Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1308: Cashing Promise

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In the Realm of Maelstrom.

Nie Tian, Yu Suying, and the others arrived through an inter-domain teleportation portal in batches.

Yu Suying, Yin Xingtian, and the others were still in a state of astonishment.

Out of fear for Nie Tian’s master, Wu Ji, Gupi had left the Realm of Fragmentary Star. The Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, the Shadow Society, and the Jade Heaven Sect had suffered heavy losses...

However, the upheavals in the human domains were far from over. News of what had happened in different parts of the human world was still spreading.

As Nie Tian stayed in the Realm of Maelstrom, he instructed Dong Li to have the forces from the Domain of the Falling Stars, the Domain of Heaven Python, and the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries gather high-grade outsider and spirit beast corpses for him.

He also had her trade for high-grade spirit beast corpses from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace with his Star Medallion.

A few days later, news came in.

Shangguan Zhi from the Shadow Society had announced that Jiang Yuanchi had been possessed by Gupi, and that he would replace him as the sectmaster of the Shadow Society. He also asked the other sects to stay vigilant for Jiang Yuanchi and Gupi, since they were still on the loose.

You Qimiao from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect had led his remaining forces back to their headquarters, and didn’t utter a word of seeking revenge with Nie Tian or the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

As for the Jade Heaven Sect, their sectmaster Song Chequan and several surviving elders were unaccounted for.

Close to half of the Void and Saint domain observers from various domains had been killed. Many sect members of the dead had gone to the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace to ask for their deceased one’s remains and lost items.

The Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace was communicating with them on such issues.

Meanwhile, Nie Tian received batches of rings of holding that were filled with spirit beast meat and outsider corpses through Dong Li while waiting for news.

After that, he notified Yu Suying that his promise to her stood. He would try to find a way to help Han Qing break through into the God domain.

After everything was accounted for, Nie Tian told Mo Qianfan to return to the Domain of Endless Thunder first.

With Zhao Shanling’s help, the large-scale teleportation portal in the Realm of Maelstrom was connected to the Domain of Endless Thunder.

Zhao Shanling also located the spatial coordinates of Yin Xingtian’s Streamcloud Sword Sect and Yu Suying’s Profound Purity Palace, and therefore established connections to them as well.

From now on, people could travel freely between the Heavenly Thunder Sect, the Mo Clan, the Profound Purity Palace, the Streamcloud Sword Sect, and the Realm of Maelstrom.

“Would you take a trip with me, Senior Yin?” Having sorted through the trivial matters, Nie Tian and Yin Xingtian left the Realm of Maelstrom. After a transit in the Realm of Split Void, they arrived in the Domain of Forbidden Heaven.


Nie Tian and Yin Xingtian quietly appeared on a floating meteor.

This was the place where the Blood Sect, Master Blood Spirit, and Li Langfeng had holed up and later been discovered by Sikong Cuo and Luo Wanxiang.

After the crisis with the identities of Master Blood Spirit and the Blood Sect had been solved, everyone had left this place, which was why it was vacant now.

Upon arriving, Nie Tian cut to the chase. “I’ll help you prolong your lifespan.”

He separated a drop of Blood Essence from his heart.

Yin Xingtian’s eyes lit up.

For a long time, he had been anxious about approaching the end of his lifespan.

He reckoned that if he had enough time left, and wasn’t facing a lifespan problem, he might even be able to advance to the God domain without help from others.

Nie Tian had long since promised to prolong his lifespan for him.

Out of trust for Nie Tian, he had stood by him and provided firm support since their meeting in the Domain of Primal Yang. Now, this day finally came!

“Bloodline: Life Grant!”

The drop of Blood Essence, which resembled a red diamond, flew to Yin Xingtian’s chest, and fused into it in a flash.

Upon entering Yin Xingtian’s chest, it split into countless wisps of blood-colored light that flew into his heart, as if to reignite his flame of life.

Strong life force was then awakened. Rejuvenation started in Yin Xingtian’s chest like a withered tree growing new buds.

Yin Xingtian immediately focused on the changes in his chest and the feeling of youth returning to him. Tears almost filled his aged eyes.

“You didn’t fail my trust!”

At this moment, he finally realized that his decision to trust Nie Tian had been wise, and that he hadn’t deceived him. What Nie Tian was now giving him was even better than Fruits of Life.


Another drop of Blood Essence was separated from Nie Tian’s heart and fused into Yin Xingtian’s, where it turned into vigorous life force.

“Another ten years of lifespan!” Yin Xingtian exclaimed.

Then another drop...

As drop after drop of Blood Essence were fused into him, Yin Xingtian’s shriveled skin started to show a bit of moisture, and the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes started to fade.

Yin Xingtian took the initiative to call a stop. “Five hundred years! This is enough!”

A drop of Nie Tian’s Blood Essence could give Yin Xingtian a decade of extra lifespan. Nie Tian had given him a total of fifty drops of Blood Essence!

With a serious expression, Yin Xingtian said, “I finally know why you’re so special. I’ll keep this a secret. I won’t reveal it to anyone!”

Nie Tian seemed somewhat tired and weak after losing fifty drops of Blood Essence.

“I hope you’ll be able to break through into the God domain, Senior Yin,” he said.

“I’m very confident now that I have this additional five centuries of lifespan,” Yin Xingtian said with all seriousness. “Without this problem weighing on his mind, I might not even need five centuries. Perhaps I can make the breakthrough into the God domain within a short time. The series of battles we recently experienced have allowed me to come to a new understanding of things.”

“That’d be the best,” Nie Tian said sincerely.

“It’s about time I returned to my sect. From now on, the Streamcloud Sword Sect will be your strong ally.” After making the promise, Yin Xingtian left via the teleportation portal through which they had arrived.

His leaving left Nie Tian alone in this area of starry river.

Nie Tian casually cast the Star Behemoth bone out into the starry river to let it absorb the nourishment it needed. He did the same with the Spirit Pearl and the Flame Dragon Armor.

Finally, he took out the high-grade spirit beast and outsider corpses Dong Li had purchased for him from the sect with the contribution points in his Star Medallion, and activated Life Drain.

One after another, enormous spirit beast corpses and eighth grade Demon and Phantasm corpses were drained of their flesh power and reduced to dry bags of bones that wind easily blew into ashes.

Rich flesh power was turned into Blood Essence in his heart.

One drop, two drops...

After an unknown period of time, the spirit beast and outsider corpses that had filled more than a dozen rings of holding were refined and turned into Blood Essence. Only then did the Blood Essence in Nie Tian’s heart build up to three hundred drops.


His mind shook as a wisp of his soul awareness flew into his heart, allowing him to see the drops of translucent and sparkling Blood Essence hanging in his heart like fruits made of blood, each and every one of which as dazzling as rubies.

Furthermore, the room within his heart seemed to have been expanded and become more spacious!

The green aura that embodied his life bloodline was coiled within his heart like a resting dragon. The countless Bloodline Crystal Chains within it seemed to form a profound connection with his blood vessels, giving rise to new wonders.

He opened his eyes and muttered in puzzlement, “I’ve built up my Blood Essence to three hundred drops, but it doesn’t feel like I’m going to enter my Blood Realm.”

When his bloodline had been at the seventh grade, as soon as he had accumulated fifty drops of Blood Essence, he had been sent to the origin of his bloodline: the Blood Realm.

He had obtained new bloodline magics from it.

Therefore, this time, he had assumed that the condensation of three hundred drops of Blood Essence would naturally send him to the Blood Realm again to obtain new bloodline magics.

Who would have thought that nothing would happen?

The feeling that he would be able to enter the Blood Realm didn’t appear.

“Don’t tell me it’s because my body lacks refining.”

With this thought, he resumed channeling flesh power from spirit beast and outsider corpses.

Since he had already accumulated three hundred drops of Blood Essence, the newly-acquired flesh power naturally dispersed to every corner of his body to help him further refine his body.

“Do I have to further strengthen my body?”

As soon as this idea hit him, he focused on sensing the flow of his flesh power and casting Heavenly Wood Heal to help with the process.

“The last phase of Heavenly Wood Heal: Blood Condensing!”

Heavenly Wood Heal was divided into five phases: Bone Crystallizing, Internal Organ Nourishing, Meridian Toughening, Flesh Tempering, and Blood Condensing. He had finished with the fourth phase, Flesh Tempering, long ago. However, he hadn’t been able to start the fifth phase, Blood Condensing... until now.

The moment he cast Heavenly Wood Heal, he sensed unusual changes in his blood!

That was how he knew he must have met all of the requirements to start this phase.

“Blood Condensing!”

His void domain unfolded in an instant, enveloping him in it. On the land that had been transformed from his wood power core stood the Godspirit Tree and the seventy-two tree breaches. Together, they started channeling wood power from the starry river around them.

Wisps of pure wood power blended with the flesh power he had channeled from spirit beast and outsider corpses before fusing into his veins.

The blood in his veins started running torrentially, like wide, flooding rivers.

His blood instantly seethed.