Lord of All Realms - Chapter 1273: Carnage

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After realizing what Yu Suying meant, the experts from across the Domain of Spirit Sea exclaimed in astonishment.

“Who? Nie Tian?”

“Nie Tian from the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace? The seventh Son of the Stars?!”

“I can’t believe it’s him!”

Song Haiqing’s expression also flickered slightly. An icy light flashed across his eyes as he stared at the vague figure at the core of the colorful sphere and thought to himself, “The seventh Son of the Stars’ name has spread far and wide recently. It’s said that he made unmatched contributions in the Dead Star Sea and the Shatter Battlefield. However, he seems to only be at the Soul realm...”

Song Haiqing didn’t know what to think.

A man behind Song Haiqing, who was at the Saint domain, suddenly shouted, “Sectmaster Yu! Didn’t your sect join the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, the Shadow Society, and the Jade Heaven Sect in an operation against the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace? Did you imprison Nie Tian in this peculiar glowing sphere?”

Another chimed in. “Yeah, Sectmaster Yu. Is Nie Tian your prisoner?”

They only spotted Yu Suying in the distance after she had suddenly expanded into her dharma idol, but not Yin Xingtian and Mo Qianfan, who didn’t reveal themselves purposely.

Yu Suying chuckled derisively, disdain filling the corners of her mouth. “A bunch of ill-informed morons.” She didn’t feel like giving an explanation.

After pondering in silence for a while, Song Haiqing finally shouted, “Nie Tian! Even though you’re a Son of the Stars, don’t think you can just do whatever you like in this domain! Let me ask you this: was it you who destroyed the three starships from the Cold Spring Paradise earlier?”

Even though Yu Suying had shown herself, he didn’t dare to accuse her of this. Instead, he chose to confront Nie Tian.

Deep down, he was afraid of Yu Suying. Therefore, whatever the truth might be, he decided to toss Nie Tian the question first.

Mo Qianfan and Yin Xingtian flew shoulder to shoulder from a great distance. Mo Qianfan shook his head and laughed disdainfully. “How laughable! A great calamity is almost upon them. Not only did they fail to sense it coming, but they even dared to defy Nie Tian.”

Yin Xingtian nodded, a hint of pity appearing in his eyes. “He’s almost there.”

“Yeah, he’s almost reached that crowd of people from all over the Domain of Spirit Sea,” Mo Qianfan said, looking rather excited. “Back in the Realm of Maelstrom, that energy sphere inflicted serious damage on Duan Hongwen by ramming into his divine mountain peak. Now, it’s been so long, and that sphere has captured more wild power from the starry river. Its might must have been elevated. I wonder...”

Before Mo Qianfan could finish, the first contact happened.

It was an ancient starship from the Meteoric Iron Sect named the Meteoric Iron Divine Ship. Forged from meteoric iron after thorough tempering, it was known for its solidity.

However, since it was excessively heavy and slow, it wasn’t considered an advanced starship.

Furthermore, since it didn’t have a complicated spiritual power shield built in, it couldn’t fend off energies that were too strong.

Its one and only merit was its outstanding firmness. When sailing in a fleet, it was usually stationed at the forefront, where it could clear a path in areas packed with floating meteors, therefore allowing the starships behind it to pass safely.

At this moment, this Meteoric Iron Divine Ship was charging towards Nie Tian like an enormous flying shuttle.

With a cold expression, Song Haiqing said, “Now, the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace is an arrow at the end of its flight. Like a huge ship riddled with holes, it’ll soon sink under the joint efforts of the Remote Beginning Heavenly Sect, the Shadow Society, and the Jade Heaven Sect. As a Son of the Stars, you should have holed up in Fragmentary Star City, but instead you came to cause trouble in my domain! How daring of you!”

Many Qi warriors from the Domain of Spirit Sea grinned and laughed cunningly, as if they knew for sure that the Meteoric Iron Divine Ship would pierce through the multiple layers of energies and crush Nie Tian, who was hiding at the core of the sphere, in the next moment.

“He’s courting death!”

“The seventh Son of the Stars must think he’s a big deal now after gaining a bit of reputation.”

“He’ll die today.”


With a slow but heavy momentum, the Meteoric Iron Divine Ship rammed into the outer layers of the glowing sphere.

Upon contact, a terrifying scene happened.

The ship that had been forged from meteoric iron and known for its firmness was instantly twisted, like a piece of dough kneaded by huge invisible hands.

The ship twisted and stretched like a noodle. The Meteoric Iron Sect disciples inside couldn’t even let out a cry before their seas of awareness were crushed, and they died miserable deaths.


Immediately afterwards, the stretched Meteoric Iron Divine Ship broke into many pieces and exploded violently, sending burning debris flying in every direction. Some of them drifted away, while others joined the outer layers of the sphere that were filled with mixed energies and residue.

“My, my sect...!” Yelling hysterically, the sectmaster of the Meteoric Iron Sect, who was at the early Saint domain, charged forward.

The moment his domain made contact with the raging, twisting, ripping power in the sphere, it shattered like hammered glass, giving rise to cracking sounds.

As his domain vanished, a gust of strange wind blew past, and his fleeing soul disintegrated as well.

“It’s begun!” Yu Suying from the Profound Purity Palace followed Nie Tian in an unhurried manner, elation filling her eyes.


Driven by Nie Tian’s Primal Chaos, the glorious sphere of numerous layers of energies ground forward.

The starry river was then filled with gorgeous multicolored lights.


One domain after another exploded and perished, filling the void with glorious light that would only last for a few seconds, like splendid fireworks.


One ancient starship after another was reduced to burning debris that filled the void, as if they had been rammed and crushed by Star Behemoths.

As the explosions took place, bloodcurdling wails and agonized shrieks echoed out from shattered ancient starships and perished domains.

One discarnate soul after another was either devoured by the glowing sphere or scattered in the void.

At the core of the Primal Chaos, Nie Tian’s eyes were closed, his face expressionless.


His Spirit Pearl seemed to sense something, as it took it upon itself to fly out. Wreathed in misty cyan light, it started to gather the discarnate souls.

The sphere continued to press forward with an all-crushing momentum, completely ignoring Song Haiqing’s furious bellows and the hysterical cries of the numerous Qi warriors from across the Domain of Spirit Sea.

The streams and springs in Song Haiqing’s domain rapidly morphed into countless drops of water.

Transparent and crystal-clear, each and every drop contained the profound truths of water power. Song Haiqing controlled them to form a certain spell formation, which he sent to bombard the sphere.

Even his soul awareness condensed into a mysterious stream of spring water.


The stream of water pierced directly towards Nie Tian with the purpose of eliminating his true soul. However, the moment it entered the outer layers of the sphere, a gust of ripping wind blew over, and it was obliterated.

Obliterated with it were the water drops he had condensed with his domain.

“No!” Song Haiqing broke down. “I refuse to believe this! Even Dou Tianchen shouldn’t be this strong, much less the seventh Son of the Stars, Nie Tian!”

“Dou Tianchen? Is he comparable to Nie Tian?” Yin Xingtian asked curiously.

Mo Qianfan from the Heavenly Thunder Sect shook his head. “He’s only older, and has spent a longer time as a Son of the Stars than Nie Tian.”

“That’s what I thought,” Yin Xingtian said.

After exchanging these words, the two of them refocused up ahead, and discovered that Song Haiqing, who had broken down mentally, had failed to escape, and was already being engulfed by the outer layers of the glowing sphere.

Seeing this, Yin Xingtian and Mo Qianfan knew that his death was inevitable.

Having following Nie Tian for so long, they had long since witnessed that glowing sphere’s devastating might. It could even grind small-scale realms to ashes, not to mention Song Haiqing, a Saint domain cultivator.


The sphere gradually decelerated as it moved forward. It was only natural that crushing more than a dozen ancient starships and numerous meteors that had been brought from other places slowed Nie Tian down.

All of the surviving Qi warriors from the Domain of Spirit Sea panicked and fled in all directions, wailing.

“The clanmaster of the Song Clan died!”

“Our sectmaster has been killed!”

“More than a dozen ancient starships were destroyed. Even a God domain expert may not be able to inflict such heavy casualties!”

“What should we do?”

With a heartfelt smile, Yu Suying said, “The leaders of almost every major force in the Domain of Spirit Sea have been wiped out in such a short period of time. Awesome. Nie Tian did a very good job. Aside from the Domain of Spirit Sea, there are two other domains that have close connections to the Jade Heaven Sect.”

“It seems to me that powerful experts from the Jade Heaven Sect will come for him after he passes the Domain of Spirit Sea,” Yin Xingtian said.

“I doubt it,” Yu Suying said with narrowed eyes. “I received word that Song Chequan is busy with Zu Guangyao and the other elders. I doubt that he’ll be able to get to this area soon. If he doesn’t show up, even if the rest of the Jade Heaven Sect joined up, they wouldn’t be able to stop Nie Tian from marching to their domain.”


At this moment, Master Blood Spirit, Xie Qian, Dong Li, and Jing Feiyang finally caught up to Nie Tian, Yu Suying and the others, due to their deceleration.

Upon arriving, Xie Qian was flabbergasted by the disastrous scene and exclaimed, “My god!”

“Like me, Song Haiqing from the Song Clan also practiced water power and was at the late Saint domain!” Xie Qian said with mixed feelings. “And he entered the late Saint domain long before I did!”

Mo Qianfan snorted derisively. “So? He had to throw his own domain against that terrifying magnetic field Nie Tian made. That’s no different from throwing an egg against a rock. I’d be surprised if he didn’t die.”

Jing Feiyang’s face twitched. “It’s been such a short time, yet the Domain of Spirit Sea is basically done for? It’s an advanced domain, for heaven’s sake.”

The Domain of Heaven Python didn’t have a single late Saint domain expert. It was even weaker as a domain.

Who would have thought that they would arrive to witness such a catastrophic scene upon catching up?

Yu Suying smiled. “I suppose all of the Saint domain experts of the Domain of Spirit Sea were killed here, along with most of their Void domain experts. I’m glad that Song Haiqing summoned all of the powerful experts of this domain to this place, so they could be killed with a single effort.”

Even Xie Qian, Master Blood Spirit, Jing Feiyang, and Dong Li felt somewhat apprehensive after hearing her words.

Yu Suying was responsible for giving Nie Tian directions and determining what route he took to get to the Jade Heaven Sect.

She was almost inhumane to those who had offended her.