Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1301: Panic

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A clamor burst through the crowd.

“God! What am I looking at?”

“Is the toxic miasma released by Gupi being absorbed by that ethereal talisman?”

“Nie Tian condensed that talisman!”

“Nie Tian can seal that toxic miasma?”

Ye Wenhan from the Heaven Span Pavilion went blank for a few seconds before saying in disbelief, “Even though that toxic miasma isn’t a part of Gupi’s actual body, it contains fatal toxin essence. Even though it can be scattered, it’s almost impossible to refine or contain!”

Ji Yuanquan laughed. “Nie Tian is extraordinary indeed!”

The Saint domain observers in the starry river seemed inspired with enthusiasm.

“So that Son of the Stars had a solution all along. No wonder he dared to charge directly into it!”

“Good. I knew he was different. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be called the Godmaker! And Zu Guangyao and Mo Qianfan wouldn’t have broken through into the God domain because of him!”

“It seems we made a smart choice by coming all the way here!”

“Yeah, as long as he lives!”

The numerous sect and clan leaders that had traveled great distances to this place finally felt relieved.

Most of them had been stuck at the late Saint domain for ages. Since they weren’t confident in making the breakthrough into the God domain by themselves, they had placed their hopes in Nie Tian.

Therefore, none of them wanted anything to happen to him.

In the Ninth Heaven of the Nine Star Heavens, Chu Rui exclaimed, starlight glittering in his widened eyes, “Nie Tian!”

Xin Qing, Wei Lai, Yan Zhan, and the others also grew excited once again.


The Illusory Ancient Talisman Nie Tian had condensed and formed with all sorts of power continued to float about.

Cluster after cluster of toxic miasma in the Seventh Heaven morphed into colorful streaks that disappeared into the Illusory Ancient Talisman before spreading to the Eighth Heaven.

Soon, every last wisp of multicolored miasma that had invaded the Seventh Heaven was absorbed by the Illusory Ancient Talisman.

The Illusory Ancient Talisman then morphed into a glorious glowing sphere that continued to fly about, as if it were seeking new targets.

“The ancient talisman can absorb more miasma!”

After coming to this realization, Nie Tian grinned and dashed towards the Sixth Heaven like a streak of starlight.


The glorious glowing sphere the Illusory Ancient Talisman had turned into after absorbing a significant amount of toxic miasma flew after him.

“The Sixth Heaven! Carry on!”

With a thought, he commanded the glowing sphere to roam the Sixth Heaven.

Just like what had happened in the Seventh Heaven, clusters of toxic miasma in the Sixth Heaven were also absorbed by the Illusory Ancient Talisman wherever it flew.

As Nie Tian moved on, the numerous Saint domain observers, along with Ji Yuanquan, Ye Wenhan, and powerful experts from the Heaven Span Pavilion, the Void Spirit Society, and the Five Elements Sect, couldn’t help but exclaim in disbelief.

“The Fifth Heaven!”

“The Fourth Heaven!”

“The Third Heaven!”

Under their gazes, Nie Tian started with the Seventh Heaven, and soon worked his way up to the Third Heaven, cleansing every one of them of toxic miasma with a wondrous talisman.

Floating fairly close to Jiang Yuanchi’s dark gray domain were Shangguan Zhi, You Qimiao, Shangguan Zhi, and Duan Hongwen, four God domain experts. At this moment, they were all confused about what was happening.

“What’s going on with Sectmaster Jiang?” Song Chequan asked, looking baffled.

With narrowed eyes, Shangguan Zhi stared unblinkingly at Nie Tian and that Illusory Ancient Talisman.

“This can’t be happening. I must be seeing it wrong.” he said. “Even though it’s only toxic miasma released by Gupi, it can’t possibly be absorbed and sealed away so easily! That miasma can poison and corrode all spiritual tools!”

The secret shadow magics the Shadow Society took pride in were known as the only magics that had proven to be effective at sealing Gupi.

Shangguan Zhi had followed Jiang Yuanchi for many years. He knew how many methods he had tried to deal with Gupi.

There were countless secret magics and profound incantations in this starry river, yet almost none of them were effective on Gupi.

At least, almost no human incantation, magic, spell formation, or spiritual tool had proven to be effective on it.

Otherwise, Jiang Yuanchi wouldn’t have been plagued and weighed down by Gupi for so many years. Since he had spent all of his time tangling with it using shadow magics, he hadn’t even had time to practice cultivation anymore.

Now, he saw that a talisman created by Nie Tian was somehow absorbing and sealing the toxic miasma released by Gupi. He was also flabbergasted.

What he didn’t know was that the Illusory Ancient Talisman Nie Tian was using wasn’t a human magic.

Shangguan Zhi’s eyes flickered with insecurity. “I... I’m afraid our sectmaster can’t even hear my calls when he’s employing Gupi’s power. I think you should retreat to a place that’s farther away from our sectmaster. I’m worried that...”

“What is it?” You Qimiao asked.

“Nothing. Just put more distance between you and our sectmaster’s shadow domain.” Shangguan Zhi said mysteriously, urging the others to back away and be careful.


At this moment, Nie Tian’s Illusory Ancient Talisman crossed into the Second Heaven.

The Illusory Ancient Talisman rapidly swept through the Second Heaven, absorbing every last wisp of toxic miasma and allowing the star symbols and spell formations to return to normal.

After the Second Heaven was cleansed, the Illusory Ancient Talisman glowed even more dazzlingly. Even Nie Tian started to feel apprehensive about the surging power within it.

“This thing has refined a mass of toxic miasma and gathered a huge amount of toxin essence. A mere touch of it might be fatal.” Nie Tian thought to himself. “Li Langfeng has followed me for many years. He practices poisonous incantations, and was able to refine that cluster of corpse flame. Would he be able to refine Gupi’s toxins in this Illusory Ancient Talisman bit by bit?”


All of a sudden, very strange sounds came from the depths of Jiang Yuanchi’s dark gray domain, which was now filled with multicolored toxic miasma.

“This is terrible!"

Ye Wenhan’s expression flickered drastically, light swords flashing like lightning bolts in the depths of his pupils.

Face grim, he slowly approached Jiang Yuanchi’s shadow domain.

“Jiang Yuanchi!” Ye Wenhan shouted, without even the slightest respect in his tone. “In early years, you made great contributions to humanity by sealing Gupi inside of you. We’re all grateful for it. That’s also why we four sects have turned a blind eye to all of the inappropriate things your sect has done over the years.

“However, as the warden of Gupi, you shouldn’t forget your responsibility!

“You can never allow yourself to be enslaved by it! You’re a human whose responsibility is to prevent Gupi from ever showing up in our world again! No matter what, you can’t release it!”

With every step he took, his voice grew higher and more furious.

Everyone who heard him wondered what he was doing, and were scared upon realizing why he was saying these words.

“Is Jiang Yuanchi going to release Gupi?”

“Or has he been enslaved, and only serves its will now?”

Ji Yuanquan from the Void Spirit Society broke out in a cold sweat after realizing what Ye Wenhan meant. “Jiang Yuanchi!” he bellowed. “If you dare to release the Gupi, you’ll become an enemy to all humanity! Anyone will have the right to kill you!”

Upon hearing this, even Song Chequan, You Qimiao, and the others stood aghast.

You Qimiao took a deep breath and yelled, “Shangguan Zhi! What do Ye Wenhan and Ji Yuanquan mean? What’s the relationship between Sectmaster Jiang and Gupi exactly? Don’t tell me he’s been enslaved by it and takes orders from it now! Don’t tell me the entire Shadow Society serves that abomination of the Fiends now!”

Everyone from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect and the Jade Heaven Sect looked highly vigilant as they stared at Shangguan Zhi and the surging miasma.

Shangguan Zhi smiled bitterly and said, “I, I don’t know. I can’t tell what relationship our sectmaster has with Gupi. Before, he’d only occasionally employ a bit of the Gupi’s power. Never like this...”

“Jiang Yuanchi! Answer us!” Ye Wenhan shouted furiously. “If you refuse to talk, we’ll have to assume that you’re not yourself anymore, but a slave to Gupi! If that’s the case, don’t blame us for our manners!”

No matter how hard people shouted, Jiang Yuanchi didn’t give any response.