddenly broke. Tadpole-like lines that even Grand Monarch Dark Nether couldn’t recognize and that represented a kind of mysterious knowledge flew out one by one and blended into Nie Tian’s Spirit Pearl.

The five evil gods cried wildly. Billowy Phantasm Qi continuously flew out from the holes where they floated and blended into their weird bodies, making them expand again.

“Grand monarch!” Three ninth-grade grand patriarchs of the Phantasms shouted in unison.

In the face of the five evil gods who had suddenly changed, they instinctively felt fear.

“Why are you able to use our clan’s unique treasure with such proficiency!?” Grand Monarch Dark Nether roared, unable to accept what he was seeing. His bloodline instantly burst, and all kinds of secret soul spells came out one after another.

“Soul Imprisonment! Soul-capturing Hand! Blood Soul Spell! Soul-breaking Magic Sound!”

Drops of blood flew out of Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s palm. Many bloodline talents and magics that had to be cast with his Blood Essence were instantly generated, bombarding Nie Tian.

“Let’s go help Nie Tian!” exclaimed Dong Li. Shrouded in darkness, and with the black tortoise whose bloodline had broken through to Ninth Grade, she tried to help Nie Tian.

Li Langfeng and Hua Mu felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

Grand Monarch Dark Nether was a tenth-grade grand monarch!

If the two of them rushed out, they would just be courting death. They couldn’t help Nie Tian, and might become a drag on him, or be instantly killed by Grand Monarch Dark Nether.


At this moment, the bone floating behind Nie Tian was blocked from sight by the corpses of numerous Ancientbeasts and outsiders, absorbing various kinds of forces in the starry sky.

The Star Behemoth’s unique bloodline talent was suddenly activated.

Bloodline Suppression!

The numerous talents and bloodline magics from Grand Monarch Dark Nether flying to Nie Tian were all affected, and their power was reduced by ten percent!

The bone of the Star Behemoth came flying out from behind Nie Tian like a divine red spear.

Cyan blood light, huge ghost hands, soul-sealing wards, and soul-capturing sounds were all ruthlessly crushed as the red spear shot out!

The corpses of many spirit beasts and outsiders were all reduced to shreds that scattered everywhere.

“Grand Monarch Dark Nether!”

After being silent for a long time, Nie Tian suddenly opened his eyes and stared at Grand Monarch Dark Nether, who was clearly a bit rattled now.

“Great Quietus of Soul!” Grand Monarch Dark Nether shouted as he lowered his head so that the prismatic crystal in the middle of his eyebrows reflected and located Nie Tian accurately.

All sorts of secret soul spells and soul lights coagulated in Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s Blood Essence.

Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s soul and ten-plus drops of his Blood Essence formed a mysterious relationship.

Souls with ferocious faces appeared from within the drops of Blood Essence, as if they had been injected with them by Grand Monarch Dark Nether.

If one took a closer look, they could find that each of the souls looked like the soul of a human being. They were souls of Saint domain humans whose true souls were imprisoned by Grand Monarch Dark Nether, and he had spent decades slowly refining them into evil souls!

All the evil souls flew out from the drops of cyan Blood Essence, burnt, and formed a horrifying magic that could make the souls of all living creatures silent, and all living creatures soulless!

“Quietus, quietus, quietus...”

Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s whispers sounded repeatedly.

The five evil gods, the last remaining Spirit Pearl, and the bone of the Star Behemoth made hissing sounds, as if their soul awareness was being vaporized.

“Ouch!” A cry of pain came from the thick darkness that Dong Li and the black tortoise had turned into.

Then, the darkness receded. Dong Li, who stood on the huge black tortoise shell, was wrapped in dark spirit energy. Even though she was enveloped in the black tortoise’s blood power, she was in so much pain that she had to hold her head.

The power of the black tortoise and her dark powers seemed unable to shield off the terrifying might of the Great Quietus of Soul.


Even Master Blood Spirit, who was fighting the grand patriarch of the Phantasms, suddenly screamed.

His blood domain began shrinking sharply and rapidly.

Void domains and Saint domains were formed by Qi warriors’ strength and soul force. Under the effect of the Great Quietus of Soul, Master Blood Spirit’s domain shrank, which meant that his soul power was being rapidly consumed.

Because of the distance between them and the fact that they were not Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s targets, Hua Mu and Li Langfeng were the only ones who were unscathed.

“Quietus, quietus...”

Grand Monarch Dark Nether’s soul voice rang out in Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness.

Nie Tian’s sea of soul awareness was like a pool under many suns, and his soul power was rapidly evaporating like water.