Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1281: Bring Soul Awareness Into The Domains

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Time ticked away.

The ancient starships of other domains arrived at the Realm of Jade Billows after the Jade Heaven Sect opened the realm barrier.

The humans, Qi warriors, and mortals of the Realm of Jade Billows all withdrew from the Realm of Jade Billows in fear through the teleportation formations within the ancient starships.

In the river of stars, many Saint domain experts and Void domain experts, like Zhang Qiling and Li Wanfa, went to deliberately inquire about news from Yu Suying, Yin Xingtian and others.

Most of the people paid close attention to Nie Tian’s every move.


There was an electric light that suddenly disappeared in the outer layers of the turbulent energy sphere.

The fleeting electric lights were the wisps of soul awareness that Void domain experts and Saint domain experts had emitted to peep into the mysteries of the Primal Chaos.

Even those experts who had advanced to the late Saint domain gradually became scared, let alone the Void domain experts. They gave up on using divine sense to perceive the secrets of the Primal Chaos.

It was more difficult for divine sense to recover than spirit energy after being consumed. No one wanted endless consumption.

In the end, they could only observe the secrets of the Primal Chaos with their eyes.

Nie Tian was at best sort of a Void domain expert, but even with his realm and cultivation, he had actually killed many Saint domain experts of the Domain of Spirit Sea and the Domain of Dark Marsh. His deeds were awe inspiring.

Everyone saw that his real power lay in the outer layers that were being pulled along by the Primal Chaos at the core.

The power, which was raging, twisting, and ripping, mingled in the glowing sphere, crushing and shredding all physical or illusory divine sense. Such a strange power in the magnetic field not only made some people fear and tremble, but also made them have hope.

They wanted to understand the wonder in it, so that no matter whether it was in conflicts that they had with Nie Tian in the future, or the spirit incantations that were part of their cultivation, it would benefit them.

But no matter how long they observed with their eyes alone, since they couldn’t perceive it with their divine sense, they did not seem to be able to comprehend its true wonders.

“Domain, realm, soul consciousness, spiritual core, spirit materials...”

In the splendid and magical core of the glowing sphere, Nie Tian floated in the air motionlessly, his eyes closed. Thoughts and beams of comprehension flashed across the depths of his sea of soul awareness, like lightning and rainbows.

Above his head was a domain like a curtain of stars, while under his feet was a domain like a sacred garden. Around him was a domain with billowing flames.

His different Void domains all had rare treasures, the transformed Nine Stars Flower, flame spark and Godspirit Tree, which had absorbed drops of his Blood Essence and contained great magic.


Wisps of slim, tiny thoughts that only Nie Tian could perceive himself separated from his true soul and flew quietly to the illusory domains above his head, under his feet and around his body.

Soul awareness was brought into his domains.

Before his soul awareness entered his Void domains, all the Void domains had appeared empty, giving people a kind of illusory feeling.

But when his soul awareness flew into his different domains, the three Void domains were like blank paper on which colorful, beautiful, wonderful pictures were being carved.

Nie Tian thought as he carefully looked at the scene. After his soul awareness entered his Void domains, the incantations of fire, star, and wood power that he had comprehended turned into lines of profound truths with three kinds of attributes, and were imprinted in the Void domains.

The Void domains became alive and lifelike, as if new life had been breathed into them.

The incantations, strengths, and meaning of the three attributes which were stars, vegetation, and flame instantly became clear. It seemed that he suddenly understood many obscure parts of the incantations he had comprehended.


Wisps of thought flew in the three Void domains, drawing mysterious, complex lines that were invisible to the naked eye.

The lines kept changing and recombining, creating brand new incantations, spirit arrays and veins.


Centered on him, the brilliant outer layers of the sphere kept swirling.

At the beginning, their speed had still been relatively slow. However, as he led his thoughts into the domains and wisps of them were imprinted on the Void domains, the whirling speed of the glowing sphere gradually increased.


All of a sudden, Yu Suying of the Profound Purity Palace noticed something. Squinting her eyes, she asked Mo Qianfan, who was beside her, “Do you feel that in the river of stars out here, the mixed energies are being absorbed by Nie Tian’s glowing sphere at a slightly faster speed?”

Mo Qianfan nodded. “Yes.”

After a while, Yin Xingtian and many late Saint domain experts felt it too.

Later, even Void domain experts were shocked.

The river of stars outside the domain was filled with a variety of energies, most of which were destructive and could eat away at blood, flesh, and spirit qi.

A domain was a protective cover that protected human Qi warriors from being harmed.

But now, the Saint domain and Void domain experts gradually felt as if they didn’t need to sacrifice their domains to stay in the river of stars, because the energies containing corrosive effects that made up most of the impurities in the external domain all quickly vanished.

It disappeared into the outer layers of Nie Tian’s sphere.

“It’s the second day,” someone said suddenly.

“Yes, a day has passed since Nie Tian gave the deadline, but Song Chequan of the Jade Heaven Sect hasn’t appeared yet. Where is he?”

“Even if the mortals of the Realm of Jade Billows have been evacuated, the foundations of the Jade Heaven Sect are still here!”

As they talked, they suddenly noticed beams of light flying toward them from the distant horizon.

Those beams of light, which were like meteors breaking the sky, were the traces of Saint domain experts on their way.

“The Heaven Divination Sect of the Domain of Divining Light!”

“The Buddhist Barge Society of the Domain of Buddhist Twilight!”

Yin Xingtian, Mo Qianfan, and the others looked at the beams of light and the approaching figures, and recognized the newcomers.

They knew that the new arrivals were from sects which were very far away from the Domain of Jade Heaven, and had nothing to do with the Jade Heaven Sect and the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, so they knew that those people might have come for the conflict between Nie Tian and the Jade Heaven Sect.

Yu Suying chuckled as she said, “Saint domain experts and Void domain experts in the human domain world and almost half the sects of the advanced domains have come. The battle between Nie Tian and Song Chequan of the Jade Heaven Sect must be quite impressive to attract so many people.”

“Other people have gone to the Realm of Fragmentary Star to witness the battle between the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, the Shadow Society, and the Realm of Fragmentary Star,” Li Wanfa said.

Yu Suying froze for a moment, her eyes becoming solemn. “The Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect and the Shadow Society have begun to attack the Realm of Fragmentary Star?”

Li Wanfa nodded. “Sectmaster Yu, the Shadow Society deliberately did not tell you many things because you tore up your agreement with them.”

Yu Suying nodded as she understood. “I see.”


“Nie Tian!”

A voice that wasn’t particularly loud but that everyone could hear sounded suddenly from the Realm of Jade Billows.

Soon, a person flew out of the Realm of Jade Billows and displayed his unique divine dharma idol the moment he flew away from the realm barrier of the Realm of Jade Billows.

His divine dharma idol looked like a sea god in boundless water. There were many rivers under his arms and at his sides, and the sea under his feet was blue and billowing.

“Song Chequan!”

The Saint domain experts, who had been waiting so long, all shouted when they saw the arrival who demonstrated his divine dharma idol.

Yu Suying’s cool voice was the first to ring out, “Sectmaster Song, I temporarily changed my mind and chose to give up on attacking the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, which is already in trouble. I’m very sorry.”

Song Chequan’s sharp eyes stabbed at Yu Suying, like two swords, and he snorted. “The sectmaster has aired his opinion clearly. When the Realm of Fragmentary Star is settled, he will definitely have a good talk with you!”

Yu Suying’s face turned pale.

The sectmaster of the Shadow Society was at the middle God domain. It was rumored that he was about to reach the late God domain. He was the most powerful figure in the human world, aside from Chu Yuan, Qu Yi, and a few other people.

The Profound Purity Palace could not fight him and the Shadow Society.

Worse still, besides the Shadow Society, there was the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect. You Qimiao was also at the God domain, and his realm was higher than hers.

Yu Suying felt the pressure.

“The sectmaster said that as long as you stay out of the fight between Nie Tian and the Jade Heaven Sect, the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, and the Shadow Society, there will still be room.” Song Chequan said with a cold face, “But if you attack us, it’ll be a fight between the Profound Purity Palace and our three forces, and it will be a fight to the death!”

Yu Suying frowned more tightly.

“The Shadow Society, the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, and the Jade Heaven Sect.”

She lowered her head and thought to herself, thinking of the friendship between the sectmaster of the Shadow Society and Xuan Guangyu, and the debt the four ancient sects owed to the Shadow Society long, long ago.

She realized that with Profound Purity Palace’s power alone, she couldn’t possibly fight the Shadow Society at all.

Unless, when this battle was over, the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace didn’t fall, and Nie Tian was still alive. Besides that, only by seriously injuring the Shadow Society, the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, and the Jade Heaven Sect could the Profound Purity Palace be spared the following revenge by the three forces.

“Is that possible?”