Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1277: The Seventh Star!

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In the Realm of Fragmentary Star.

Thick spiritual Qi of heaven and earth surrounded a bright star like mist. Dozens of ancient secret formations, which were thousands of kilometers long, were like long dragons or crystal chains, swimming in the stars along the realm barrier.

All sorts of ancient secret formations enveloped the whole star. It was difficult to enter unless you used space teleportation formations.

Starships representing the Shadow Society and the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect dashed through the cold sky, heading for the Realm of Fragmentary Star.

“The Realm of Fragmentary Star has already been shut down.”

You Qimiao of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect stood in the front of a starship and looked at the Realm of Fragmentary Star with a grim face. “It is the Realm of Fragmentary Star after all. Even the outer barrier of the star is hard to break through.”

He looked at Shangguan Zhi, the vice sectmaster of the Shadow Society, and said, “Vice Sectmaster, when will he get here?”

Shangguan Zhi had a beautiful face and feminine aura. At first glance, he seemed like a woman. If it weren’t for his Adam’s apple and slender eyes, which were like sharp knives, he would be easily mistaken for a woman.

“He’ll come through the teleportation portal on our starship,” Shangguan Zhi answered in a cold tone. “Since he isn\'t hurrying here, he must be preparing something.”

“Something that can break the ancient secret formations in the realm barrier of the Realm of Fragmentary Star?” You Qimiao looked shocked.

Shangguan Zhi nodded and said nothing more.

There was even a hint of hidden disdain around his mouth. After knowing that the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect had entered the Domain of Heaven Python, he had thought that the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect would be able to easily take it over.

After the Shadow Society learned through its own channels that when Duan Hongwen was badly hurt, and You Qimiao had many misgivings and thus left with him, Shangguan Zhi looked down on the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect.

“Vice Sectmaster!”

An elder of the Shadow Society dressed in white suddenly appeared like a ghost, knelt down, and handed over a message stone.

Shangguan Zhi took it and scanned it with his divine sense before his feminine face became covered with frost. “Song Chequan’s woman was really worthless.”

You Qimiao was curious. “What happened?”

He was well-aware of how well-informed the Shadow Society was, and how many spies it had in all the advanced domains.

They might even learn about certain things much more quickly than the four ancient sects.

Shangguan Zhi cast a sidelong glance at You Qimiao and said in an indifferent manner, “Feng Jieling of the Domain of Dark Marsh mobilized a number of starships and took the twenty-four Heaven-sweeping Jade Sea Cannons from the Jade Heaven Sect, but she actually failed to kill the seventh Son of the Stars. Feng Jieling died on the spot, and all the Qi warriors of the Domain of Dark Marsh were killed by Nie Tian.”

“The most difficult thing to accept is that even the twenty-four Heaven-sweeping Jade Sea Cannons of the Jade Heaven Sect have been destroyed.”

You Qimiao suddenly turned pale.


In Fragmentary Star City.


In a space teleportation formation, Dou Tianchen, covered in blood, showed up with a number of subordinates.

When the space teleportation formation became stable, three Saint domain experts spat blood from the corners of their mouths.

“What’s the matter? What happened?” Tao Jin, who was an elder, asked in astonishment.

Dou Tianchen’s face was full of grief. “The Qi warriors of the Domain of Nine Twists joined hands to hunt us down. Luckily, we survived, and left the Domain of Nine Twists with difficulty. Two Saint domain experts and fifteen Void domain experts under my command were killed, and nearly a hundred experts at the Profound realm and Soul realm were either killed or wounded. The last starship was also ignited by me when the teleportation formation was activated.”

“That horrible?” Tao Jin was shocked.

With soaring killing intent, Dou Tianchen said, “I want to meet Elder Wei Lai at once! I need the strength of the sect, I want to kill them to get revenge for my dead subordinates!”

Tao Jin bowed his head and said in a low voice, “I’m afraid that for the time being, that’s impossible...”

“Why!?” Dou Tianchen shouted.

“The situation in the other domains may be even worse,” Tao jin replied with a wry smile. “The whereabouts of Luo Wanxiang, the vice sectmaster, are unknown. Chu Rui, the vice sectmaster, went to rescue Wang Meijia, but hasn’t returned. Many of the elders of the sect are under siege. They may not have been as successful at escaping as you. And outside, the starships of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect and the Shadow Society are on their way.

“Elders Zu Guangyao, Xin Qing, and Han Wanrong were ambushed and captured by the Jade Heaven Sect on their return from the Domain of Frigid Depths.”

Tao Jin lowered his head, and told him about recent events in full detail.

While he listened, Dou Tianchen’s face became paler and paler as his heart gradually sank to the bottom.

After a long time, with somewhat extravagant hopes, he inquired, “Is there no good news? No word from Elder Mo Heng or the sectmaster?”

Tao Jin shook his head. “None.”

Dou Tianchen was completely disappointed.

“But if you want to hear good news, there is one,” Tao Jin said again.

“Go ahead!” Dou Tianchen spoke eagerly.

“The seventh Son of the Stars attacked the Domain of Dark Marsh by way of the Domain of Spirit Sea, starting from the Domain of Heaven Python. He killed all the Saint domain and Void domain Qi warriors of the Domain of Spirit Sea, including Song Haiqing, the clanmaster of the Song family.

“Almost all the experts of the Domain of Spirit Sea and the Domain of Dark Marsh, the two domains associated with the Jade Heaven Sect, were wiped out.”

As Tao Jin spoke of these events, he was excited, without grievance anymore.

“Nie Tian!” Dou Tianchen and his wounded subordinates shouted in unison.

“Where’s Nie Tian now?” One of the subordinates made a hasty inquiry.

Tao Jin took a deep breath. “He has left the Domain of Dark Marsh and gone to the Domain of Jade Heaven, where the Jade Heaven Sect is. There are many people in that area who have bad blood with the Jade Heaven Sect, such as Fu Yusen from the Heavenly Illusion Sect, Gou Junhao from the Heavenly Changes Pavilion, and Yan Bin from the Sunglow Tower. They all followed him to watch the fights.

“Yu Suying of the Profound Purity Palace, Yin Xingtian, and Mo Qianfan all seem to be on his side.”

There was a smile at the corner of Tao Jin\'s eyes at long last.

“I didn’t expect that when the sect was in trouble, it would actually be our seventh junior martial brother who would come forward and fight the Jade Heaven Sect!” Dou Tianchen exclaimed.

“In fact, he and the others first badly injured the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect in the Domain of Heaven Python,” Tao Jin added.

Dou Tianchen was even more shocked, “Our seventh junior martial brother is the real hope of the future of the sect! From this day on, as long as he lives, I’ll give up competing against him to become Lord of the Stars!”


In the Domain of Jade Heaven.

Saint domain experts and Void domain experts fled into the dark sea of stars one by one. There were many ancient starships with unknown origins sneaking around the edge of the domain.

In the various regions of the Domain of Jade Heaven, the Saint domain experts and Void domain experts who had specially came from domains near and far, were all talking about Nie Tian.

“Have you heard? Nie Tian of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace is about to reach the Domain of Jade Heaven!”

“The seventh star, Nie Tian? The man’s a real calamity. Wherever he goes, there’ll be a catastrophe! You don’t know, but back then when he went to the Shatter Battlefield, there was almost a melee among all the races. Judging from the places where he’s been and what he’s experienced, he’s simply a source of disaster!”

“Isn’t it weird? The Domain of Spirit Sea, the Domain of Black Marsh, the Domain of Primal Yang, and the Domain of Frigid Depths that he’s been to have all been plunged into great turbulence!”

“How can this person be so horrifying even though he hasn’t even reached the Void domain?”

“Who knows?”

Nie Tian’s nickname ‘Star of Calamities’ quietly spread throughout the entire human domain world!


The magnetic field made up of rings of light which was as gorgeous as a vast star officially entered the Domain of Jade Heaven, carrying with it a mighty, terrifying aura.

“Look! Over there, there’s the sphere of energy controlled by Star of Calamities Nie Tian!”

In the Domain of Spirit Sea and the Domain of Dark Marsh, many Saint domain experts, including the Heaven-sweeping Jade Sea Cannons of the Jade Heaven Sect, were destroyed by that thing!”

“The Star of Calamities is coming!”

The news spread quickly. Hundreds of Saint domain Qi warriors and Void domain Qi warriors, who had originally been scattered in the other regions, as well as bizarre ancient starships and flying spirit tools, all flew there.

Among them were Zhang Qiling of the Heavenly Spirit Sect and Li Wanfa of the Ancient Law Sect, who had parted with Nie Tian in the Domain of Primal Yang.

After hearing the latest news, the two of them also gave up their secluded meditation, and went to the Domain of Jade Heaven with other domains as transfer stations.

They wanted to know what had happened to Nie Tian, who had made Yu Suying of the Profound Purity Palace change her mind and choose to join hands with him, after they parted ways in the Domain of Primal Yang.

What was the magic of the seventh Son of the Stars?

How could he make Yin Xingtian stay with him, make Mo Qianfan dead set on following him, and make Yu Suying tear up a personal letter from the sectmaster of the Shadow Society for him?

“Why hasn’t Song Chequan come yet?”