Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1283: A Clash Between Domains

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Heaven shattered and the earth toppled in the Realm of Jade Billows.

The Jade Heaven Sect disciples who had stayed to protect their headquarters were driven to despair as they witnessed the horrifying scene of countless burning streaks falling out of the sky to bombard mountains and lakes.

The entire Realm of Jade Billows was plunged into a world of suffering.

Raging, twisting, and ripping power swept the entire realm, pulverizing numerous Jade Heaven Sect disciples who had placed their hope in Song Chequan.

“Domain Split!” Nie Tian thundered, his voice rumbling out like a death sentence.

A crimson slender bone slashed like a sharp blade.

Countless translucent and sparkling Bloodline Crystal Chains within the crimson bone instantly activated a bloodline talent that was unique to Star Behemoths.

The illusory shadow of an incredibly large beast that was enveloped in a thick blood-colored aura seemed to catch the entire Realm of Jade Billows in its monstrous claw.


Countless rays of blood-colored light that carried profound realm-carving magical laws were also inflicted upon the Realm of Jade Billows.

The realm was carved by numerous forks and knives like a huge cake.

Finally, the Realm of Jade Billows fell apart!

Of those who had chosen to stay in the Realm of Jade Billows, many with low cultivation bases, were annihilated by the raging, twisting, and ripping power, failing to even secure a wisp of their souls.

Some Saint domain experts managed to escape death by morphing into streaks of light and dashing away as the realm fell apart.

However, due to the loss of the Heaven-sweeping Jade Sea Cannons, the twenty-four islands of the Jade Heaven Sect failed to manifest any noticeable defensive power before they were smashed by the plummeting burning streaks.

Immediately afterwards, the entire realm exploded.

This realm, which was known throughout the human world for its rich spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth and large network of clear rivers and lakes, blew up under every observer’s gaze.

Some large pieces of the shattered Realm of Jade Billows were pushed by the explosion and became glorious shooting stars that flew off to unknown places.

Some small fragments were reduced to dust and floating impurities by the explosion .

Zhang Qiling, Li Wanfa, and many other Qi warriors that had come from various domains were deep in shock. They all backed away subconsciously to keep a safe distance from Nie Tian’s glowing sphere.

“The Realm of Jade Billows was a blessed land for many cultivators. Who would have thought that a realm like it would be so easily destroyed?”

“Even if the Jade Heaven Sect manages to defeat Nie Tian and the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace eventually, they’ve lost their foundation. It won’t count as a win, right?”

“Nie Tian’s name as a star of calamities is well-deserved!”

At the same time, they realized that they couldn’t ever have any conflicts with Nie Tian, this star of calamities.

None of their sects or clans were as powerful as the Jade Heaven Sect.

Nie Tian was capable of destroying the Realm of Jade Billows with his peculiar energy field right in front of Song Chequan. What wouldn’t he do?


As the Realm of Jade Billows exploded, Xin Qing and Han Wanrong on the starship were protected by the Heaven-purging Divine Light, and thus survived Song Chequan’s fatal attack.

The spell formations and chains that had shackled the starship and bound Xin Qing and Han Wanrong were shattered by the Heaven-purging Divine Light.

Pulled by Yu Suying’s divine power, the starship moved away from Song Chequan.


Together, glorious light from the Heavenbreaker, Master Blood Spirit’s blood aura shield, and Xie Qian’s defensive spell stopped the sparkling crystal-clear streams Song Chequan had cast at Dong Li.

She was unscathed.

Song Chequan, who was floating above a deep sea in his dharma idol form, jerked his head towards the shattered Realm of Jade Billows and went blank, as if he couldn’t accept what had happened. “The Realm of Jade Billows, my realm...”

Just a moment ago, he had launched killing attacks against Xin Qing, Han Wanrong, and Dong Li at the same time.

To succeed, he had had to get through Yin Xingtian, Master Blood Spirit, Xie Qian, Jing Feiyang, and Yu Suying. Therefore, he couldn’t afford to distract himself with Nie Tian’s violent magnetic field. He could only let it ram into the realm barrier of the Realm of Jade Billows.

He had assumed that the spell formations, magical talismans, and spells that generations of God domain experts from the Jade Heaven Sect had fused into the realm barrier would allow it to hold on for a while.

As long as he was given enough time, he would be able to first kill Dong Li, Xin Qing, and Han Wanrong, and then finish Nie Tian off.

However, he had overestimated the protective realm barrier of the Realm of Jade Billows, and underestimated Nie Tian’s power!

Due to his misjudgment, he had to watch the Realm of Jade Billows explode before his eyes. Bitter remorse overtook him like torrential waves.

Song Chequan seemed to lose his mind.

“Blackwater Pearl! Heaven-engulfing Jade Waves Incantations!”

His dharma idol expanded at an alarming rate, as many rivers and lakes from the large pieces of the shattered Realm of Jade Billows were channeled, and rapidly fused into him.


Sounds of torrential waves came from Song Chequan’s dharma idol.

As he made a beckoning move with his hand, the Blackwater Pearl that had sealed Mo Qianfan morphed into a pitch-black sea that fused into the sea under his feet.

All of a sudden, torrential waves rushed out of Song Chequan into his surroundings.

Like roaring monsters, waves that were a thousand meters high spread in every direction, smashing large pieces of the shattered Realm of Jade Billows and reducing them to dust.


Some Void domain observers were caught by surprise and smashed by the huge waves. Their domains burst and vanished upon contact.

Even some Saint domain experts were hit by the huge waves. They spewed blood and fled in panic.

“Song Chequan has lost his mind!”

“Damn it! His attacks are indiscriminate! Everyone here is his target!”

“Come on! Let’s get the hell away from that maniac!”

All those who hadn’t entered the God domain were either killed or badly wounded upon being slammed by the torrential waves that rapidly swept the whole area. The same went for the starships.

“The Jade Heaven Sect’s divine incantation!”

Yu Suying’s expression flickered as she hastily pulled the ancient starship away from the site using a silver band.

Yin Xingtian, Master Blood Spirit, and the others also evacuated in a hurry, taking Dong Li with them.

In moments, everyone evacuated from the area where Song Chequan had gone berserk, leaving only Nie Tian and Mo Qianfan, who was still sealed within the Blackwater Pearl.

“Nie Tian!” Song Chequan screamed hysterically. At this moment, his dharma idol had become more than ten thousand meters tall.

Huge heaven-shattering waves continued to spread from his dharma idol and ravage his surroundings.


Many giant pieces from the shattered Realm of Jade Billows exploded into small fragments that fused into the torrential waves.

The waves then turned from clear to murky, which gave them an extra sense of heaviness!

Yu Suying from the Profound Purity Palace muttered in a low voice, her expression extremely grim, “With the help of the Blackwater Pearl and the Heaven-engulfing Jade Waves Incantation, he has absorbed every river and lake of the shattered Realm of Jade Billows and added the crushed land to his attacks...

“But to wield such power, Song Chequan’s consumption is going to be tremendous as well. The way I see it, no matter what the results are, Song Chequan will suffer severe damage. His breakthrough into the middle God domain will be pushed back at least a thousand years.”

“Sectmaster Yu...?” Xin Qing exclaimed softly, looking at her.

Yu Suying shook her head slightly. “Song Chequan has decided to fight to the death. I doubt the result will be positive if I step in now. We’d better observe for a bit longer.”

She didn’t think she would be able to match Song Chequan, who was surrounded by a favorable environment and had fully stimulated his divine tool, in battle.

She didn’t want to take too great of a risk.

“Is Nie Tian going to be okay?” Han Wanrong asked anxiously.

Yu Suying fixed her eyes on Nie Tian and said, “Even though that glowing sphere around him isn’t the domain of a God domain expert, its raging, twisting, and ripping power might make it even more destructive than one. It’s just that he can’t form and cancel it freely yet.

“Perhaps he won’t be able to form it again after he cancels it. The energies in that magnetic field were first channeled from unknown parts of the starry river by You Qimiao from the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect.”

Xin Qing and Han Wanrong listened closely, but still didn’t really understand what she was saying.

“Let me put it this way,” Yu Suying elaborated. “The energies that form that peculiar violent sphere around Nie Tian isn’t his domain.Those are foreign energies that even middle God domain experts like You Qimiao couldn’t tame. After traveling through several domains, such energies have, in my opinion, built up to be strong enough to contend against Song Chequan’s full-power domain!”

“Are you saying that only Nie Tian can contend against Song Chequan head-on at this moment?” Xin Qing asked in astonishment.

Yu Suying nodded. “That’s right. As you’ve seen, that violent magnetic field of his even crushed the Realm of Jade Billows. That’s something I couldn’t do even if I stimulated the Heaven-purging Divine Light and struck with full force.”

Han Wanrong was taken aback. “Nie Tian has become so mighty already?”

“Well, such might is only temporary, and due to a combination of factors. It won’t last forever.” Yu Suying said. “However, right now, he’s the only one who is strong enough to fight Song Chequan head-on.”

“Nie Tian! Nie Tian! Nie Tian!” Song Chequan’s mad roars echoed through the entire Domain of Jade Heaven like mighty billows.


The torrential waves finally reached the outer layers of Nie Tian’s glowing sphere.


From a great distance, many Void and Saint domain experts watched the mountain-high waves slam into the glowing sphere. They felt that even their seas of awareness were shaken.

Dazzling light and violent gusts that could rip souls apart clashed with the power from the huge waves.

Countless sparks and unknown fragments appeared in the glowing sphere to contend against the profound truths of water Song Chequan had vested the huge waves with.


All of a sudden, the Star Behemoth bone that had cut up the Realm of Jade Billows shot out of the Primal Chaos, and pierced towards Song Chequan, who was pushing the mighty billows forward.

For some reason, Song Chequan was struck by a feeling that he was locked down by a Star Behemoth. His heart quivered.