Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1274: There’s Still A Person Working!

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“The forces of the sects led by the Song Clan in the Domain of Spirit Sea were almost completely wiped out!”

“What? How is that possible? The Song Clan is so close to the Jade Heaven Sect. Who would dare attack them? The Void Spirit Society? The Five Elements Sect or the Heaven Span Pavilion?”

“Nie Tian, the seventh Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!”


Lots of Qi warriors from the Domain of Heavenly Illusion, the Domain of Red Sunglow, and the Domain of Infinite Changes, which were near the Domain of Spirit Sea, passionately discussed the matter.

The Domain of Heavenly Illusion, the Domain of Red Sunglow, and the Domain of Infinite Changes all heard the news from Qi warriors who had fled from the Domain of Spirit Sea.

Soon, they learned that the death of Song Haiqing and the experts of the Domain of Spirit Sea was true!

The Heavenly Illusion Sect of the Domain of Heavenly Illusion, the Heavenly Changes Pavilion of the Domain of Infinite Changes, and the Sunglow Tower of the Domain of Red Sunglow were all sects that had experts at the late Saint domain.

When they learned that the layers of energy wrapped Nie Tian could crush everything, destroy Song Haiqing’s domain, and kill him, they also panicked.

The experts of these three forces used space teleportation formations and arrived urgently at the Domain of Spirit Sea, wanting to know the direction in which Nie Tian had fled.



In a corner of the Domain of Spirit Sea, Nie Tian flew quickly through the stars, wrapped in the gorgeous, glowing sphere.

For some reason, he gradually slowed down.

Yu Suying and the others, and even Master Blood Spirit, Xie Qian and Dong Li, were able to catch up with him and look at the colorful magnetic field, whose energy was becoming more turbulent, from a distance.

Nie Tian in the inner ring was still feeling the art of domain building, and kept his eyes closed for a long time.

“There are...”

Yu Suying’s eyes turned to a dead star whose spirit qi of heaven and earth had been exhausted for years. “Some people waiting over there, and it seems they have been waiting for a long time.”

“Jade Heaven Sect?” Dong Li asked curiously.

Yu Suying shook her head. “Not necessarily.”

“Who’s hiding?” Mo Qianfan let out a loud roar.

The dead realm was not within Nie Tian’s navigation range, so it would not be damaged by his magnetic sphere.

“Brother Mo!”

A party of three flew out from the dead star. The person taking the lead wore a broad smile on his face, wearing a gold silk suit, and hurriedly said, “I did not expect you to actually be here.”

Mo Qianfan froze. “Gou Junhao from the Heavenly Changes Pavilion! Why are you here?”

“Eeeh, Fu Yusen of the Heavenly Illusion Sect! Yan Bin of the Sunglow Tower!” Yin Xingtian exclaimed in a low voice, looking surprised.

Gou Junhao, Fu Yusen and Yan Bin were all at the late Saint domain. The domains to which they belonged were all advanced. Like Mo Qianfan’s Heavenly Thunder Sect and Yin Xingtian’s Streamcloud Sword Sect, they weren’t attached to any ancient sects, maintaining their independence.

They had met each other before, and knew each other well.

“Nice to meet you, Sectmaster Yu.”

The three of them came together and kept greeting them, looking slightly embarrassed.

“You...” Yu Suying glanced at them and figured out the reason why they had come, then asked, “Have you come for the great change in the Domain of Spirit Sea?”

All three of them nodded.

Gou Junhao of the Heavenly Changes Pavilion turned his head around and saw Nie Tian wrapped in rings of gorgeous light, his eyes full of fear. “Is that Nie Tian, the Son of the Stars of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace?”

“Yes,” Yu Suying replied. “You, the Heavenly Changes Pavilion, the Heavenly Illusion Sect and the Sunglow Tower, have nothing to do with the Jade Heaven Sect, so you don’t need to worry that Nie Tian will temporarily change directions and go into your domains.”

The three people were visibly relieved immediately after hearing this.

“So, he is targeting the Jade Heaven Sect!” Yan Bin of the Sunglow Tower had no more worries. “As long as he doesn’t come for us, it’s OK! Well, I was on tenterhooks every day when I heard about what had happened in the Domain of Spirit Sea. Come to think of it, we didn’t offend the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace!”

Yu Suying made a promise. “This has nothing to do with you.”

After thinking for a while, Gou Junhao said, “Sectmaster Yu, you’re following Nie Tian. Are you also going to attack the Jade Heaven Sect? I have vaguely heard that you got personal written instructions from the sectmaster of the Shadow Society, saying you and the Jade Heaven Sect should put the conflicts between you aside. Is that true?”

“That was before,” Yu Suying said coldly.

The three people looked at each other. Yan Bin suddenly said, “Well, if you don’t mind, can we also watch from a distance? As you know, we don’t have anything to do with either the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace or the Jade Heaven Sect. We just want to take a look.”

“What do you think?” Yu Suying asked Dong Li.

Dong Li shrugged and said, “It doesn’t matter.”

“Then it doesn’t matter,” Yu Suying replied.


In the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

One of Wei Lai’s hands pulled a wisp of a message from a large crystal ball.

“All the Saint domain Qi warriors of the Domain of Spirit Sea have died, and most of their Void Domain experts are dead or wounded. It is actually... Nie Tian who did that!”

Wei Lai read out that wisp of a message in a low voice, and shook in the end.


His fingertips bore a crystal light that was injected into the crystal ball.

The message travelled at lightning speed through Fragmentary Star City, and other domains to which the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace could still connect.

In the Realm of Fragmentary Star, many disciples of the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace, who were in some realms that were still under their control, and subordinates of the other Sons of the Stars were excited by the news.

“The seventh Son of the Stars has attacked the Jade Heaven Sect in the Domain of Spirit Sea! Song Haiqing of the Song Clan was killed by Nie Tian!”

“There’s still a member of the sect working!”

“It’s Nie Tian again!”

Recently, the messages from the sect had all been negative, which made them despairing and helpless.

Only this news let them see a glimmer of hope at long last, and let them know that there was a Son of the Stars still quietly fighting for the dignity of their sect!


On the border between the Domain of Spirit Sea and the Domain of Dark Marsh.

Ancient starships gave off a cold metallic sheen, like giant beasts in the river of stars waiting for prey to walk into a trap.

The Feng Clan was the family of Feng Jieling, Song Chequan’s wife, who was the current master of the Feng Clan.

The Feng Clan was originally a small clan in the Domain of Dark Marsh. After Feng Jieling became the wife of Song Chequan, the Feng Clan rose meteorically, and soon became the most powerful clan in the Domain of Dark Marsh.

At the moment, numerous ancient starships of the Domain of Dark Marsh, which were led by the Feng Clan, were lined up here.

Feng Jieling stood at their head, with cold light in her phoenix eyes. “The seventh Son of the Stars, Mo Qianfan, Yin Xingtian, and that bitch of the Profound Purity Palace! This force...”

She also had a headache.

“When will the experts of the Jade Heaven Sect arrive, Mistress?” One of the clan members asked anxiously. “It won’t be long before the turbulent magnetic field around Nie Tian enters the area. It killed Song Haiqing, and Yu Suying, Yin Xingtian and Mo Qianfan are also present.”

Many of her clan members exclaimed in low voices.

The Qi warriors from the other sects of the Domain of Dark Marsh on those ancient starships all wore very grave expressions, and their eyes were all very frightened.

Judging from the news they had heard, the force that the Domain of Spirit Sea had gathered was not much weaker.

However, it was still wiped out by Nie Tian alone with his strange, turbulent magnetic field, and all the Saint domain experts were unable to escape, and died distressingly.

“Don’t worry,” Feng Jieling said coldly. “Soon, experts from the Jade Heaven Sect will arrive, with their immortal grade divine tool.

“Immortal grade divine tool! Will even the Jade Heaven Sect’s immortal grade divine tool be used?

“If the immortal grade divine tool is brought here, Nie Tian’s rings will be probably explode and be destroyed in an instant.

“Let’s wait for that good show.”


A few days later.

The gorgeous, turbulent, ever-growing circles of energy eventually flew out of the Domain of Spirit Sea.

“The Domain of Dark Marsh lies ahead, the territory of that woman of the Feng Clan in the Domain of Dark Marsh,” Yu Suying said as she spread out her soul awareness, which covered thousands of meters, to search, “Well, the woman is well-prepared as expected. There are a lot of ancient starships. How grand! But can ancient starships alone help?”

“Since Feng Jieling dares to intercept him, she must be prepared,” said Gou Junhao of the Heavenly Changes Pavilion.

“That woman is no fool,” Fu Yusen said, frowning. “The three of us have had contact with the Domain of Dark Marsh over the years. With the Jade Heaven Sect as their backer, she often cracks down on us. We suffer, but we have to swallow our grievances. After all, her man is the sectmaster of the Jade Heaven Sect and at the God domain.”

“I came just to watch a good drama,” Yan Bin said, gloating.