Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1295: Give Face to Nie Tian

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With Ji Yuanquan’s help, Nie Tian, Yu Suying, and the others arrived in the Realm of Split Void after a few transits through teleportation portals of the Void Spirit Society.

Standing in front of the grand palace, Nie Tian frowned and asked, “Senior Ji, Elder Zu Guangyao will be fine by himself, right?”

“Zu Guangyao has already forged his dharma idol. All he’s doing now is gathering true sunflame to stabilize his cultivation base.” Ji Yuanquan said in a consoling manner. “No need to worry about him.”

Nie Tian nodded slightly. “That’s good to hear.”

Then, he turned to Dong Li and said, “Summon every Saint domain cultivator in the Realm of Maelstrom, the Domain of the Falling Stars, the Domain of Heaven Python, and the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries. I want them here as soon as possible.”

“Got it.” Dong Li nodded and left.


A glowing spatial rift suddenly appeared out of thin air in front of the grand palace.

Zhao Shanling stepped out of it.

With a single glance at him, Ji Yuanquan from the Void Spirit Society gasped in amazement. “Saint domain!”

“You really are talented. It’s only been a short time since you left the Domain of the Falling Stars to explore this vast starry river. I really didn’t expect you to advance to the Saint domain so quickly.”

Even though Zhao Shanling’s domain wasn’t active at this moment, simply by standing there, he gave Nie Tian a feeling of the space around him being in disorder.

That was how Nie Tian realized that his mastery of spatial power must have risen to a whole new level.

Zhao Shanling took a deep look at Nie Tian, then said, “Congratulations.

“I heard what happened in the Domain of Spirit Sea, the Domain of Dark Marsh, and the Domain of Jade Heaven. Your breakthrough into the Void domain caused a stir so great that countless Void and Saint domain experts from across the human world were attracted to the Domain of Jade Heaven.”

Nie Tian laughed and said, “You did pretty good yourself. I see that you’ve broken through into the Saint domain.”

Zhao Shanling shrugged and said, “Still, I was one step too slow. Your master Wu Ji was the first from the Domain of the Falling Stars to ever enter the Saint domain. I thought I’d be the first one to do so, yet he turned out to be far ahead of me. He’s cultivating in the Shatter Battlefield as we speak. Who knows what cultivation base he’s risen to now?”

He rarely had any admiration for anyone, especially for cultivators from the Domain of the Falling Stars.

Wu Ji, however, had mastered time power. Even though his progress with his cultivation had been slow at first due to his lifespan problem, he had been unstoppable, and made shockingly rapid advances in his cultivation since he had entered the Shatter Battlefield and found that river of time.

Now, it had been a long time since he had heard anything about him. However, he was convinced that Wu Ji’s strength and cultivation base must have improved significantly.

“Wu Ji!” Ji Yuanquan’s eyes lit up, as if he had suddenly thought of something. He turned to Nie Tian and said, “Your master might be able to help the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. Since he can see into the future, why don’t you ask him to see whether the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace still exists in the future?”

Qu Yi had spoken extremely highly of Wu Ji when he had returned from the Shatter Battlefield. According to him, Wu Ji was a sage and a gift to humanity. His potential was beyond measure.

Because of this, Qu Yi had attached great importance to Wu Ji and Nie Tian, the master-disciple pair.

If he hadn’t been away, and Xuan Guangyu hadn’t taken over the sect, perhaps the Shadow Society, the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect and the Jade Heaven Sect wouldn’t have dared to stir up such major trouble.

Nie Tian shook his head. “I don’t plan on involving my master in this.”

“I’ll go to the Realm of Fragmentary Star with you,” Zhao Shanling said.

Nie Tian was taken aback. “Technically, this is a sect affair, which doesn’t really concern you. You...”

Zhao Shanling’s face split into a wide smile. “I just made a breakthrough in my cultivation. I don’t have much to do anyway.

“I was in the middle of my breakthrough when the Domain of Heaven Python experienced that unrest, so I wasn’t able to join the battle. But this battle for the Realm of Fragmentary Star is bound to make history. I’d very much like to be a part of it, mixing it up, you know.”

“Saint domain, the Voidspirit Pagoda… and everything about him seems peculiar...” Ji Yuanquan thought to himself, surprised by this feeling of being unable to see through Zhao Shanling, who was only at the early Saint domain. “The Domain of the Falling Stars is a mystical place indeed. Nie Tian, Pei Qiqi, Wu Ji, and Zhao Shanling. Any of them would have been a figure of significant influence in any domain. It’s hard to believe that they were all born in a small place like the Domain of the Falling Stars.”

Days passed.

Quan Zixuan, Qu Mingde, Zhongli Jian, and many other Saint domain experts who were loyal to Nie Tian arrived upon Dong Li’s summons.

Nie Tian then activated the inter-domain teleportation portal in the Realm of Split Void with his Star Medallion.

Saint domain experts were teleported to the Realm of Fragmentary Star in groups.


As soon as he arrived in the Realm of Fragmentary Star, Nie Tian summoned his Star Boat and rose into the sky.

He looked up.


Countless fragmentary stars seemed to be ignited and explode in the starry river outside the Realm of Fragmentary Star.

An enormous figure fell through the protective shields one after another, like a meteor that was plummeting towards the earth.

“Chu Rui!”

The figure sputtered bits of starlight as it fell. It was clearly Vice Sectmaster Chu Rui.

He plummeted like a dead star, his dharma idol completely bereft of the dazzling starlight that used to wreath it.

“Vice Sectmaster!”

Wei Lai, Yan Zhan, Dou Tianchen, Fang Yuan, and many others charged into the sky at the same time in an attempt to catch Chu Rui.


Hundreds of thousands of talismans that were in the shape of grayish-brown bats swarmed out from Chu Rui’s dharma idol, extinguishing the starlight Chu Rui released bit by bit.

Each and every one of them was a crystallization of Jiang Yuanchi’s divine power, and was vested with his profound understanding of dark shadows.


Just as Chu Rui was about to crash into Fragmentary Star City, the city, which had stood for countless years, naturally released a mild stream of starlight, which fused into him.

Sharp screeches instantly came from the bat talismans Jiang Yuanchi had used to invade Chu Rui’s body and gnaw away at his power.

However, the screeches only lasted a short while before dying out.


In a split second, all of the bat talismans scattered and vanished into the air.

Outside the Realm of Fragmentary Star, Jiang Yuanchi, who had inflicted severe damage on Chu Rui with his secret magics, let out a muffled groan enveloped in his dark gray domain, as if he had suffered a minor injury as well.

As this happened, Chu Rui’s enormous shape shrank as he decelerated and slowly landed in Fragmentary Star City.

Hundreds of Void and Saint domain Qi warriors gathered to him. Every one of them looked deeply worried.

“Star Boat! Another Star Boat!”

“That Star Boat belongs to the seventh Son of the Stars, Nie Tian!”

Upon hearing people’s cheers, Elder Han Wanrong and Elder Xin Qing jerked their heads, and instantly spotted Nie Tian floating over Fragmentary Star City on his Star Boat. “Nie Tian! Nie Tian’s finally here!”

Wei Lai, Yan Zhan, Dou Tianchen, Fang Yuan, and Wang Meijia also stood aghast. “It’s Nie Tian!”

Chu Rui, who had both his domain and dharma idol badly damaged by Jiang Yuanchi, looked ghastly, a shade of dark gray clouding the depths of his pupils.

He had consumed about ninety percent of his strength, which meant he wouldn’t be of much help to this battle anymore.

With great difficulty, he withdrew his divine power and set himself straight as he finally landed on a lofty balcony of the Fragmentary Star Palace.

“Is, is Nie Tian back?” he asked anxiously. “Who else came with him? Are Yu Suying, Mo Qianfan, and Yin Xingtian by his side?”

“It appears so,” Wang Meijia said softly.

The Star Boat dashed over.

Flying behind it were Yu Suying from the Profound Purity Palace, Mo Qianfan from the Heavenly Thunder Sect, Yin Xingtian, Xie Qian, Master Blood Spirit, and other Saint domain experts.

Before even arriving, Mo Qianfan, Yu Suying, and Yin Xingtian expressed their firm stance.

“I’ve summoned every Saint domain member of my sect. They should be here shortly.”

“All of my sect’s Saint domain members and my junior martial sister are also on their way to the Realm of Fragmentary Star.”

“The same goes for my sect. All of our Saint domain members will be here too.”

Not only were they here to help, but all of the Saint domain experts of their sects had also answered their summons, and were rushing to the Realm of Fragmentary Star from different domains.

“I can’t believe the seventh Son of the Stars is held in such high esteem!”

“He’s the Godmaker, for heaven’s sake! All of them know what that means. It’s only understandable that they want to play up to him!”

“Nie Tian is back! Our sect shall not fall!”

“Nie Tian!”