Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1280: People Don’t Shed Tears Until They See Their Coffins!

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Seven burning streaks shot towards the Realm of Jade Billows, sputtering sparks as they did.


The illusory domain surrounding Nie Tian that had morphed from his flame power core and the flame spark had blazing flame power channeled from it.

The flame power magically fused into the seven streaks of flames.

The hot-tempered elder of the Jade Heaven Sect spat, “This junior courts death!”

As a middle Saint domain expert, he was enveloped in a domain that seemed to be a condensation of rainbows and sunglow.

He suddenly drew a crimson-gold awl and dashed forward to meet one of the burning streaks, dragging a splendid tail behind him.


Sparks splashed as the crimson-gold awl pulverized the burning streak bit by bit.

“This is disappointing!” With a cold laugh, the elder brandished the crimson-gold awl in his hand as he crushed the other burning streaks.

Surprise and disdain appeared in the eyes of the other two Jade Heaven Sect elders as they saw Nie Tian’s first attack being easily neutralized. “There seems to be nothing special about those burning streaks.”

The Void and Saint domain experts from the other domains, who were observing from afar, were also taken aback after seeing Nie Tian’s burning streaks being crushed effortlessly. “This isn’t the full extent of his power, is it?”

“That’s merely a feint,” Zhang Qiling whispered.

“Even the power he displayed in the Domain of Primal Yang was mightier than that,” Li Wanfa chimed in.


As the two of them talked, the outer layers of the glorious sphere around Nie Tian finally made contact with the rainbow-like domain of that hot-tempered Jade Heaven Sect elder.

It was like a rampant elephant ramming into a sheep!

The middle Saint domain elder’s multicolored domain shattered instantly, as if it were made of paper.

Raging, twisting, and ripping power flooded his shattered domain, causing it to vanish into the void within seconds.

The same happened to the grumpy elder’s soul as his body was reduced to a mist of blood and crushed bones.

“No!” The other two Jade Heaven Sect elders let out heart-wrenching cries.

At the same time, they pulled as far away from the glowing sphere around Nie Tian as they could.

“That’s the true might of Nie Tian, the star of calamities!”

“Even Saint domain experts are so vulnerable to his attacks?”

“If Saint domain experts could stop him, how would Song Haiqing, Feng Jieling, and all those Saint domain experts from the Domain of Spiritual Sea and the Domain of Dark Marsh have died at his hands?”

“Good point!”

As people discussed among themselves, the outermost layer of the glowing sphere around Nie Tian made contact with the realm barrier of the Realm of Jade Billows.


Bits of seven-colored light sputtered from the numerous spell formations and spiritual power currents in the realm barrier that enveloped the Realm of Jade Billows.

Some spell formations rapidly expanded. Even so, they didn’t last long before exploding violently and going out like lamp fires against the wind.


Mountains shook and deep ravines ripped through the earth in the Realm of Jade Billows. The spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth was stirred as spirit beasts howled and trembled in fear.

Everyone in the Realm of Jade Billows, Qi warriors or commoners, gazed up into the heavens, despair filling their faces.

The heavens seemed to be burning, with sparks sputtering everywhere.

A feeling of facing doom clouded everyone’s minds.

“We’re under attack by the seventh Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!”

Those in the know sighed and hastily arranged for their family and descendants to run to the Jade Heaven Sect, where they could evacuate from the Realm of Jade Billows through their teleportation portals as soon as possible.


More than half of the spell formations in the realm barrier, along with numerous magical laws that had been infused by God domain experts’ divine power, were pulverized by the outer layers of Nie Tian’s glowing sphere.

The realm barrier seemed to be on the verge of being ripped open, allowing deadly impurities in the starry river to pour in.

Once a realm lost its protective barrier, it would soon be overtaken by the fatal energies in the starry river, and turn into a dead realm.

Any Qi warriors with cultivation bases lower than the Void domain would succumb to the deadly corrosion. Commoners would be even more vulnerable, as they would die instantly.

Terrified, the two Jade Heaven Sect elders finally begged, “Wait! Stop!”

A hundred thousand Qi warriors lived in the Realm of Jade Billows, along with close to ten million commoners.

Many of them were members of clans that had close connections to the Jade Heaven Sect and elite disciples of the Jade Heaven Sect’s subordinate forces. If the Jade Heaven Sect fell, and all of them were killed, the losses would be unbearable.

“Like I said, some people just don’t shed tears until they see their coffins.”

Nie Tian let out a cold harrumph and controlled the Primal Chaos to pull slightly away from the Realm of Jade Billows, so the outer layers would stop ripping its realm barrier.

After he did, the unstable realm barrier slowly healed with the help of the rich spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth in the Realm of Jade Billows.

However, anyone could see that if Nie Tian had carried on for just a bit longer, the realm barrier would have been torn to pieces.

If that happened, perhaps those in the Jade Heaven Sect’s headquarters might still be able to survive thanks to its grand spell formation. However, all of the other Qi warriors and commoners would be reduced to ashes.

The observers started sharing their opinions with one another.

“That was enough might to destroy a realm, and it’s not just any realm, but the Jade Heaven Sect’s Realm of Jade Billows. I can’t believe Nie Tian has become so powerful!”

“I wonder if the Jade Heaven Sect made a wise move by provoking the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.”

“The sectmaster of the Shadow Society is a smart man. He knew they’d better not make Nie Tian their enemy. But unfortunately, Nie Tian turned him down.”

“Nie Tian has barely forged his illusory domain, yet he’s already so powerful. How powerful would he be if he entered the God domain one day?”

“I bet he’d be ten times stronger than Ji Cang and Mo Heng when they first entered the God domain!”

“I reiterate. You have three days!” Nie Tian took a tough stance. “In three days, Song Chequan needs to come to see me, bringing Elder Zu Guangyao, Xin Qing, and Han Wanrong, along with all of the other abducted disciples of my sect. Otherwise, I’ll destroy the Realm of Jade Billows and your headquarters!”

The two Jade Heaven Sect elders looked furious, but didn’t dare to object. “We’ll inform our sectmaster right away!” With these words, they rushed back.


Yu Suying, Yin Xingtian, Mo Qianfan, Dong Li, and the others spread out and fixed their eyes on Nie Tian.

From the heart the glowing sphere, Nie Tian nodded slightly at them, but didn’t say a word, and then went back to contemplating his domain-forging techniques.

Zhang Qiling, Li Wanfa, and a few other late Saint domain experts, all of whom were well-known figures in the human world, discussed among themselves.

“Three days. They only have three days. Even if the teleportation portals in the Jade Heaven Sect’s headquarters operate around the clock, they can’t evacuate everyone.”

“What about the commoners? What can the ten million commoners do?”

“Where in the world is Song Chequan? Nie Tian killed his wife and older brother, and is now at his door. Is he really such a coward?”

“Who knows where Song Chequan is at the moment?”

They pondered in silence for a while before approaching Yu Suying, Dong Li and the others.

“It won’t be a problem to wipe out the Jade Heaven Sect. However, there are ten million commoners in the Realm of Jade Billows. Don’t tell me they’ll have to die too.”

“Would you have a talk with Nie Tian? After all, those commoners are innocent.”

“Miss Dong, right? I heard that you’re Nie Tian’s fiance. Could you talk to him and ask him to refrain from making reckless moves that’ll doom those commoners who haven’t practiced cultivation their whole lives?”

They all hoped that Nie Tian would cool off and target only the Jade Heaven Sect. They didn’t want to see the commoners suffer from his fury.

Yu Suying pondered briefly, then suggested, “You have quite a number of starships. Each of them has an inbuilt teleportation portal. Since you’re so kindhearted, land your starships and arrange for the commoners in the Realm of Jade Billows to take shelter in your realms.”

Zhang Qiling nodded. “That’s feasible!”

Then, he called loudly for everyone to get started.

Immediately afterwards, starships that had sailed from different domains and represented various human forces in different parts of the starry river started descending towards the Realm of Jade Billows one after another.



A spatial rift split open in front of the chained starship from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

Hong Minghui was the first to step out of it. He was followed by several Saint domain experts.

“The Void Spirit Society! Hong Minghui!”

On the starship, Xin Qing and Han Wanrong shuddered and took notice.

Hong Minghui looked somewhat embarrassed as he took a glance at the trapped Xin Qing and Han Wanrong. He quickly jerked his head around and flew towards the blazing sun.

The four great sects had been on friendly terms. Not only were they familiar with each other, but they would even occasionally fight side by side in the Dead Star Sea.

Hong Minghui had received their help before.

Xin Qing was confused. “Why is he here?”

Han Wanrong shook her head. “Don’t tell me the Void Spirit Society made some sort of deal with the Jade Heaven Sect.”

“I’ve heard of none.”


A few seconds later.

Song Chequan, who had been doing everything within his power to prevent Zu Guangyao from making his breakthrough, returned from the blazing sun with Hong Minghui.

Song Chequan’s expression had never been grimmer. He stared at Xin Qing and Han Wanrong. In one moment, he was wreathed in killing intent. In another, frustration filled his face.

Hong Minghui frowned in silence, as if he were waiting for Song Chequan to make his decision.

Only after a long while did Song Chequan ask in a husky voice, “What did the Shadow Society say?”

Hong Minghui smiled bitterly. “The sectmaster said that he doesn’t want to make Nie Tian our enemy unless it’s absolutely unavoidable. I don’t know why the sectmaster dared to make moves against Chu Rui and the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, but seems so hesitant and overly cautious when it comes to Nie Tian.”

“I’ve lost far too much,” Song Chequan said. “I don’t care what the sectmaster will think or do. I can’t bear it anymore.”

“So you...” Hong Minghui said, shooting a glance at Xin Qing and the others.

“I’ll take them back to my sect,” Song Chequan said with determination.

Hong Minghui went blank briefly before asking, “Are you going to trade them for the safety of your sect?”

Song Chequan flew into a rage. “No! I’ll see how that Nie Tian is going to sack the Realm of Jade Billows with me there!”