Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1282: Destroy A Domain!

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Song Chequan was like a water god in charge of thousands of rivers and seas. Wide rivers ran around him, flowing and winding.

He raised his hand.


In the realm barrier of the Realm of Jade Billows, the profound meaning and laws of the power of water were forcibly changed by him.

The ancient starship, on which Xin Qing, Han Wanrong, and some Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace disciples were still held prisoner, emerged suddenly, as if it had passed through a long spatial tunnel.

“Elder Xin Qing and Han Wanrong of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!”

The pupils of the Saint domain experts from other domains shrank, and they exclaimed in shock.

Xin Qing and Han Wanrong were both late Saint domain experts and two of the twelve sect elders of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. They used to be deeply respected. In the past, when they showed up in the other sects, everyone respected them.

Except for the kind of Saint domain experts whose lives were drawing to a close like Yin Xingtian, none of the large number of late Saint domain experts present who were at the same stage dared say they were stronger than them.

After all, those two were elders of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Who would expect that the two elders who had once occupied high positions would come to Song Chequan, who imprisoned them in an ancient starship of their own sect?

The dense chains and talismans couldn’t hide from their soul perception. After a slight check, they knew they had been imprisoned and couldn’t escape.

In the warship, Xin Qing, Han Wanrong, and the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace disciples were at a loss.

“Yin Xingtian, Mo Qianfan, Master Blood Spirit, and Xie Qian.”

“Zhang Qiling, Li Wanfa, and Yu Suying.”

Xin Qing and Han Wanrong eyed each other. They didn’t know exactly what was going on as they saw so many Saint domain experts who were well-known in the river of stars in the human world.

Song Chequan didn’t tell them why he had hurried to return to the Jade Heaven Sect through the hidden spatial tunnel.

Because Zu Guangyao had not been gotten rid of...

“Yu Suying, be careful with your choices!” Song Chequan roared coldly again.

Yu Suying was silent.

“Ha ha!”

At this moment, Mo Qianfan of the Heavenly Thunder Sect suddenly laughed hysterically.

“Heavenly Thunder Bombing!”

Mo Qianfan’s divine dharma idol was demonstrated in an instant. Above his huge divine dharma idol was a thunder pool, under which thunder was surging.

His divine dharma idol suddenly changed again.

The terrifying, illusory body of the Thunder-devouring Whale, whose bloodline was at the tenth grade, emerged from Mo Qianfan’s divine dharma idol. The Thunder-devouring Whale swallowed the thunder pool in one gulp and then spat it out.

Giant thunderballs that were like huge raindrops bombarded the ancient starship with power that could destroy thousands of mountains and rivers.


The chains binding the ancient starship were bombarded by numerous heavenly balls of thunder and lightning bolts as electric light ruined the talismans that were like hundreds of millions of mosquitoes inside the chains.

“Mo Qianfan! How dare you!” Song Chequan was furious. His divine dharma idol spat a black pearl at the area. “Blackwater Pearl!”

It seemed as if there was a deep black ocean being imprisoned in the black pearl; the pearl was magnified ten million times in a second.

Amazingly, even the Thunder-devouring Whale condensed from Mo Qianfan’s divine dharma idol was enveloped by the black pearl.


In the world of the black pearl, thunder and lightning flickered, and the Thunder-devouring Whale that Mo Qianfan had turned into writhed, trying to break free from the pearl but failing.

Glistening streams surged out from under the arms of Song Chequan’s divine dharma idol and turned into chains engraved with talismans to bind Mo Qianfan’s divine dharma idol.

The moment they saw the Blackwater Pearl, people who knew the Jade Heaven Sect talked about it as they looked at Mo Qianfan with great regret.

“Blackwater Pearl, a second-grade immortal divine tool!”

“The foundation of the Jade Heaven Sect is far beyond that of the Heavenly Thunder Sect. There are always God domain experts emerging in the Jade Heaven Sect, so they have more than one divine tool.”

“Those immortal grade divine tools, like the Heaven-sweeping Jade Sea Cannons and Blackwater Pearl, along with Song Chequan’s divine domain cultivation are his real strength.”

“Unfortunately, although Mo Qianfan has reached the God domain, he doesn’t have any handy divine tools, so the situation is disadvantageous to him.”

“It’s said the Blackwater Pearl was made by the third generation sectmaster, who was also the strongest in the Jade Heaven Sect, with the Black Water Heaven River that is famous for its mysteries. The Blackwater Pearl has been handed down from generation to generation, and can be used to imprison opponents with the strange force of the Black Water Heaven River, which can even beat God domain experts.”

“I’m afraid Mo Qianfan won’t be able to get out of the Blackwater Pearl’s world in a short time.”

Sure enough, when the Blackwater Pearl showed up, Mo Qianfan’s divine dharma idol was swallowed by it.

“What’s the matter?”

On the warship, Xin Qing shouted and looked at the Qi warriors coming from afar.

Because the warship had been bombarded by Mo Qianfan’s Heaven Thunder Bombing, the force of imprisonment was torn apart in part, so her voice could be heard.


Some late Saint domain experts were once helped by the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace. They, who didn’t dare to fight against the Jade Heaven Sect, could only explain the whole story. “Nie Tian started from the Domain of Heaven Python and went to the Domain of Spirit Sea and the Domain of Dark Marsh, wiping out the Song clan and Feng clan...”

Hearing them talking at once about the events that had shocked the universe recently, Xin Qing, Han Wanrong, and the many survivors of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace immediately became excited.

“Nie Tian!”

In the warship, they stared at Nie Tian, who was wrapped in layers of glowing rings and had yet to emerge.

“There is still someone who hasn’t given up in the sect, and is still taking revenge!”

Amid the Primal Chaos, Nie Tian finally opened his eyes.

The twinkling stars shone from the stars in the Void domain hanging high above his head.

He suddenly looked at Song Chequan. The domain, which was like a curtain of stars, became more and more dazzling. “Sectmaster Song! Where is Zu Guangyao of my Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace?”

Song Chequan, who had temporarily detained Mo Qianfan with the force of the Blackwater Pearl, took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. “Did you kill my brother Song Haiqing and my wife?”

“Yes,” Nie Tian answered.

“That’s good.” Song Chequan nodded softly as he said. “I don’t want the hidden secrets of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace anymore. I want you to watch me kill these elders of your sect in front of you!”

Then his sharp eyes suddenly turned to Dong Li. “And your wife!”


His giant divine dharma idol was divided into two glittering streams that ran straight toward Dong Li.

“Heavenly True Water Incantation!”

Watery balls of light flew out of the deep ocean under his feet and flew toward the ancient starship where Xin Qing and Han Wanrong were.

He attacked Dong Li, Xin Qing, and Han Wanrong at the same time!

While attacking, he swept his gaze over Yu Suying, with a strong hint of warning in his cold eyes.

“Look out!”

Yin Xingtian, Xie Qian, Master Blood Spirit and Jing Feiyang moved to Dong Li in an flash.

As lightning flashed and thunder rumbled, Yu Suying had no time to hesitate, and suddenly rushed to the ancient starship.

She had already seen that the domains of Xin Qing, Han Wanrong, and others had been weakened little by little by the power imprisoning the ancient warship, and they had no fighting strength at the moment.

If she didn’t make a move, Xin Qing and the others would definitely die!


In the Primal Chaos of the inner ring, Nie Tian, who saw Song Chequan attack, suddenly let out a harsh, shrill growl.

He did not look at Dong Li, nor at the warship where Xin Qing and others were. Instead, he moved the glowing sphere around him. Heedless of Song Chequan’s dharma idol, which was in the way ahead, he lunged straight at the Realm of Jade Billows!

He wanted to break the foundation of the Jade Heaven Sect and remove the entire Realm of Jade Billows from the domain!

He believed that Yin Xingtian and others could protect Dong Li and that Xin Qing and others wouldn’t die if Yu Suying made a move!


He didn’t show mercy anymore. Circles of gorgeous rings outside emitted a violent raging, twisting, and ripping magnetic force, rushing towards the Realm of Jade Billows and almost instantly destroying most of the formations engraved in the realm barrier of the Realm of Jade Billows.

This collision was more violent than the one three days ago.


Hundreds of millions of electric lights, talismans, flying spirit light lines, and bits of burning fire fell from the sky of the Realm of Jade Billows.

The mountains of the Realm of Jade Billows collapsed, the rivers flooded, and the earth was torn apart.

In the place where the Jade Heaven Sect was located, there was a disaster from the sky. Meteors and fireshowers fell on the earth. In the strong wind, there were nebula-like balls of light that fell like a waterfall.

The people who were still guarding the Jade Heaven Sect and who had stayed in the Realm of Jade Billows were all affected.

Wails of death pervaded every corner of the Realm of Jade Billows. Before Song Chequan could react, he found that the core structure of the Realm of Jade Billows had been permanently and irretrievably damaged.

The Jade Heaven Sect was doomed to become a dead realm almost instantly!

“Domain Split!”

A long, narrow bone flew out from the turbulent magnetic field.

A scarlet glow emitted from the bone, which turned into a ghostly shadow of a giant beast that made everyone tremble.

“Star Behemoth!”

Some people who had read descriptions of this kind of foreign matter in the ancient books in their sects murmured dreamily.

Like a Star Behemoth in the Primal Era, the scarlet bone stretched out its sharp claws to the Realm of Jade Billows, tore apart the realm barrier of the domain and the hard earth of the domain and cut them down little by little.

“The Realm of Jade Billows is done for.”