Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1278: Mediation

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“Domain, my domain...”

At the center of the Primal Chaos, Nie Tian opened his eyes, recovering from his daze.

Crimson, emerald, and silver lights whizzed from the outer layers of the gigantic sphere to fuse into the three ‘domains’ over his head, under his feet, and around him like colorful ribbons.

The three of them were completely different, and each had their unique wonders.

Over his head was a sea of dazzling stars, where the transformed Nine Stars Flower was taking in star power.

Under his feet was a land of vigorous life force, where the Godspirit Tree had taken root and was spraying wood power essence like a waterfall to nourish every spirit plant in every realm in existence.

Surrounding him in the middle were clusters of crimson flames.

The three ‘domains’ had gradually come to form by mixing the power from his flame, wood, and star power cores and the unique auras of the Nine Stars Flower, the Godspirit Tree, and the flame spark.

In his senses, his three fully crystallized spiritual cores had returned to a gaseous state and manifested themselves outside of his body as three seas of spiritual energy with different attributes.

“The so-called void domain is the stage of manifesting my spiritual sea outside of my body, therefore allowing me to wield its power more efficiently.”

He came to a realization.

He looked within, and discovered that his spiritual sea still existed. The only things that had disappeared were his crystallized spiritual cores.

They had combined with the Godspirit Tree, the Nine Stars Flower, and the flame spark, and manifested on the outside as three separate small heaven and earths.

His understanding of star, wood, and flame power had morphed into currents of profound truths that served as the core foundation of these three ‘domains.’

With a mere thought, he was now able to summon power from different domains to cast incantations or raise protective shields.

Nie Tian contemplated, and soon came to a new realization. “This isn’t enough. I still need to fuse my soul awareness into them.”

He then focused on separating wisps of soul awareness from his sea of awareness and forming a more profound bond between him and his three early-form domains.


The glowing sphere around Nie Tian continued to expand as it dashed forward.

On this day, a loud clamor awoken Nie Tian from his meditation.

“Nie Tian!”

“He’s finally here!”

“The seventh star: the Star of Calamities!”

He opened his eyes.

Many starships were scattered in the empty starry river ahead on both sides of his path.

There were also a large number of Void and Saint domain Qi warriors, who were enveloped in bright yellow, azure, bright red, and blue domains. Among them, Nie Tian spotted Zhang Qiling and Li Wanfa, along with many others that had to be important, as they were all dressed nobly.

However, both the starships and the Qi warriors took the initiative to move to the sides so that they wouldn’t be in his way.

His path ahead was clear and without obstacles.


Nie Tian’s Primal Chaos came to a stop as he did.

As the inner part of the sphere came to a stop, the outer layers stopped dashing forward as well.

Now, the Primal Chaos seemed to be able exist eternally without Nie Tian infusing it with power.

That was because the Nine Stars Flower, the Godspirit Tree, and the flame spark were unceasingly absorbing wood, star, and flame power from the outer layers.

Nie Tian cleared his throat and ran his gaze over the faces he found either familiar or completely strange. Frowning, he said, “Ladies and gentlemen, What’s the purpose of you gathering here? Are you friend or foe?”

Zhang Qiling hastily stepped forward and explained, “Don’t get us wrong, Nie Tian. We came from our domains after hearing about what happened in the Domain of Spirit Sea and the Domain of Dark Marsh. None of us are allied with the Jade Heaven Sect, the Shadow Society, or the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect. We’re simply here out of curiosity.”

Li Wanfa chimed in. “Look, we’re not standing your way.”

Nie Tian nodded without giving any remarks.

He then took a quick glance at the experts ahead. Hundreds of Void and Saint domain experts were scattered to the sides, along with a few dozen starships, which, judging from their different appearances, had to be from different sects and domains.


Seeing that he had come to a stop, Yu Suying, Yin Xingtian, Mo Qianfan, Dong Li, and the others behind him circled around the glowing sphere to arrive in the front.

“Have you not finished forging your domain yet?” Dong Li asked with a concerned tone, separated by multiple layers of glowing energy.

Nie Tian smiled heartily as the star souls in his sea of awareness continued to contemplate the profound truths of different powers and mobilize his soul will for him. “No, I haven’t figured everything out yet. How far away is the Jade Heaven Sect? Why haven’t their people come to stop me?”

After a brief moment of pondering, Yu Suying said, “I suppose the loss of the Domain of Spirit Sea and the Domain of Dark Marsh made them raise their guard. Perhaps they’ve set up defenses to stop you at the border of their domain.”

“Hmm, let move on then,” Nie Tian said, narrowing his eyes.

The glowing sphere was ready to dash forward again.


A slender spatial rift suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of everyone.

A number of people streamed through it, all of whom had arrogant expressions.

Their leader turned out to be Hong Minghui, disciple of Qu Yi, the sectmaster of the Void Spirit Society. Nie Tian had met him once before.

Standing behind him were several Saint domain experts, who were clearly his subordinates.

Upon the abrupt appearance of the spatial rift, the Void and Saint domain experts from various sects and domains exclaimed in surprise, suspecting it was people from the Void Spirit Society. “The Void Spirit Society! Hong Minghui!”

They knew that only disciples of the Void Spirit Society had the ability to split open spatial rifts and send their experts through.

Nie Tian, who was just about to head out again, was confused to spot Qi Lianshan behind Hong Minghui. “Senior Qi! How come you’re here? Where’s Senior Martial Sister Pei? How has she been?”

Looking embarrassed, Qi Lianshan forced a smile and rubbed his hands together. “Miss Pei is still in secluded cultivation. She doesn’t know what’s going on in the outside world. And we..”

“Why are you here, Senior Qi?” Nie Tian asked again.

“Well, do you have to go to the Jade Heaven Sect?” Qi Lianshan asked with a dry smile. “We’ve been ordered to come here and see if we can change your mind. As long as you turn around now, and promise not to attack the Jade Heaven Sect’s headquarters, all that has happened between you and them will be forgotten.”

A baffled look filled Nie Tian’s face. “What?”

Yu Suying also looked deeply baffled. “The Jade Heaven Sect asked your sect to mediate? Song Haiqing is dead, so is Feng Jieling. Is this something the Jade Heaven Sect can ever forget?”

“How laughable.” Li Wanfa and many from the other domains shook their heads after hearing this, wondering what the Jade Heaven Sect was thinking.

Qi Lianshan assumed a serious expression and continued, “That’s not all. As long as you leave now, promise to disassociate yourself from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, and swear off your identity as a Son of the Stars, the Domain of Heaven Python, the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, and the Domain of the Falling Stars will remain your independent territory. The Shadow Society, the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, and the Jade Heaven Sect will promise not to ever invade them.”

Nie Tian was flabbergasted.

Yu Suying pondered in silence for a few seconds before suddenly realizing something. “The Jade Heaven Sect doesn’t have such a strong influence! The sectmaster of the Shadow Society found your vice sectmaster, Xuan Guangyu, and asked him to mediate, didn’t he? As far as I know, he’s good friends with Xuan Guangyu. Plus, only he could persuade the Jade Heaven Sect and the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect to agree to this.”

Hong Minghui laughed heartily and answered for Qi Lianshan, “No wonder you’re the sectmaster of the Profound Purity Palace. Nie Tian, we’re here to mediate. As long as you agree to return to your domains and promise to stay out of what’s happening with the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, not only will you get to keep your three subordinate domains, but you’ll even be given a share of Sikong Cuo’s territory after this is over. What do you say?”

Dong Li’s eyes flickered with disbelief. “What?!”

The observers that had come from afar instantly burst into heated discussions.

“The Shadow Society thinks so highly of this Son of the Stars? To avoid conflict with him, they even persuaded the Jade Heaven Sect and the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect to forgive all that’s happened?”

“That’s impossible! It must be a contingency plan. Song Chequan lost his wife and older brother. How could he forgive something like that?”

“The Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect also lost Monk Goldbone and many other Saint domain experts in the Domain of Heaven Python!”

“There must be something we don’t know! Given Song Chequan and You Qimiao’s temperament, there’s no way they would make compromises like this! It must be a scheme!”

Nie Tian looked Hong Minghui in the eyes and asked in a loud voice, “Where are Elder Zu Guangyao, Xin Qing, and Han Wanrong?”

“Imprisoned by the Jade Heaven Sect.” Hong Minghui didn’t try to hide the truth. “However, the three of them aren’t that close to you. As long as you agree to said terms, and head back to the Domain of Heaven Python right now, an agreement will come into force. Those sects will never invade the Domain of Heaven Python, the Domain of Heaven’s Boundaries, and the Domain of the Falling Stars again.”

“Hahaha!” Nie Tian chuckled and said, “I’m more determined to attack the Jade Heaven Sect now than ever!”

Hong Minghui’s expression flickered as he exclaimed, “Nie Tian! Are you not even going to give my sect face?”

“Screw off!” Nie Tian shouted. “You think you and Xuan Guangyu represent the Void Spirit Society? No one other than your master can represent the Void Spirit Society, not Xuan Guangyu, and certainly not you!”