Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1306: Infinite Transformation

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Chu Rui, Wei Lai, Yan Zhan, and the others gasped simultaneously.

Those tentacles that separated from Jiang Yuanchi were a part of Gupi’s actual body. However, they could only pierce into the Illusory Ancient Talisman, but not come back out.

What did that mean?

That meant not only could that Illusory Ancient Talisman created by Nie Tian seal the toxic miasma released by Gupi, but it could also seal part of its body, its tentacles.

It might even be able to seal Gupi’s entire body inside of it!

An odd-looking tentacle came to form and reached out from a dark green region of the seven-colored marsh.

Like a huge, heavy anchor, it slammed towards the Illusory Ancient Talisman.


The ancient talisman that had been forged with Nie Tian’s different powers and vested with the profound mysteries of the character ‘seal’ exploded violently.

The liquidized, highly-concentrated acidic toxins within the Illusory Ancient Talisman instantly fused into the odd-looking tentacle and vanished.

Jiang Yuanchi, who had been possessed by Gupi, instantly fixed his eyes, which were glittering with seven colors, on Nie Tian with an unmasked vicious look on his face.

Apparently, it wanted Nie Tian dead!

“Damn it!” Chu Rui said, frowning. “Your cultivation base is still far too low, Nie Tian. If you were at the God domain as Jiang Yuanchi is, a talisman you created with the same method might have had a great chance at sealing that abomination of the Fiends inside!”

Ji Yuanquan’s face was also filled with frustration as he sighed and said, “That’s right. The problem is with your low cultivation base.”

Both of them saw the sealing effect Nie Tian’s Illusory Ancient Talisman had on Gupi.

It only exploded because the power Nie Tian had infused it with wasn’t strong enough. This had allowed Gupi, who was several times stronger than him, to crush it with dominating power.

If Nie Tian had Jiang Yuanchi’s cultivation base, an Illusory Ancient Talisman he refined would be thousands of times larger, and contain thousands of times more power!

With such an Illusory Ancient Talisman, he might actually be able to seal Gupi, and Gupi might be completely suppressed by its restrictive power.

So far, that Illusory Ancient Talisman of Nie Tian’s was the only magical force that had proven to be effective at sealing Gupi, other than the Shadow Society’s Secret Shadow Spell.

From the look of it, it might work even better than the Secret Shadow Spell.

Unfortunately, Nie Tian’s cultivation base was far too low, as was his bloodline grade, which was preventing him from bringing out the full might of that Illusory Ancient Talisman.

Otherwise, he might have been able to solve this problem with Gupi single-handedly, and save the entire human world from its terror.


Gupi, which was in the form of a seven-colored marsh, suddenly picked up speed, carrying its puppet, Jiang Yuanchi, with it.

Ji Yuanquan’s expression flickered as he dashed back and forth through different spatial rifts to avoid it.

All of a sudden, the marsh split into seven parts.

The seven of them were the seven areas of the marsh with different colors. As soon as they sprouted numerous tentacles that pierced into Jiang Yuanchi’s body, his eyes burst forth with blinding light.


The seven Gupis suddenly morphed into seven monsters Nie Tian had never seen before, and pounced towards the Nine Star Heavens.

Some of them were covered in eyes. Some had a hundred hands and feet. Some had three large heads. Some had sinister sharp horns...

Each and every one of them seemed to have the ability to transform into anything. Their liquid forms seemed to allow them to transform into any living beings it had injured, killed, or seen.

However, Jiang Yuanchi, who was now floating motionlessly, was the one that was exuding Gupi’s soul aura.


The seven Gupis flew into the First Heaven in the blink of an eye, and instantly became the targets of countless star talismans and guardians made of refined star metal.

A battle instantly broke out.

Chu Rui’s expression flickered. Immediately after giving Nie Tian a meaningful look, he backed into the Second Heaven and then the Third Heaven with Wei Lai, Yan Zhan, and the others.

The seven Gupis constantly morphed to take the form of different spirit beasts, monsters, and strange things that lived in the depths of Fiend, Demon, or Phantasm realms. While they were madly attacked by the star talismans and golden guardians, they also released strong toxic miasma into their surroundings.

Chu Rui and the others were afraid to be touched by the miasma. Thus, they had to retreat.

As they did, they dragged Nie Tian with them.

However, Nie Tian struggled free in the Second Heaven and stopped retreating.

“One of Gupi’s unique features is that it’s in liquid form, and can morph into anything it likes. Even after the star talismans and spell formations of the Nine Star Heavens tear it apart, the pieces will easily come back together. It’ll never be truly destroyed this way.

“Only by refining or sealing it can we get rid of it for good.

“Also, this intelligent being seems to have a soul. As its body can split into many individuals, its soul can too. But its main soul is clearly with Jiang Yuanchi now.”

Eyes narrowed, he watched the seven creatures that had split from Gupi be torn to shreds and then regather. Even so, they gradually approached the Second Heaven.

“Nie Tian, come back!” Chu Rui shouted anxiously. “Haven’t you noticed that because of that special talisman of yours, it has made you its primary target to kill?!”

“Nie Tian!” Wei Lai yelled. “You need to return to the Fragmentary Star Palace and leave through a teleportation portal now!”

Yan Zhan also tried to persuade him by saying, “Perhaps only after you’re strong enough, and made new breakthroughs in your cultivation base and bloodline, will you be able to seal Gupi with that talisman spell of yours! You’ll be the key to us getting rid of Gupi in the future!”


As they spoke, one of the Gupis crossed into the Second Heaven and pounced towards Nie Tian. It was one with multiple heads and countless fluttering tentacles.


Nie Tian hastily summoned power to create another Illusory Ancient Talisman.

Since he fused more power into this one, its sealing power should be stronger than that of the last one. Upon receiving his soul will, it expanded massively and shot towards the incoming monster.

A restrictive force was instantly generated in the Illusory Ancient Talisman, which seemed to allow it to capture and seal all evil and foul creatures!

However, as soon as the restrictive spell formed, the Gupi swiftly returned to the First Heaven.

Seeing this, Nie Tian commanded the Illusory Ancient Talisman to chase it into the First Heaven.

That was when all seven Gupis that were in the form of satanic and vile beings from outsider realms pounced on and madly attacked the Illusory Ancient Talisman simultaneously.

The Illusory Ancient Talisman soon exploded under the seven Gupis’ frantic attacks.

Suffering from a loss of his power and soul essence, Nie Tian’s eyes grew slightly dimmer.

He then made a quick assessment of the situation, and came to realize that it would be hard for him to create another Illusory Ancient Talisman with such might. Even if he did by overdrawing his power, he wouldn’t be able to seal every bit of Gupi with it.

As Chu Rui and Ji Yuanquan had said, his cultivation base and bloodline grade were far too low.

This was preventing him from manifesting the divine power of that Illusory Ancient Talisman, which should be mighty enough to suppress all things that were foul and evil.

“Perhaps I’ll be able to create an Illusory Ancient Talisman to seal the Gupi with after I break through into the Saint domain, and my bloodline enters the ninth grade...” As his train of thought came to this point, an idea struck him.

“Senior Ji! Why don’t you go find my master, Wu Ji, in the Shatter Battlefield?” He shouted.

“Wu Ji?” Ji Yuanquan went blank for a moment. Looking confused, he asked, “What do you want from your master at this particular moment?”

“My master might be able to seal Gupi with his power!” Nie Tian explained.

Ji Yuanquan’s eyes lit up as he exclaimed, “That’s right! Time power! Time power is the most mysterious power in heaven and earth. If he can stop time, does that mean he’ll be able to seal Gupi? No one has ever achieved the attainments Wu Ji has in the field of time power!”

“You’re right. Time power hasn’t been tried yet!” Exclaiming these words, he shot into one of the spatial rifts and vanished.

Chu Rui and the others all recalled the wonders of time power upon hearing Wu Ji’s name. Filled with anticipation, they exclaimed joyfully, “Time power! The most profound and special power there is in heaven and earth, even more so than spatial power! I bet it can be used to seal Gupi!”

Many years ago, Nie Tian had witnessed Wu Ji use time power to freeze powerful Demon experts, and then finish them off one by one.

Now, having studied time power for many more years, Wu Ji had entered the Saint domain, and gained the ability to channel the mysterious river of time. Would he be able to imprison Gupi for good with his time manipulation magics now?

Nie Tian was also full of anticipation.


The seven Gupis in the First Heaven seemed to overhear and understand what he had said to Ji Yuanquan, and thus suddenly withdrew from the Nine Star Heavens.

They reunited under the floating Jiang Yuanchi, morphing into a marsh with separate areas.

After that, Jiang Yuanchi’s shadow domain spread out once again to envelope the seven-colored marsh and himself in dark gray shadows.

Then, the dark gray shadow domain shot off into the distant starry river at a speed even faster than that of ancient starships.

Nie Tian was dumbstruck. “Why did it leave?”

Elated, Chu Rui exclaimed, “Not only is it highly intelligent, but it also has an exceptionally long lifespan! I know. Time power must work on it!”