Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1297: An Outsider Creature Called Gupi

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A multicolored poisonous miasma spread from Jiang Yuanchi’s dark-gray god domain.

The places where the poisonous miasma covered and the strange forces in the river of stars let out sharp sounds, as if they were being corroded and penetrated by toxin.

A flesh aura which had nothing to do with the humans came out of the miasma, which grew stronger and stronger.


The multicolored miasma was driven by Jiang Yuanchi’s dark-gray god domain to gradually approach the Realm of Fragmentary Star.

The refined golden-armored warrior made of refined star metal, which constituted the First Heaven of the Nine Star Heavens, didn’t put up any resistance. In fact, it didn’t seem to detect anything.

The miasma went through it easily.

Countless star talismans of the Second Heaven suddenly became very brilliant.


Many star talismans burst like a rain of light, turned into starlight, then reformed.

It seemed the star talismans could never be destroyed completely. After being crushed, they would quickly reform by virtue of the energy of the Realm of Fragmentary Star.

However, with the bursting of the star talismans, the multicolored miasma spread on towards the third of the Nine Star Heavens.

After moving some distance away, Ji Yuanquan of the Void Spirit Society said in a deep voice, and a cold face, “What kind of evil spell is Jiang Yuanchi practicing? The multicolored miasma and the flesh aura that permeates it are clearly not from our race.”

“Jiang Yuanchi must have incorporated that creature of the Fiends into his own body,” Ye Wenhan whispered.

Ji Yuanquan was puzzled. “What?”

Hou Chulan, Lou Hongyan, and Ruan Qingliu of the Five Elements Sect, as well as Helian Xiong and the others, gathered quietly.

The Saint Domain experts who came from other domains and didn’t belong to the three ancient sects approached Ye Wenhan and the others shamelessly.

“Senior Ye, you’re a senior. It’s said that you are knowledgeable. Do you know the secret spell Jiang Yuanchi practices?”

“Senior! The secret spell Jiang Yuanchi cast is clearly evil! He is the sectmaster of the Shadow Society, but the spell that he practices is highly toxic. How can he do that?”

“I think Jiang Yuanchi is evil!”

Many visitors from other domains pointed to Jiang Yuanchi and whispered accusations.

The sectmaster of the Shadow Society had always been mysterious. Most of them had never had a chance to see his true features.

It was said that only Qu Yi, Chu Yuan, and a few others had deep contact and once fought side by side with Jiang Yuanchi, and they spoke highly of him.

Ye Wenhan hesitated for a while before telling the truth. “Jiang Yuanchi doesn’t practice evil spells, but a creature of the Fiends entered his body. A long time ago, our human race stopped the outsiders from invading us in the Dead Star Sea. The Fiends released a variety of highly toxic creatures. One of them was called ‘Gupi.’ Its food was the miasma that can be found in most Fiend realms, and every part of its body contained deadly poison.

“Even the Fiends themselves regarded this creature as an evil thing.

“During the battle, while facing ‘Gupi’ from the Fiends, the four ancient sects didn’t know what to do. Once a cultivator’s inner domain was contaminated by its poison, it would slowly decay, Saint and God domains alike.

“Qu Yi and Chu Yuan were both powerless.

“In the end, it was Jiang Yuanchi who sealed the creature with the Dark Shadow Grand Spell he practiced. Because ‘Gupi’ was sealed, the humans were able to withstand the outsiders’ onslaught, and win a lucky victory.

“However, ‘Gupi’ was extremely weird. After Jiang Yuanchi sealed it with the Dark Shadow Grand Spell, he himself was contaminated. He didn’t… look like a human anymore.

“From then on, he has been hiding in his shadow domain and has never shown others his real face.

“As for ‘Gupi’, it has been sealed by Jiang Yuanchi with the Dark Shadow Grand Spell. He hasn’t broken through his realm for a long time because it takes him a lot of time and energy to maintain the seal. Otherwise, the creature may come out again.

“Over the years, Jiang Yuanchi has been traveling the realms of the human race, looking for a way to get rid of it.

“Unfortunately, he hasn’t succeeded. Besides, whenever he appears in a new realm, if the realm has miasma, the miasma will be actively gathered by his domain.

“Gradually, ‘Gupi’ became stronger and stronger.

“This creature cannot be released in the realms of the human race. Once it is released, it is almost impossible to be annihilated or refined, and it will cause the destruction of countless lives in our domains.”

Ye Wenhan, who was experienced, told the others about this secret history.

Then he added, “The reason why it wasn’t made public is we were afraid it would cause unnecessary panic. The creature is a big concern. If people know that it is very difficult to deal with, and can only be sealed by Jiang Yuanchi’s Dark Shadow Grand Spell, they will think too much.

“Or they will be worried day and night that ‘Gupi’ will break free, and about what will happen if Jiang Yuanchi dies.

“Or maybe, even many people of the four ancient sects would demand that Jiang Yuanchi be banished from the human realms, and preferably, never enter the human world.

“In fact, at first, Jiang Yuanchi was also worried that something might go wrong, so he went to a remote galaxy and stayed there for a long time before returning.”


While Ye Wenhan spoke, the poisonous miasma that came out of Jiang Yuanchi’s dark grey god domain had infiltrated the Fifth Heaven of the Nine Star Heavens!

“Gupi! It’s the power of Gupi!”

In the Realm of Fragmentary Star, Chu Rui, who had finally regained some strength, stared at the sky over his head. Watching the multicolored miasma spread little by little, he sweated profusely.

He was frightened by the power of Gupi!

“Gupi?” Nie Tian stood still and asked Chu Rui, “What is Gupi? Is it Jiang Yuanchi’s divine tool?”


Upon hearing Chu Rui’s words, Yu Suying of the Profound Purity Palace paled dramatically. “Gupi? Wasn’t it killed? There are records of this creature in the archives of the Profound Purity Palace! It’s said that Gupi killed two God domain experts in the last battle in the Dead Star Sea, right?”

Chu Rui replied with a wry smile. “One was from our Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, and the other was from the Void Spirit Society.”

“Isn’t it said that Gupi was killed by the combined forces present?” Yu Suying asked.

“That kind of saying is only meant to reassure people,” Chu Rui explained. “Gupi was sealed by Jiang Yuanchi’s Dark Shadow Grand Spell! When I first fought Jiang Yuanchi, I vaguely sensed Gupi’s presence, but I thought Gupi should have originally limited him, and prevented him from fighting with all his strength.

“I never thought he would be able to use the power of that creature.

“Could it be that after so many years of suppression and staying with each other all day long, Jiang Yuanchi and Gupi, that creature of the Fiends, reach some sort of agreement?”

Yu Suying’s eyes were filled with fear for the first time. “Gupi! Gupi actually still exists!”

As the sectmaster of the Streamcloud Sword Sect, where there had been God domain experts before, Yin Xingtian had also heard of Gupi, and knew that it had been suppressed by Jiang Yuanchi. Hearing that Jiang Yuanchi was now using Gupi’s power, he was pale as a sheet, and kept muttering, “Gupi! Once that thing is released, it may lead to the extinction of all beings in the realms of the human race!”

In those days, Qu Yi, Chu Yuan, and the others couldn’t kill it. If Jiang Yuanchi could really use Gupi, which had killed two God domain experts, and force it to fight, what should they do now?

“The Nine Star Heavens can stop Jiang Yuanchi, but I doubt it can stop Gupi!”