Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1286: Making Another God Domain Expert

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Mo Qianfan’s successful breakthrough into the God domain had relied on a Profound Truths Crystal that had been refined from the heart of a Thunder-devouring Whale.

However, Nie Tian didn’t have such a treasure for Zu Guangyao.

Having been persuaded by Xin Qing and the others, he had simply intended to go check on Zu Guangyao.

In fact, he didn’t think that he would actually be able to help him enter the God domain.

However, at this moment, he started to notice the strange looks in the eyes of the Void and Saint domain experts as they looked at him.

All of a sudden, Mo Qianfan’s voice morphed into invisible lightning wisps that echoed in Nie Tian’s ears. “The breakthrough into the God domain is about forging the dharma idol, which requires not only enough accumulation of power, but also a profound understanding of powers.”

Mo Qianfan started to share what he had learned from his breakthrough into the God domain.

“The thunder pools I gathered with my sect’s spell formation provided me with help when I tried to forge my dharma idol. However, they weren’t the real reason why I succeeded. It was that wondrous crystal refined from the heart of a Thunder-devouring Whale!

“That crystal carried the bloodline wonders of a tenth grade Thunder-devouring Whale, which perfectly agreed with the essence of the lightning incantations I practice.

“The Bloodline Crystal Chains it contained allowed me to derive brand new understandings of the profundity of lightning power, which then allowed me to forge my dharma idol successfully.

“Therefore, other than accumulating more true sunflame, Zu Guangyao also needs to come to a deeper understanding about the incantations he practices...”

Mo Qianfan went on and explained the key factors of his successful breakthrough into the God domain in detail.

While others doubted the role Nie Tian had played in his breakthrough into the God domain, he knew perfectly well that if it weren’t for that Profound Truths Crystal Nie Tian had given him, he couldn’t possibly have forged his dharma idol on his own.

It was just a question of whether Nie Tian had a Profound Truths Crystal for Zu Guangyao.

He wasn’t sure about it.

“On the one hand, he needs a profound accumulation of sun power. On the other, he needs a deep understanding of his incantations...” Nie Tian pondered. “The breakthroughs into the Void, Saint, and God domain are difficult in their own ways. However, the breakthrough into the God domain is the most difficult.

“There’s flame power and true sunflame in the outer layers of this magnetic field around me. Can I...?”

As soon as this thought entered his mind, streaks of flames were channeled by Primal Chaos and shot out of the glowing sphere.

Each and every one of them dragged long tails that were filled with dazzling red sparks.

He had started his journey in the Domain of Heaven Python and traveled all the way to the Domain of Jade Heaven. During this time, he had encountered several suns, and absorbed a large amount of sunflame from them.

Such power had already become a part of the magnetic field. Unceasing refinement had made it purer than ever.

At this moment, streak after streak of it flew from the magnetic field towards the blazing sun.

Many in the crowd exclaimed in shock.

“Such pure sun auras!”

“The most Yang and fierce flame power from suns!”

“I can’t believe how intense that flame power is! How on earth did this Son of the Stars gather it? Such terrifying power can easily annihilate Void domain experts!”


One streak of flames after another found and bombarded Zu Guangyao’s slowly-forming dharma idol with great precision.

“This feels amazing!” Zu Guangyao let out a soothed exclamation.

As his dharma idol grew taller and taller, a splendid halo quietly came to form behind his head.

Like the halo of a sun, it emanated blazing divine light.

Someone spotted the change. The light of excitement burst from his eyes as he cried out, “The speed at which he’s forging his dharma idol is greatly improved! Those streaks of flame that flew from Nie Tian’s magnetic field have accelerated his accumulation of flame power severalfold!”

The observers shared their various opinions as well.

“I can’t believe Nie Tian’s actually helping Zu Guangyao!”

“Humph! The forging of dharma idol isn’t just about accumulating spiritual power. One has to have a profound understanding of the power he practices as well!”

“That’s right! Zu Guangyao can’t possibly make his breakthrough so easily!”


An orange-red flame spark left Nie Tian’s fire domain and floated ethereally towards the blazing sun.

As soon as it did, the expression of every Void and Saint domain Qi warrior that practiced fire incantations flickered with astonishment.

For some reason, the small, seemingly-insignificant flame spark was causing a strong reaction in their domains!

It seemed that as long as it wanted to, it could channel flame power from their domains by force!

The Void and Saint domain Qi warriors who practiced fire incantations burst into a loud clamor.

“How come that flame spark gives me a terrifying feeling like it’s the origin of all flames?”

“Strange! As soon as it flew out, I felt a strong sense of fear, as if it could easily take control of my domain!”

“You have that feeling too?”

Subconsciously, they fixed their eyes on the flame spark while quietly moving away from it.

The orange-red flame spark came to a stop in the blazing light of the sun and started to release waves of peculiar fluctuations, as if it had its own awareness.


Sparkling, flaming strings appeared one after another in the sun, which was emanating fierce light and heat.

Those cultivators who practiced fire incantations were flabbergasted as they saw heavenflame crystal strings appear in the blazing sun, as if they were witnessing a miracle.

“Heavenflame crystal strings!”

“That flame spark is helping extract heavenflame crystal strings from that sun!”

“While earthflame crystal strings are formed when the boiling core of a realm condenses into flame power essence, heavenflame crystal strings are a condensation of flame power in the core of a sun.”

“They carry the profound truths of earthflame and heavenflame!”

“Only those who practice flame power and have reached the God domain have the ability to extract a few heavenflame crystal strings from a burning sun, fuse them into themselves, and derive enlightenment from them!”

“What’s the story with that flame spark?”

There were experts in this world who had the ability to extract heavenflame crystal strings from suns.

However, all of them were peak God domain experts like Shao Tianyang from the fire element sect, or tenth grade flame dragons like the high chieftain of the flame dragons.

How did such a tiny flame spark gain the ability to do that?


Heavenflame crystal strings that were branded with the profound truths of sunflame fused into Zu Guangyao’s dharma idol one after another.

As soon as this happened, his slowly-expanding dharma idol seemed to be vested with meridians made of flame power, as it immediately became more alive than ever.

“True sunflame, divine light of the blazing sun, rotation of the sun...”

Fiery divine symbols surfaced one after another in the depths of Zu Guangyao’s dharma idol’s gigantic eyes. The parts of his incantations he had had trouble understanding before seemed to suddenly solve themselves at this moment.

His dharma idol immediately experienced changes!

It condensed into a blazing crimson sun in a flash.

However, it morphed into a wheel of raging flames in the next moment.

Then, in the blink of an eye, it scattered into billions of fiery talismans, each of which was branded with Zu Guangyao’s divine will and lifetime understanding of fire incantations.

All of the Void and Saint domain experts that had traveled great distances to this place from various domains couldn’t help but cry out, staring at Zu Guangyao’s transformed dharma idol with wide eyes.

“Transformation! His dharma idol has transformed!”

“The infinite transformation of dharma idol marks the success in one’s dharma idol-forging! Is Zu Guangyao actually going to be a second expert after Mo Qianfan who has advanced to the God domain recently?”

“If I didn’t see it wrong, the flame spark that helped extract heavenflame crystal strings came from Nie Tian’s forming fire domain!”

“I saw that too!”

“Did both Mo Qianfan and Zu Guangyao enter the God domain recently with Nie Tian’s help?”

“We just saw it with our own eyes. How can there be any falsehood to it?”

“Nie Tian!” Yin Xingtian took a deep breath, secretly clenching his fists. His eyes burst forth with the light of hope.

Yu Suying finally relaxed. “It seems I was right about his abilities. I didn’t make a mistake by placing my bet on him rather than the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect and the Shadow Society.”

“A God domain expert has been made!”

“He just helped make a God domain expert!”

“If people say it was an accident with Mo Qianfan, can this be another accident?”

“How hard is it for a late Saint domain cultivator to break through into the God domain? How high is the mortality rate? He managed to help two late Saint domain cultivators enter the God domain with two consecutive attempts. Who can do such a thing?”

“So what if the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace is destroyed in this crisis, as long as he survives?”